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"How many Cloudflared URLs shared on social media yesterday?"

Scanned: 725
Collected URLs: 112,517

Unique FQDN: 17,900
MITM: 3,222

People used #social media to share 112,517 URLs.
They didn't realized at least 18% of them are using #Cloudflare .

#TheGreatCloudwall #Twitter #Mastodon #Reddit

Political federated aggregator: a project

A few beginning points.
Much of the consensus building and of the political communication
takes place on social networks, according to rules which are
incorporated in the structure of proprietary social networks:
sponsorship, bubbles, building of identity, hate, narcissism, and
The (albeit often only shown) activists’ protagonism on social network
has become a practice of dissemination of political messages and an
important element of contents in the form of identification, which
often feeds identity-imposing narratives and hate speech. The analysis
of social network interactions [big data] provides feedbacks to
communicators which have the access to. With the means of these
feedbacks, communicators can build a custom argumentative narrative,
which is marred by an oversimplification of the numerical analysis.

What we need.
In “Inventing the future”, a very stimulating book by Srnicek and
Williams, the concept of «ecosystem of organizations» de... show more


Fearing More Violence, Sri Lanka Silences Social Media

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#HackerNews #fearing #lanka #media #more #silences #social #sri #violence
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The New York Times: Sri Lanka Blocks Social Media, Fearing More Violence (By MAX FISHER)


China Bans the Word 'Leica' on Social Media

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#HackerNews #bans #china #leica #media #social #the #word
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Notre-Dame de Paris : Un toit c’est donc un droit ?

Un chef-d’œuvre du patrimoine mondial qui subit un incendie, c’est triste. Mais tout de même, n’y a-t-il pas un deux poids deux mesures qui devrait indigner un peu plus ? :

#AL #AlternativeLibertaire #Communiqué #Social

My brain was feeling a bit beat up, so I logged off Facebook. The new of the fire at Notre-Dame was heartbreaking enough, but then I started seeing comments snarking on people of faith, and memes made from Disney's animated "Huncback..." movie.

I don't know. I had just had enough. My feed was an endless scroll of tragedy, snark, and recycled crap. It might be time for an FB break. I need to explore #Diaspora more. It's nice to just scroll through my stream here and not see all the algorithm-generated ads and posts.

Mine is a troubled, wearied head. Probably best to lay it down and get some sleep.

A good night to you, #Diaspora.

#depression #social media overload #tricky brain chemistry

#news #facebook #social
How Facebook Screwed Us All


198 методов ненасильственного сопротивления

Утащил у Дмитрия Чернышева.
К вопросу "что делать?" со всем этим.
Джин Шарп. 198 методов ненасильственного соп
... show more


U.S. senators introduce social media bill to ban 'dark patterns' tricks

Two U.S. senators introduced a bill on Tuesday to ban online social media compan...
Article word count: 394

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#HackerNews #ban #bill #dark #introdu... show more


The Creator of Linux Says Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram Are "a Disease"

He makes some good points.

#social media #Facebook #Twitter #Instagram


When the Inmates Run the Asylum!

I posted this everywhere and hope you'll read the full thing on Medium. If you're logged in on Medium you can clap, once or up top 50 times. Did you know that? If you don't like it, you'll have to come back here and tell me. And if there are details to correct, please do let me know.

This article tries to explain the difference between just another silo like MeWe and countless other attempts

#diaspora #social #fediverse #federation #silos


When the Inmates Run the Asylum!

I posted this everywhere and hope you'll read the full thing on Medium. If you're logged in on Medium you can clap, once or up top 50 times. Did you know that? If you don't like it, you'll have to come back here and tell me. And if there are details to correct, please do let me know.

