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EU bereitet Vergeltungszölle wegen Boeing-Subventionen vor
#Rahmenbedingungen #Boeing #Recht #EU #WTO #Amerika #Airbus #Wirtschaft #Politik

Nach der Revolution in Kuba wurden etliche US-Bürger enteignet. Dagegen sollen sie nun klagen dürfen. Sehr zum Unmut der Europäischen Union. Es droht eine weitere Eskalation des Handelskonflikts. #Kuba #MikePompeo #DonaldTrump #EU #Klage #Enteignung #Revolution #WTO


No April Fools: England planned to detonate nuclear bomb in channel tunnel to cut ties to European continent

What exactly is the Government hoping to achieve from negotiations that have begun with Theresa May making veiled threats about withdrawing security cooperation? And, if after such a promising start things turned horribly sour, what are we going to do if our relationship with the rest of Europe breaks down irretrievably?

But an atomic bomb would be “100 per cent effective” at ensuring a “totally irreversible total collapse, rupture [of]tunnel and sea bed to cause total flooding and complete collapse of part of tunnel”.
The more I read, the more I believe this is just an April Fools joke. Oh, who knows... I would even believe Boris Johnson would make up such a plan just to tell the world that Brexit meant Brexit.
Because, they argued, would it really be acceptable: “For overt preparations to be made to destroy our only link with France and the remainder of the Contine
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USA veröffentlichen Liste mit Strafzöllen wegen Airbus-Subventionen
#Topnews #Airbus #Industrie #Boeing #WTO #Politik #Rahmenbedingungen #Recht #Produktion #Wirtschaft

Konflikt über Airbus-Hilfen: EU bereitet Gegenschlag gegen Boeing vor #Wirtschaft #Unternehmen&Märkte #DonaldTrump #WirtschaftindenUSA #Airbus #USA #EuropäischeUnion #Boeing #WTO

Konflikt um Airbus-Subventionen: USA drohen Europa mit zusätzlichen Strafzöllen #Wirtschaft #Staat&Soziales #DonaldTrump #WirtschaftindenUSA #Airbus #USA #EuropäischeUnion #Boeing #WTO

Im Konflikt um illegale Subventionen für den europäischen Flugzeugbauer Airbus macht Washington Druck: Nicht nur Produkte für die Luftfahrtindustrie könnten von US-Vergeltungszöllen betroffen sein. #Airbus #Boeing #Subventionen #WTO #USA #Strafzölle

Streit um US-Zölle auf Stahl und Aluminium: WTO fällt brisantes Urteil #Wirtschaft #Staat&Soziales #WTO #HandelsstreitmitdenUSA #WirtschaftindenUSA #EuropäischeUnion

Der Handelsstreit vor allem zwischen den USA und China belastet den Welthandel. Die Vorzeichen stehen 2019 auf weitere Abschwächung. IWF-Chefin Lagarde befürchtet aber zumindest keine Rezession. #WTO #Welthandel #Handelsstreit #USA #China #Export #Außenhandel

Weniger Wachstum: WTO senkt Prognose für Welthandel drastisch #Wirtschaft #Staat&Soziales #Welthandel #WTO #Außenhandel #HandelsstreitmitdenUSA

WTO bestätigt illegale Subventionen für Boeing
#Boeing #WTO #Airbus #Recht #Rahmenbedingungen #Industrie #Politik #Kapitalmarkt #Wirtschaft

WTO bestätigt anhaltende illegale Subventionen für Boeing #Airbus #Boeing #Luftfahr #Luftfahrtindustrie #Subventionen #WTO #Wettbewerb #Wettbewerbsrecht

Das juristische Gezerre dauert seit 15 Jahren. Jetzt ist klar: Boeing erhielt trotz eines Urteils weiter staatliche Hilfen. Für den Rivalen Airbus gilt aber das Gleiche. #Boeing #Airbus #staatlicheSubventionen #WTO


Israeli mentalist to save the day by stopping Brexit from happening

"I feel psychically and very strongly that most British people do not want Brexit," Geller wrote to May. "I love you very much but I will not allow you to lead Britain into Brexit. As much as I admire you, I will stop you telepathically from doing this - and believe me I am capable of executing it."

"Before I take this drastic course of action, I appeal to you to stop the process immediately while you still have a chance," he continued. "Although I currently live in Israel I am still a British citizen and feel very passionately about the country and the people I came to love."

He added that his paranormal abilities are "easily verifiable. Just look at the official CIA website."

This whole situation sinks rapidly, and ridiculously deep, when a mentalist is about to stop you telepathically.
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On Donald Trump Jr.'s op-ed in the Daily Telegraph

“With the deadline fast approaching, it appears that democracy in the UK is all but dead,” he said.

“Now, the clock has virtually run out and almost all is lost – exactly as the European elites were hoping,” he said. “Some pro-Brexit politicians even suggest that Mrs May herself is trying to sabotage Brexit, by insisting that Parliament agree to a deal that essentially keeps Britain bound to the EU indefinitely.”

