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The Forgotten Soul (The Soul That Has Forgotten Itself)

Sufi messengers portray most societies as having succumbed to spiritual sleep, having long since forgotten about the soul and the importance of reconnecting with the spiritual world, the Point of Origin. The Persian tale called “The Hymn of the Pearl” chronicles the journey of one soul who incarnates and ends up in a typical human society with the usual package of demiurgical religions, prejudice, myopia and agnosis, helplessly trapped in it’s own dreams and nightmares, seemingly unable to ever wake up. In this environment, our soul grows up only to forget itself and the mission for which it had originally been sent. Our soul then takes on a new identity, wanting to “fit in,” gaining the acceptance of others.

“I put on a robe like theirs lest they suspect me as an outsider who had come to steal the pearl of great price; lest they arouse the serp... show more

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