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The amount of money spent, fighting over that land, is unjustifiable. You could have built Atlantis for half the price.
This is not a question of money, it is a question of religion. Abramistic religions, designed to promote the idea of a official unified world government.
This is a German project (a project of the German aristocracy), the Jews are only involuntary executors here, those to whom the German aristocracy want to transfer all the responsibility for their attempt to form a new world government. This project is over 100 years old:
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Balfour Declaration
Five days before the Soviet revolution:... show more

Preserving feudalism in the age of information requires significant and regular sacrifices.
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The richest one percent of England own half of the land

The figures show that if the land were distributed evenly across England’s population, each person would have just over half an acre – an area roughly half the size of Parliament Square in central London.

While land has long been concentrated in the hands of a small number of owners, precise information about property ownership has been notoriously hard to access. But a combination of the development of digital maps and data as well as pressure from campaigners has made it possible to assemble the shocking statistics.

Shrubsole estimates that “the aristocracy and gentry still own around 30% of England”. This may even be an underestimate, as the owners of 17% of England and Wales remain undeclared at the Land Registry. The most likely owners of this undeclared land are aristocrats, as many of their estates have remained in their families for centuries.

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News from the world of successful proprietary Linux distributions:
Новости из мира успешных проприетарных дистрибутивов Linux:
Just found an issue in Redhat/CentOS which according to RedHat security team is not an issue. I don't know, sounds weird to me.
If, for whatever reason, a user is able to write an ifcf- script to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts or it can adjust an existing one, then your system in pwned.

Только что обнаруже
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They say I just “hate” #trump for no good reason. They say it is because I "love Hillary" so much (pukes). Maybe it’s just his #hair. That must be it.
#cuba #trump #property #lawsuits

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Романовская история страны
Романовская история страны

Готов подвести итог.
История русской а... show more

The famous HyperZionist Avraam Shmulevich reports:
The result of the elections in Israel is falsified. Religious Zionists for the first time in the history of the state outside the Knesset.
Before her, the only person who wanted and could do this was prof. Yaakov Neeman. Outstanding lawyer politician. As soon as he was appointed Minister of Justice and began the reform of the judicial system (Netanyahu appointed him, like Shaked), the prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against him, and the police launched an investigation. As soon as prof. Naaman went on the line - the case was closed. Shaked once said in plain text that the case was fabricated.
And here the minister came again, who could and wanted to reform the system, reforms really began. But suddenly the pariah Shakeld was thrown out of political life, did not go to the Knesset. Lacked about a thousand votes. Then, for the first time in the history of the Israeli elections, there was an incompre
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The developers of the platform for decentralized messaging Matrix have announced an emergency shutdown of the servers and (the main client of the Matrix) in connection with the hacking of the project infrastructure. The first shutdown took place last night, after which the servers were restored, and the applications were reassembled from the source code. But later the servers were compromised a second time.
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A year ago, people discovered the neighboring Antarctic civilization. Over the past year, no attempt has been made to establish diplomatic relations with its neighbors. It seems that Western civilization is not going to recognize this Antarctic culture. They called it a "colony", apparently it is a psychological projection, because humans themselves live in the conditions of capitalist colonialism.
Год назад люди обнаружили соседскую антарктическую цивилизацию. За прошедший год не... show more

А я честно говоря не очень то и понимаю роль нынешней Англии, слишком много "шума." Видеть это тоже дар.
На мой взгляд вот этот документ хорошо характерезует роль Англии в строительст... show more

Berlin's rental revolution: activists push for properties to be nationalised #Cities #Germany #Europe #Rentingproperty #Protest #Gentrification #Money #Property

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Западная общественность «не знает» или «не хочет знать»?
Западная общественность «не знает» ил... show more
Western Public “Does Not Know”, or “Does Not Want to Know”?
Западная общественность «не знает» или «не хочет знать»?
We are living in an age when Western propaganda has become truly intense, even surreal. It always has been, of course, but now those who are producing it, have lost all their respect for the public. It is almost as if the propagandists were laughing amongst themselves, pointing fingers down at the masses, from some lavish office, located on a high floor of a skyscraper: “They have no brains. And a
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Fans of Western European hegemony often resort to history (especially of ancient Rome) to justify their privileged position in relation to their colonies. Allegedly, all the fruits of civilization are their merit, and all other people for many years should be grateful to them for teaching all the others to count, write, take loans and fill out tax returns.
But the fact is that modern Western European history is falsified. First of all, extra 1000 years have been added to the efforts of Catholic party people from Goa to Western European history.