“In a way, you could say that Brexit and my father’s election are one and the same – the people of both the UK and the US voted to uproot the establishment for the sake of individual freedom and independence, only to see the establishment try to silence their voices and overturn their mandates,” he added.
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Libertarians on Tony Blair's talk with French president Emmanuel Macron

We live in an era in which most of the political class has ditched even the pretence of feeling a strong attachment to democracy. An era in reactionary anti-democratic sentiment is more casually expressed than at any other time in living memory. An era in which the chattering classes nonchalantly call for the overthrow of the largest vote in British history (the vote for Brexit), in which parliamentarians explicitly pit themselves against the people’s will, and in which anyone who so much as raises a peep about any aspect of this polite tyranny will be slammed as a hard-right menace to public life.

Apparently, they don't care of the mess this vote, which was undermined by fake news, and the probable desaster that is going to become reality once the end of this montch reaches. They just care for the referendum that was so flawed one would've been better off to not take it serious at all. Sometimes, you can't rely on the intelligence of the masses, because the masses are easily man... show more


No-Deal-Brexit was unable to pass House Of Commons

Tabled by a group of Conservative MPs drawn from both leave and remain wings of the party, this amendment calls for a delay to Brexit day from 29 March to 22 May to give time for preparations to leave without a deal.

Tabled by the Scottish National party’s Angus MacNeil and backed by Europhile MPs including the Tory grandee Kenneth Clarke, Labour’s Keith Vaz and Plaid Cymru’s Westminster leader, Liz Saville Roberts, this amendment calls on the government to halt Brexit by revoking its notice of intention to leave under article 50 of the EU treaties.

Tabled by the West Midlands MPs Caroline Spelman and Jack Dromey and backed by senior figures from all sides of the Commons including Sir Oliver Letwin, Hilary Benn, Nick Boles and Yvette Cooper, as well as all 11 members of the Independent Group, this amendment simply rejects a no-deal Brexit at any time and under any circumstances. The amendment was moved by Cooper, after Spelman declined to do so following the government... show more

Krach um Digitalsteuer: USA poltern Richtung Europa #Digitalsteuer #USA #WTO #Netzökonomie #Öko


[LIVE UPDATE] May travels to Strassebourg to meet Juncker

The Irish premier Leo Varadkar, who was due to begin his journey to America for St Patrick’s Day, returned from Dublin airport and is currently in government buildings for the cabinet briefing.

He will travel to the US to meet Donald Trump during a meeting durng the event of US-Irish friendship. I hope he is going to survive meeting him, and come home safely; he is still needed at the home frontier.

a list of “critical goods” which could be carried on additional ferry sailings chartered in the case of a no-deal Brexit. As the Press Association reports, on the list are medicines for humans and animals, vaccines, infant milk formula, organs for transplants and chemicals for the energy industry. Chris Grayling, the transport secretary, issued contracts totalling £107m in December for ferry firms to run additional services to take the pressure off the Dover-Calais route if the UK leaves the EU without a deal on March 29

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«Unilateral exit» was an option, chief negotiator Michel Barnier says

Just three weeks before Britain is due to leave the EU on March 29, the divided UK parliament has yet to approve the EU-UK Brexit deal. British Prime Minister Theresa May called on the bloc on Friday to make “one last push” to break the deadlock.

If this hole process just wasn't this dry, arduous...

“EU commits to give UK the option to exit the Single Customs Territory unilaterally, while the other elements of the backstop must be maintained to avoid a hard border,” Barnier tweeted after briefing ambassadors of the 27 EU states that are staying on together after Brexit.

It's simple: There can't be a hard border on the outskirts of Europe, you would have to take responsibility for a tragedy that used to be finished with the soft border.

“The EU will continue working intensively over the coming days to ensure that the UK leaves the EU with an agreement,” Barnier said, as British and EU negotiators held more t... show more


«Extensions require a clear plan», by Tony Blair

The soft Brexit supporters and those who want a fresh referendum should unite to insist Britain knows the direction of its future relationship with Europe before we leave. We have learned a lot during this Brexit debacle. It has been a masterclass in political risk. We are now in a state of confusion, in which even those whose day job is to study the details find it hard to explain.

We are told that this is the only deal on offer, when this is nonsense. Europe would be perfectly happy to amend the future declaration to point in the direction of hard or soft Brexit, should parliament decide it. Then, having decided the guiding principle, the detail would indeed be much easier.

For those of us who want to put the matter back to the people, the route to such a decision is through the process of forcing a conclusion to the hard v soft question. Once obliged to choose, MPs will realise either choice is unattractive and the people will understand neither is better than what we have ... show more


Should Britain enter Brexit without any tariffs?

