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The Truth Absolute

4/7/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The God of #Israel, Lord of #Heaven and #Earth, of all that is seen and unseen, known and unknown, The God of all: There is One #Truth, One Absolute, One Constant in all creation, in whom the fullness of God dwells - #YahuShua #HaMashiach.

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Brace yourselves - new sanctions to be imposed against Venezuela

The decision to extract all US diplomats "reflects the deteriorating situation in Venezuela as well as the conclusion that the presence of US diplomatic staff at the embassy has become a constraint on US policy," Pompeo said in a statement early Tuesday, without elaborating on either the constraints or the policy options their removal allows for.

At the same time, the sheer level of dysfunction in Venezuela is likely to restrain Washington to some degree.

"There are a number of diplomatic and financial and economic steps that governments can take," Abrams said. "The arrest of Juan Guaido would lead a lot of countries to react very quickly."

Reading this I wondered about something: Who started this vicious cycle? If it was Maduro, who behaved like an autocrat, thus needed to be removed from the Venezuelan government, embargos and sanctions were clearly the wrong way to go. You cannot remove an autocrat by starving and impovering his or her people. This is not go... show more


Summit didn't change much, the same picture as before between US and DPRK

"I worry a little bit that this could get worse before it gets better because both sides want to try to figure out how to get the other side back to the table," said Victor Cha, a former official in charge of Korea relations in the George W. Bush administration. "And they may say pressure is the way to do that.”

Experts view the rebuilding as “deliberate efforts by North Korea in response to the inconclusive results of the Hanoi summit — to send a message, really, to President Drumpf and the world,” according to Cha.

Drumpf earlier this month wrote on Twitter that he canceled the bigger exercises "to save hundreds of millions of dollars for the U.S. for which we are not reimbursed."
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Maduro thanks military for staying loyal to him

Mr Maduro has retained the support of the military and close allies including Russia and China since Mr Guaidó declared himself interim president on 23 January.

Some protesters pushed against police in riot gear shouting "murderers" and officers responded by firing pepper spray at them.

President Maduro had used his demonstration to thank the military for their role in holding off what he described as an attempted coup as he continued to insist the blackout is part of a US plan for his downfall. Elsewhere, supporters of Mr Guaidó cited the power cut as just one of the reasons they want him gone, and soon.
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On the constant humanitarian crises-stricken Haiti

Haiti has been affected by episodes of drought and erratic distribution of rainfall. Compounding the humanitarian situation were the devastating effects of Hurricanes Matthew (October 2016) and Irma (September 2017). Hurricane Matthew – the strongest since Felix in 2007 – had catastrophic impacts on the food security and livelihoods of communities living in the departments of Grand’Anse, Sud, Sud-Est and Nippes, destroying 100 percent of crops and affecting approximately 2.1 million people. Furthermore, although its eye was not directly on Haiti, floods and strong winds linked to Hurricane Irma damaged crops in the Nord-Est department.

Moreover, an economic crisis triggered by a depreciation of the Haitian gourde has caused a significant reduction in households’ purchasing power, directly affecting their food security. As a result, the population has been protesting against the Government since 7 February 2019, hampering logistics, food production and the functioning of market s... show more


2/8/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

This question was asked of The Lord: Lord, what do you say about new age #spirituality, #psychics, #mediums, #buddhism and the like?

Thus says The Lord: All is wickedness, #deceptions clothed in falsehoods, presented to the masses under the guise of so-called #truth and #enlightenment, the wide path leading to destruction. For... show more


Pink Floyd front man Roger Waters condemns US sanctions on Venezuela

In selfie footage he said was to be played at the ‘Hands Off Venezuela’ concert organised by embattled socialist president Nicolás Maduro, Waters also suggested US-led aid headed for the country was the precursor for a coup or invasion.

Slowly I start to doubt Mr. Waters' involvement in political actions, and his constant statements on the Middle Eastern conflict. To praise Assange and defend Maduro is a doubtworthy action that shows a strange understanding of what is going on there, or what Mr. Assange is doing. What comes next? A video contribution on Ron Paul's Youtube channel?

It came just days after he criticised Richard Branson for organising a separate concert – on the Colombian side of the border – to raise aid for people suffering there.
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On the DPRK - its nuclear missiles, the food shortage, the summit

“The DPRK government calls on international organizations to urgently respond to addressing the food situation,” read the North Korean memo, which the country’s U.N. mission described as a follow-up to joint assessment with the World Food Programme between Nov. 26 and Dec. 7, 2018. WFP declined to comment.

He said the United Nations and aid groups were only able to help one third of six million people estimated to be in need last year due to a lack of funding. A U.N. appeal for $111 million in 2018 was only a quarter funded, Dujarric said.

“Just look at the way the letter is worded. They want to make it sound like sanctions equals starvation so the U.S. should really be benevolent and give them up,” he said.
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Maduro closes border to ABC islands

As it seems, Maduro keeps on isolating his country amid further tensions of food shortages, an economic crises and his hostility towards critics. Now, another step has been taken by closing down the border towards the Lesser Antilles, also known as the ABC islands, refering to the three islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. No ships or planes will be able to trespass the Venezuelan border.
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