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Lücke in Container-Runtime runc ermöglicht Host-Übernahme #AppArmor #Container #Docker #LinuxundOpenSource #SELinux #runC


Bring Zeb (Destination Linux) To America! - SE Linux Fest.

We want to bring our favorite host Zeb to America. Imagine all the fun as Zeb joins Noah (of Linux Action Show fame), Ryan, Michael and the entire SE Linux Fest crowd.

Money is being raised for his flight and hotel. ANY donation toward this goal is appreciated.

All sources of funding will be used to make sure we can get his flight from the United Kingdom / Queens Land / Marmitistan.

$2,000 is needed to make this to happen.

Please donate if you can ==>

#Zeb #SELinux #DestinationLinux #Linux #festival


Ultimately all of #FaaS, #Microservice, #Serverless still is code running on an OS. So that underlying platform better have all the security goodness possible. Like #SELinux. This shouldn’t be optional.