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How can Federation users post more safely?

You know how it goes. We find a great story online and we want to share it with our supporters or feature it in our feed with appropriate hashtags for maximum reach.

But do we check the website featuring the story for privacy before we post?

When we embed a link by selecting the OEmbed box (often ticked by default) this displays an image or video on our post from the website we’ve featured.

They may look cool, but these images can contain beacons or other trackers. Embedded trackers also load into the browsers of any user who scrolls down the public feeds.


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Tor fingerprints thousands of users who download its phone apps to Android

This is shocking and depressing.

Tor’s Android app download pages are laden with Google trackers!

As we can see by these screen grabs of the Guardian Project’s secure apps page, their syndication deal with the Big G means there are two Google tracker requests on this page (from 2 Google embeds, Gstatic and GoogleAPIs)


Google APIs tends to employ different Google bits like fonts and can be made safe if tweaked by the website's developers, but Gstatic is a collector.

I haven’t checked the HTML but these are probably loaded by the Google widget, bottom left on th... show more

Firefox, Firefox ESR und Tor Browser rüsten sich gegen Schadcode #Firefox #FirefoxESR #Lücke #Schwachstelle #Sicherheitsupdates #TorBrowser

Tor Browser :tor: 8.0.6 released, fixes several security vulnerabilities:

– based on FF 60.5.1esr
– updates for Tor, Torbutton, and HTTPS Everywhere

#tor #torbrowser #webbrowser #anonymity #privacy

Sicherheitsupdates: HTML5 kann für Firefox und Tor Browser gefährlich werden #Firefox65 #Patches #Sicherheitslücken #TorBrowser #Updates


Alpha: Offizieller Tor-Browser für Android

#tor #torbrowser #android #datenschutz #security

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