This article tries to explain the difference between just another silo like MeWe and countless other attempts

#diaspora #social #fediverse #federation #silos


Découvrez ces incroyables photos d’un énorme écureuil multicolore en Inde

Lorsque vous entendez le mot “écureuil”, vous avez probablement l’habitude d’imaginer un petit animal brun ou gris, plutôt mignon mais qui ne dégage pas forcément quelque chose de particulier. En bref, un animal assez banal. Mais cela n’est pas forcément le cas pour celles et ceux qui connaissent déjà le magnifique écureuil géant de l’Inde, d’autant plus avec ces spécimens particulièrement colorés récemment photographiés par Kaushik Vijayan.

Lorsque le photographe amateur Kaushik Vijayan a publié sur Instagram des photos d’écureuils géants de Malabar (Ratufa indica), les clichés ont rapidement séduit le web.

Vijayan a pris ces photos alors qu’il se trouvait dans le district de Pathanamthitta en Inde, à la pointe sud-ouest du sous-continent. Une fois publiées sur son compte Instagram, les images sont rapidement devenues virales.
... show more


Terra Nullius

We all wonder how large the open and free social media "federation" --- aka the Fediverse -- really is. This post gives you an indication of places where there seems no detectable presence of servers running fediverse social media protocols.

These snapshots are a graphical representation of countries with servers (or their proxies) that my nodes has interacted with in some form. My node is an open node (with a relatively small number of users by Friendica standards), but has been running for several years.

The lightest colour represents counties without any web requests to my server last month.

... show more

I've been thinking about Diaspora* lately. I've been there once but never used it. Do you think it's worth trying again?

#diaspora #social


#Solidarité avec #Rouvikonas, le mouvement #anarchiste et le mouvement #social grecs !

Si nous vivons en France une période de tension sociale violente et persistante depuis plusieurs mois avec les Gilets Jaunes, nous ne devons pas oublier ce qui se passe ailleurs où, là aussi, la population lutte durement contre le capitalisme et son monde :

#AL #AlternativeLibertaire #International #Grèce

#socialmedia #linus #facebook #twitter #instagram #internet #social


Australia Passes Law to Punish Social Media Companies for Violent Posts

Parliament adopted a measure that would criminalize “abhorrent violent material” shared on social media platforms, threatening huge fines for tech companies and jail for their employees.
Article word count: 1040

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Who are the most influential companies on social media?

#companies #influential #media #most #social


Top ways to get noticed across overwhelming social feeds

#across #feeds #noticed #overwhelming #social #top #ways


‘Worse than doing time’: life on the wrong side of China’s social credit system

David Kong felt shattered after a recent business trip to Chongqing. ...

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#HackerNews #chinas #credit #doing #life #side #social #system #than #the #time #worse #wrong
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On Article13

This day makes me really sad. Not just because #Article13 passed and what effect it will have on the #internet at large. But because I'm not sure if my motivation to build #federated #social web tools will be very high if those tools will be hindered by legal stupidity out from the #EU today.


For sure a lot of my motivation to work on for example #Socialhome is to make a platform for myself. But with the centraliz... show more

Google Plus (or Minus) and the Ephemerality of Community
Google Plus (or Minus) and the Ephemerality of Community | Internet Archive Blogs

#google #social #archeology #web #history #business
At the end of this month, on April 2nd, Google will shut down what they called the “consumer version” of Google Plus, their fourth major foray into building a Social Network. The deadline had been the end of the year but was moved up due to a number of cited factors, including data breaches. When a seismic event like this happens in the online ...

