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Holy crap! 我在 Twidere 里登录上了 friendica。当然,大部分功能都看不到了,楼中楼的回复也成了 Twitter 式的单独动态。不过浏览功能都没问题,包括主页、Local 和 Global Timeline。通知当然也没问题。不过看样子 hashtag 又没了? #friendica #twidere

On #android with #Fedilab I can easily connect to my #Friendica instance but unfortunately I can't post message. I have a 501 not implemented on /api/status
strange thing I can post using #Twidere. Maybe two different api calls.

Hi from #friendica with #twidere on Android 😃


Twidere for Friendica

Because the question is asked every now and then... Yes, there are apps for Friendica.

From "about Features" on
Basic Twitter/GNU Social API provides easy access from a growing number of mobile and third party applications (Twidere, AndStatus, Bitlbee, Choqok, Frentcl, Gwibber, Hotot, IdentiCurse, Pidgin/Purple, Mustard, Pino, TTYtter, and more)
Clients for Android, SailfishOS and Windows
There is also a native app for Android called Friendiqa.

I prefer and personally use the Twitter/GnuSocial/Mastodon App Twidere on Android mostly for getting notifications about interactions and sharing posts and images while using a mobile device.
Twidere has the ability to set up multiple user accounts and also has a nice automatic day/night mode.

Twidere light/day theme

Twidere dark/night theme

And here is a nice blog post about how to set up Twidere for Friendica:

@Libranet Support #friendica #app #api #android #twidere

#Testbild Burg Querfurt, 2018-09-29, Upload mit Android App #Twidere

Bild/Foto #Testbild


Twidere / API

Did we change anything in the API? Because since yesterday the automatic update of the "Interactions" tab works in Twidere. :-)
I had the problem that it only worked once after installation. I always had to clear the cache to make it work again.

!Friendica Support #twidere #android #app