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By Kerri Shaver


This is a photo from a series of mock ups I have been working on. To style, I generally place my props down and then grab my camera or phone. I use the viewfinder to look at different crops until I find an interesting composition I like, like this one. I really like this photo because it is simple but elegant, and I tend to find myself drawn to minimalism. Hope you enjoy!

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Patreon ups its revenue cut, but grandfathers in old creators

Patreon couldn’t survive charging all creators just a 5 percent rake on the monthly subscriptions they earn from fans while building commerce tools like CRMs and merchandise to try to stay ahead of…
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The ups and downs of porting 50k lines of C++ to Go (2015)

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#UPS stops delivering to S#wedish neighborhood as drivers get attacked in ‘no-go zone’ – report


ESR's Newest Project: An Open Hardware/Open Source UPS - Slashdot

#hardware #ups #floss

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