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I'm #evaluating several #messaging protocols at the moment. I'm looking for the following characteristics for a "perfect" messaging app:... show more

Did you know it is SUPER SIMPLE to sign up to a #private #Nextcloud server? One of those providers already serves over 10.000 users! Get started now, take back control over your data!


Bezos Investigation Finds the Saudis Obtained His Private Data

The National Enquirer’s lawyer tried to get me to say there was no hacking.
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Major bank accidentally published a private package to the public NPM Registry

“A major international bank accidentally published a private package of their own to the public npm Registry, took 3 years to notice, and then sent DMCA takedown notices to Amazon and Cloudflare for…
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How New Belgium Brewing evaluated managed vs. private cloud [Hybrid Cloud TV]

#belgium #brewing #cloud #evaluated #hybrid #managed #new #private


Which websites featured on the Federation have the worst privacy?

My last post highlighted how ticking the OEmbed box to add a website picture to a post can compromise Federation users if it contains a tracker.



I also mentioned tools, like Disconnect, we could use to detect websites which track their users. In this post I reveal some of the most popular reference websites on the Federation with low privacy and high tracking rates.

I believe Federation users should consider not embedding, or at least warning their readers about the surveillance techniques carried out by these sites.

A Princeton University study identified almost a million websites that track their users. Here are just 5 examples of websites whose stories are commonly quoted on the Federation:


Wired is a popular web... show more


FAA's awful drone app B4UFLY to undergo private sector revamp

#app #awful #b4ufly #drone #faas #private #revamp #sector #undergo


Operating systems – can we make them private?

Every #operating #system (and #application) ever created becomes less #private with each new version.

As technology has evolved, developers are under increasing pressure to spy on their #customers and extract their #data for #exploitation.

Users are always advised to update their #software to improve its #... show more


How can Federation users post more safely?

You know how it goes. We find a great story online and we want to share it with our supporters or feature it in our feed with appropriate hashtags for maximum reach.

But do we check the website featuring the story for privacy before we post?

When we embed a link by selecting the OEmbed box (often ticked by default) this displays an image or video on our post from the website we’ve featured.

They may look cool, but these images can contain beacons or other trackers. Embedded trackers also load into the browsers of any user who scrolls down the public feeds.


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Facebook collects a wide range of private data from developers

Millions of smartphone users confess their most intimate secrets to apps, including personal health information. Unbeknown to most people, in many cases that data is being shared with someone else:…
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U.S. Supreme Court Puts Limits on Police Power to Seize Private Property

Civil forfeiture laws, a popular way to raise revenue, have been the subject of criticism across the political spectrum.
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Bug in Comcast’s activation process potentially exposed customers’ private data

A bug in Comcast’s router and modem activation process potentially exposed the private data of millions of customers who rented hardware from the company.
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#Covington #MAGAkids to make a billion dollars?

The #libel & #defamation lawsuit against many rich #celebrities, could award the #kids at #CovingtonCatholic #HighSchool hundreds of millions of dollars.

The #lawsuit has been... show more

Privacy tip #4

Turn off location. PART 2


Apart from Edge, which has to be tweaked from the W10 OS, most browsers can have their location services disabled through their menu. I cannot list EVERY browser in existence here, as I have a life. If you have other browser location t
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Cal Fire: Private electrical system caused 2017 Calif. wildfire, not PG&E


#2017 #cal #cal fire #calif #caused #electrical #fire #gavin newsom #mike mohler #nappa county #oan newsroom #pacific gas and electric #pg&e #private #system #tubbs fire #wildfire

Privacy tip #4

Turn off location. PART 2


Apart from Edge, which has to be tweaked from the W10 OS, most browsers can have their location services disabled through their menu. I cannot list EVERY browser in existence here, as I have a life. If you have other browser location tweaks, please share.

1. Click on Chrome’s menu and select the cog symbol – SETTINGS
2. Click the SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS link at the bottom. Don’t be afraid of the ‘advanced’ implication, this has been worded to scare off timid sheep from reclaiming their privacy.
3. Click the CONTENT SETTINGS button under PRIVACY. While we’re here, consider unchecking the boxes urging us to use web services to ‘resolve navigational errors’ or ‘prediction services’ to auto complete our searches. This is just more telemetry.


There a... show more

Privacy tip #4

Turn off location. Part 1

Convenience is often the enemy of privacy, with the internet and our devices, but location services are a feature that can allow many exploits.

A large industry has grown around location data collection, which is covert and unregulated. Our location data is boug
... show more

Note the 'basics' section explaining how important updating is?

As we always say: #privacy doesn't exist without #security.

Go update your #private #nextcloud now!
"This manual explains how to protect yourself from hackers, in layman’s terms."

Approved 👌👏