_eu-imposed trade remedies would generally be scrapped unless British firms have more than a 1% share of the domestic market for the product in question. Britons could look forward to sweetcorn from Thailand becoming 10% cheaper than it would otherwise be, if an eu tariff on the crop is cut. On February 26th the Financial Times reported that the government had agreed to set tariffs on certain industrial goods to nil if Britain leaves with no deal.__

Overall, Britons would almost certainly pay more for imports in the event of no-deal, because a large depreciation of sterling would occur.

Yet in a world where services trade matters as much as goods, 21st-century Peelites focus on reducing non-tariff barriers, such as by harmonising regulations and standards. Quitting the world’s largest trading bloc and aspiring to be a beacon of free trade are incompatible goals.
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World Health Organization promoting vaccines amid global surge in measles


#amid #global #health #measles #oan newsroom #organization #promoting #surge #ukraine #vaccines #world #world health organization #wto
World Health Organization promoting vaccines amid global surge in measles


Meaningful vote will be in mid-March, Art. 50 could be extended

(Or, as others would call it, it's the same procedure as we have seen it multiple times, nothing has changed so far. I guess that they will keep up this cycle as soon as they will simply be kicked out, either with or without a deal. Or maybe, Labour is going to reach something incredibly tremendous, and reach a legal foundation for a second referendum, who knows? At the moment, everything seems to be possible because nothing happens currently)
Beside - this is a live coverage of what is going on in the parliament, and up to the moment this post is being published, it is still being updated. Stay tuned for more information!
On Sky News Jacob Rees-Mogg, the chair of the European Research Group, which represents Tories pushing for a harder Brexit, says what May is proposing on giving MPs a vote to extend article 50 would not change much. He says she is only proposing a short extension, and there would still be a cliff edge.
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Cabinet ministers wish Ms. May to be gone

_Senior figures in government have suggested they want the prime minister to leave shortly after the first phase of the Brexit negotiations finishes – or risk being defeated in a vote of no confidence at the end of the year.__

In a joint newspaper article, Amber Rudd, the work and pensions secretary, David Gauke, the justice minister, and the business secretary, Greg Clark, say they want to ensure the UK does not crash out of the EU without a deal on 29 March. And they insist they are prepared to defy the prime minister and join those MPs pushing for an extension to article 50 if there is no significant progress next week.

May is understood to have taken some convincing that she needed to pledge to step down in order to defeat the confidence vote held before Christmas and is keen to undertake a “domestic reset”.
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Sister to English minister of foreign affairs, Rachel Johnson, goes topless on Sky News

‘Appearing across the media completely starkers to make various points about Brexit – leaving Britain naked.

At some point I wonder if the whole Brexit idea is just a media live scam that is used to distract the people from something much bigger, much more important. I mean - seriously? She goes naked on TV to be paid attention on her point of view, as a performed metaphor? This is just embarassing, nothing brave or fundamentally new. We already had this with someone else on TV, I may recall. To go naked on TV doesn't contribute to her idea anyhow.

‘Brexit is the emperor’s new clothes,’ she said, emphasising that she wanted to boil down her pro-EU stance into one ‘powerful message’.

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Längst ist es eine Binsenweisheit: Erkältet sich Chinas Wirtschaft, droht auch Firmen in Deutschland und Japan ein Schnupfen. Kein Wunder also, dass Kanzlerin Merkel bei ihrem Besuch in Tokio für freien Handel wirbt. #Japan #AngelaMerkel #ShinzoAbe #China #WTO #KaiserAkihito #Huawei

Verhandlungen über E-Commerce "unter Freunden" #E-Commerce #WTO #Weltwirtschaftsforum


On the #Brexit gridlock May is supposed to end

As she tries to navigate a way through competing visions for the future from a second referendum to staying in the EU, May told ministers on Sunday she was looking for ways to make the so-called Northern Irish backstop more acceptable to her Conservative Party and Northern Irish allies.

Fox, a Brexit supporter, told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that May’s divorce agreement with the EU was still the best basis for a deal and warned lawmakers against trying to take more control of Britain’s departure.

Britain’s main opposition Labour Party is pressing for a new election and for May to rule out the possibility of a no-deal Brexit. No deal is effectively the default position which would mean trading on World Trade Organization rules.

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Das Jahr 2018 war geprägt von Handelskonflikten. Länder überzogen sich mit Drohungen und Strafzöllen. Gibt es Hoffnung, dass sich die Lage 2019 etwas entspannt? #Handel #Zölle #USA #China #EU #Handelsstreit #Freihandel #WTO

Welthandelsorganisation: G20 wollen WTO reformieren - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Wirtschaft
#Wirtschaft #Staat&Soziales #HandelsstreitmitdenUSA #WTO #G20 #Zoll #DonaldTrump #VolksrepublikChina

Handelskompromiss: Der Deal hat kein einziges Problem gelöst - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Wirtschaft
#Wirtschaft #Staat&Soziales #Meinung #HandelsstreitmitdenUSA #Jean-ClaudeJuncker #EuropäischeUnion #DonaldTrump #USA #Welthandel #WTO