Поклонники Западно Европейской гегемонии часто прибегают к истории (особе... show more

Had this problem for almost a year- I think I've solved who it is.

I'm #building a #cabin, but I don't live nearby- I live about 25 minutes away in the city. I work on this thing every day after my normal job. I'm putting in 14 hour days between my regular job and this cabin build. Occasionally, I leave rope laying on the ground, or a pair of pliers, or an extension cord when I leave. In a perfect society, I should be able to leave everything how I want it and come back the next day to find it where I left it. But we don't live in that world. Anyway, I've been pretty good picking up everything and locking it in my shipping container before I leave every night, but occasionally I miss something (usually, it's dark by the time I get out of there).

Last year, I had 2 extension cords stolen. Before that, I had a chain hoist stolen, and one of my heavy chains. I thought they took two more chains, but ended up finding them in... show more

is the real estate bubble starting to collapse in Australia? - trapped in their property mortgage

as you might now… 2008 was a real estate crisis, according to Dr Prof Ehnts 1929 was a combination of stock market crash and real estate bubble bursting… now let’s hope “they” won’t get the timing right this time.

it’s always the same with capitalism… it “works so well” that it completely get’s out of balance – on purpose?

But who profits?

Those that see it coming an... show more

Today is 72 Chaos, Daytime Holliday
Сегодня 72 хаоса, праздник Дневного Времени
Back in the old days, the world was on many conflicting systems of keeping time. While three-quarters time might prevail in one area, elsewhere it was spare time or springtime or due time or ragtime.
So on Chaos 72, 3050 YOLD (March 13th of 1884) a bunch of pundits from all over the world met in Washington, DC, and decided everyone should employ Standard Time (used by Standard Oil of New Jersey), based on Greenwich Mean Time (the time I was using in the meantime in Greenwich Village).
Far from perfect, this solution allows it to be one time in London at the exact moment it is some other time entirely in New York or San Francisco or Moscow.
So, on 72nd Chaos, we Discordians protest this confusing state of affairs by telling anyone who asks, any time, that it is 5 o’clo
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@L'Intrus, c'est le capitalisme humaniste, l'humanisme - l'idée originale des lodges français
@ivan zlax It is in Asia that l´on destroys the most forests for cultivation or palm oil (much more than in the Amazon). India has limited the birth of girls to combat overcrowding...
Yes, it is:
Demand creates supply:
Netherlands: $2 billion (5.9%)
Spain: $1.4 billion (4.3%)
Italy: $1.1 billion (3.3%)
United States: $1.1 billion (3.2%)
Germany: $797.6 million (2.4%)
Russia: $701.7 million (2.1%)
Belgium: $467.2 million (1.4%)
The demand for palm oil is financing the destruction of species d... show more

couple of problems with the tool shed arrangement- he should've pointed out it was for a minimalist mindset. I mean, he lived on a boat for 11 years...
After negotiations, which lasted a week, the #seller and us settled on a price $6,000- less than the asking one for a total price of $2,300- an acre for 34-acres. The original idea was for us to #subdivide the #property into four sections to sell these parcels for a profit which would cover our original outlay. We did not do this in the end for several reasons which I will not go into right now.
Still, for $78k, 34 acres isn't bad. #prep #prepare #BOLO #bugout #remote #collapse
Bug-Out Location: Are You part of the 5%, by JohnyMac

couple of problems with the tool shed arrangement- he should've pointed out it was for a minimalist mindset. I mean, he lived on a boat for 11 years...
After negotiations, which lasted a week, the #seller and us settled on a price $6,000- less than the asking one for a total price of $2,300- an acre for 34-acres. The original idea was for us to #subdivide the #property into four sections to sell these parcels for a profit which would cover our original outlay. We did not do this in the end for several reasons which I will not go into right now.
Still, for $78k, 34 acres isn't bad. #prep #prepare #BOLO #bugout #remote #collapse
Bug-Out Location: Are You part of the 5%, by JohnyMac