Neuigkeiten von der #Openbook Alpha-Tester Front

Das Wichtigste zuerst: Openbook hat jetzt eine #DancingBanana Reaction 😉


Spaß Beiseite - Es tut sich einiges und das Team scheint sich tatsächlich ordentlich rein zu knien. Heute kam ein heiß ersehntes Update das uns nicht nur drei neue Themes (ich weiß eher unwichtig - aber nice to have) sondern auch einige "lang" (läuft ja erst 7 Tage) erwartete Funktionen beschert hat. Beispielsweise wird man nun benachrichtigt, wenn man in einem Beitrag eines Users kommentiert hat und daraufhin neue Kommentar zu diesem Beitrag verfasst wurden.
Weiterhin sieht man be... show more

Wieso habe ich davon noch nie gehört?
Interessant wen das mit Activitypub stimmt. Mal dort nachfragen

Bild/FotoOliver Zimmermann wrote the following post Fri, 22 Mar 2019 17:36:21 +0100


#Human Connection, ein #open source #social network aus #Deutschland, welches sich derzeit in der closed Alpha befindet scheint sich entschlossen zu haben #ActivityPub zu integrieren.

#Human Connection, a #open source #social network from #Germany, which is currently in the closed alpha, seems to have decided to integrate #ActivityPub.


PDF-Download (including staging access):

Human Connection Webseite:

#FOSS #Human Connection #open source #social network #Human Connection #open source #social network

🌍 Bizkaian ere lurraldeko 💧 #ura-ren kudeaketaren inguruan arduraturik, eragile ezberdinek 💦 uraren ziklo integralaren #kudeaketa publiko, sozial, demokratiko eta jasangarriaren alde egin dugu.

🌍 Preocupadas también en #Bizkaia por la gestión del 💧 #agua en el territorio, diversas entidades nos sumamos a la #plataforma por una #gestión del ciclo integral del 💦 agua #pública, #social, #democrática y #sostenible.


#Chauffeurs de Saint-Denis : contre « la synthèse de Big Brother et de Machiavel »

Le management imposé aux chauffeurs municipaux est un non-sens du point de vue du service public, des coûts induits et des conséquences environnementales. Alors que cherche la municipalité PCF ? :

#AL #AlternativeLibertaire #Social #Lutte #Grève


#BNF : Les précaires à la pointe de la #grève perlée

À la Bibliothèque nationale de France, on n’en peut plus sous-effectif et du mépris de la direction ! Depuis neuf mois, l’activité est perturbée par une mobilisation qui a ses temps forts chaque samedi, et qui implique particulièrement les collègues en CDD :

#AL #AlternativeLibertaire #Social #Lutte


I’m 14, and I quit social media after discovering what was posted about me

When 8th grader Sonia Bokhari joined social media for the first time, she discovered that her mom and sister had been posting about her for her entire life.
Article word count: 1394

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Posted by laurex (karma: 6008)
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#HackerNews #about #after #and #... show more

Die Openbook Alpha ist vor einigen Tagen gestartet. Heute kam meine Einladung an. Hier ist ein kurzer Blick auf mein Profil.

#Openbook Alpha started a couple of days back. Today my invitation arrived. Here's a short glimpse at my profile page


Es ist wie gesagt eine Alpha Version und dementsprechend wirkt vieles noch unfertig. Mein erster Eindruck fällt zwiegespalten aus und ich hoffe sie haben sich mit der Entscheidung, die Alpha und ebenso die Beta früher zu starten, nicht übernommen. Im derzeitigen Zustand ist Openbook weit davon entfernt eine Alternative für andere soziale Netzwerke zu sein.

It's an alpha version as I said before and accordingly a lot of things still appear unfinished. My first impression is split and I hope they didn't take it over with the decision to start the alpha and the beta earlier. In its current state, Openbook is far from being an alternative for any other social network.

#Open Source #Social Network #Alpha Testing #Soziales Netzwerk


Australia calls on G20 to crackdown on social media in wake of New Zealand shooting


#australia #calls #crackdown #facebook #g20 #japanese prime minister shinzo abe #media #new #new zealand #oan newsroom #scott morrison #shinzo abe #shooting #social #social media #wake #zealand
Australia calls on G20 to crackdown on social media in wake of New Zealand shooting


#AssuranceChômage : Un #décret scélérat en guise de vœux

Un décret publié le 30 décembre 2018 renforce les sanctions à l’égard des chômeuses et chômeurs. C’est une véritable #criminalisation du #chômage que le gouvernement inscrit dans le droit :

#AL #AlternativeLibertaire #Social


This is kind of old news. He died back in November. But I'm rarely on Twitter and I didn't hear anything about it. So I just found out when checking in on his account.

