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Seiko 5
I'm looking over this #Seiko5 for a friend, it stopped running. I have a couple of these myself. They are great everyday watches at a price that can't be beat. But I have seen just a few have a problem where they stop winding. What happens is that the rotor just gets loose and floats out of engagement. Just tightening it cures the trouble. Not sure why this happens...

I observed this one however to be fully wound. The balance staff is fine too, just no power. While examining it, I noticed that the second hand did not advance, at all, even when I get the balance moving for a few seconds. Something is completely jamming the train. My first thought was that a plate or other screw came out and is floating around in there jamming it up. While looking to see if I could spot anything, the watch sprang to life. It's running fine now.

I'll let it sit for awhile and see what happens...

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[(3) Seiko 5's Look AMAZING with just strap changes! - Seiko SNKE51 and 11 Straps! - YouTube](

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