Cognitive documentary about the history of the origins of planned obsolescence.
Documentaire cognitif sur l'histoire de l'origine de l'obsolescence programmée.
Kognitive Dokumentarfilm über die Entstehungsgeschichte geplanter Obsoleszenz.
Documental cognitivo sobre la historia del origen de la obsolescencia planificada.
Познавательный документальный фильм об истории происхождения запланированного устаревания.
#capitalism #conspiracy #documents #hardware #history #metaprogramming #property #revision #technology

Leo L. (Lev Lvovich - "Lion son of Lion") Berberoff (1914-1978) — the architect, the owner of the famous film lion actors.
Лев Львович Берберов (1914—1978) — архитектор, хозяин известных львов-киноартистов.
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British conservative press reported: 92% of left-wing activists live with their parents
Reported this as something bad. Attentive researchers of communism and leninism have understood this 100 years ago:
In January 1898, Lenin wrote:
"Finance received, dear mommy, and the first and second (ie, from 28 / XI and 20 / XII)."
February 25, 1899:
"... Our finances have come to an end again. Please send 200 rubles to EV."
I think it is good when parents support their children.

Британское консервативное издание сообщило: 92% левых акт... show more


U.S. Supreme Court Puts Limits on Police Power to Seize Private Property

Civil forfeiture laws, a popular way to raise revenue, have been the subject of criticism across the political spectrum.
Article word count: 718

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OpenAI Guards Its ML Model Code & Data to Thwart Malicious Usage
OpenAI should now change their name to ClosedAI

It seems that OpenAI wants to monopolize similar technology, as the US government plans to do with a number of other technologies in relation to the rest of the world.

Has anyone heard of decentralized projects using OpenAI code that gradually accumulate language experience for general functional chat bot in common use? show more
Since 2012, a sophisticated artificial intelligence has dug through big data to find signs of corruption in the Chinese government — but local officials in many areas are now shutting it down, according to the South China Morning Post.
One researcher involved in the program, which is portentously called “Zero Trust,” told the Hong Kong newspaper that local officials might be shutting the program down because they don’t “feel quite comfortable with the new technology.”
But the SCMP has another explanation: the AI works too well.
В китайских провинциях отказывают
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Good stuff, Vladimir Mstislavovich would like it:
Soviet scientists tried for decades to network their nation. What stalemated them is now fracturing the global internet
как в Советском Союзе изобрели интернет и почему он не заработал
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Alphabet unit seeks share of property taxes for Toronto smart city

Alphabet Inc's Sidewalk Labs unit is proposing it get a share of property t...
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Lhamo Dhondrub (known as Dalai Lama XIV) is a longtime CIA agent:
Лхамо Дхондруб (известный как Далай-лама XIV) давний агент ЦРУ:
WASHINGTON — For much of the 1960s, the CIA provided the Tibetan exile movement with $1.7 million a year for operations against China, including an annual subsidy of $180,000 for the Dalai Lama, according to newly released U.S. intelligence documents.

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Today is 37 Chaos: Aaron Burr’s Birthday. Congratulations!
Сегодня 37 Хаоса: день рождения Аарона Берра. Поздравляю!
Positively the most ancient Discordian Holyday, Aaron Burr’s Birthday was first celebrated in 3123, before there even was a Discordian Society, by Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, who may have used it as an excuse to ditch school. Of course it was presumably observed long before that by Burr himself, who was born on February 6th of 2922. Described in Volume Five (5) of The Encyclopedia Americana as “A precocious youth who would rebel against authority throughout his life
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Austrian school, Viennese style (105 years ago, before the first world war):

Австрийская школа, Венский стиль (105 лет назад, перед первой мировой войной):

#austria #capitalism #conspiracy #germany #metaprogramming #past #property #revision #timespace #war #wien

Если клиентская часть открыта, а серверная закрыта, очевидно, что это не делает само программное обеспечение открытым. Но рекламная кампания мессенджера телеграм поче... show more

A #novel #therapeutic #anticancer #property of #raw #garlic extract via #injection but not #ingestion
Prior studies suggest a possibility that the anticancer property of garlic is more effective only when exposed directly to cancer cells than absorbed first by the normal epithelial cells of the gastrointestinal tract wall.


"Fu*king Historical" - Watch Banksy Painting Self-Destruct At Sotheby's Auction

*More Play; less work
More Art; less product
More Appreciators; less CONsumERRORS
A Banksy painting "self-destructed" Friday evening on the auction podium at Sotheby’s New Bond Street location in London after being sold for 1.04 million pounds.
The spray-painted canvas "Girl With Balloon" was... show more