A good time to finally read his book that's been gathering dust on my shelf for almost a year now...

"Rest easy old soldier, we'll take it from here" - what a wonderful epitaph.

#harryslaststand #austerity #politics #nhs #social #justice


#Débat - #GiletsJaunes : violence ou auto-défense ? Le #29Mars à #Toulouse

Depuis plus de trois mois le mouvement des Gilets Jaunes occupe l’espace #politique et #social. Insatisfait, il occupe aussi la rue, les rond-points, les centre-villes, les supermarchés, et même Amazon, comme autant de symboles d’un capitalisme aux abois dont la #violence sociale et symbolique est désormais visible sur la place publique :

#AL #AlternativeLibertaire


Четырнадцать гвоздей в спину "федерации", или "Кое-что о бложиках, хомячках, миллениалах, "диванных бунтарях" и прочих активистах" 😀

Начало. Перенесено из:... show more


Пара скучных мыслей о "федерациях" и "девочках, живущих в сети" 😀

Это мой ответ @Толстоевский (-ому). Перенес отсюда, ибо там не по теме. А сами мысл... show more


La bonne heure hat einkommensabhängige Teilnahmegebühren für Kurse, Workshops und Einzelunterricht

Dank einkommensabhängigen Gebühren erhalten bei uns einkommensschwache Schichten Zugang zu Bildung, Kunst und Informationstechnik 😀
By applying income dependent course fees, we enable access to formation, art and information technology for low income persons.
Bild/Fotola bonne heure | Akademie für aktives und kontemplatives Leben wrote the following post Sun, 24 Feb 2019 23:50:47 +0100

Teilnahmegebühren / Participion fees
(see english description below)
Die Gebühren für Kurse, Einzelunterricht und Workshops richten sich nach deinen finanziellen Verhältnissen (Se... show more

Canvas de Emprendimiento Social:

El Canvas de Emprendimiento Social es una herramienta diseñada para ayudar a los emprendedores sociales a entender y construir mejores modelos de negocio para sus proyectos con impacto social.

#Emprendedor #Emprendimiento #Social
Canvas de Emprendimiento Social


Pour un #8mars de #grèves et de #luttes

Cette année le 8 mars, journée internationale de luttes pour les droits des femmes, revêt un caractère particulier. Entre appels à la grève, dénonciations du sexisme et des violences sexuelles, et luttes des femmes Gilets jaunes, cette journée s’inscrit dans un contexte de mobilisation contre les inégalités et la violence sociale :

#AL #AlternativeLibertaire #Féminisme #Social #Politique #8mars15h40


5 of the Best Alternatives for Google+ Users | Make Tech Easier

Make Tech Easier usually do their research much better than this. For example, they say that you need to be able to run a server to use Diaspora* which, as we know, isn't true.

#technology #social #SocialNetworking
5 of the Best Alternatives for Google+ Users


Which websites featured on the Federation have the worst privacy?

My last post highlighted how ticking the OEmbed box to add a website picture to a post can compromise Federation users if it contains a tracker.



I also mentioned tools, like Disconnect, we could use to detect websites which track their users. In this post I reveal some of the most popular reference websites on the Federation with low privacy and high tracking rates.

I believe Federation users should consider not embedding, or at least warning their readers about the surveillance techniques carried out by these sites.

A Princeton University study identified almost a million websites that track their users. Here are just 5 examples of websites whose stories are commonly quoted on the Federation:


Wired is a popular web... show more


The Noble Profession of #Social #Justice in the Year of our Lord 2019 (Reenactment)

#meme #memes #edgy #humor #joke #funny #outrage #offended #triggered #accurate #sjw