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three way handshake in real life ... 😀

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Bild/FotoMichael Goasdoue wrote the following post Thu, 16 May 2019 03:58:15 +0200

"Hi, I'd like to hear a TCP joke"



Junkbox MIDI

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Junkbox MIDI

Dr. Gonzalez Testimonials....“The late Nicholas Gonzalez, MD got true lasting results with these cancers … even to the point of cure. Based on the pioneering research of Dr. John beard, his protocol uses proteolytic enzymes, diet, and detoxification with impressive success. Conquering Cancer provides a roadmap for doctors and patients who want something other than chemotherapy and radiation — and not just ephemeral hope but lasting success.”Sally Fallon Morell, President, The Weston A. Price Foundation
“The best decision I ever made was to eschew Standard of Care, allopathic medicine and follow the Gonzalez non-drug protocol. Nick does not use the word “cure” but I can. Today, I have NED … ‘no evidence of disease.’ I feel great, am perfectly healthy, have great energy, and am in the best shape of my life. I attribute my recovery to Nick Gonzalez.”Suzanne Somers, Entertainer and Author of 26 books including Knockout – Interviews with Doctors Who Are curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting It In The
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NetworkManager-1.16: Add support for WireGuard VPN tunnels and Wi-Fi Direct connections (Wi-Fi P2P).

Overview of changes since NetworkManager-1.14

This is a new stable release of NetworkManager.  Notable changes include:

* Check connectivity per address family.
* Support "main.systemd-resolved" to let NetworkManager configure DNS settings
  in systemd-resolved without making it the main DNS plugin of NetworkManager.
* Write "/var/run/NetworkManager/no-stub-resolv.conf" with original nameservers.
  That is useful with caching DNS plugins like "systemd-resolved" or "dnsmasq" where
  "/var/run/NetworkManager/resolv.conf" refers to localhost.
* Change default "ipv4.dhcp-client-id" setting for the internal DHCP plugin from
  "duid" to "mac". This is a change in behavior on upgrade when using the internal
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Understanding the Stellar Consensus Protocol

What’s an agreement system? What makes one “Byzantine”? What makes a Byzantine one “federated”?
Article word count: 5209

HN Discussion:
Posted by synesso (karma: 659)
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"The #Federation Fallacy"
(3 Mar 2019)

Throughout the free software community, an unbridled aura of justified mistrust fills the air: mistrust of large corporations, mistrust of governments, and of course, mistrust of proprietary software. Each mistrust is connected by a critical thread: centralisation.

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#centralized #federated #protocol
#Computing #HostedSystems #MailServer #Gmail #WhatsApp #SiliconValley
#Mastodon (" #Fediverse ") vs #Twitter
#Privacy #Freedom


Journal - a blogging platform built on [matrix]

journal is (currently) an open source blog website that in future will be part of a larger system, forming part of a decentralised blog network built on the Matrix protocol.
#matrix #protocol #blog #website #decentralised #foss #synapse #journal

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