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6, Chithirai, 1941 Shaka, 36 of Discord 3185 (April 19, 2019CC) was a Hanuman Jayanti.
The people of Hanuman built the Adam bridge to Sri Lanka, it is even visible from space.
5 Баисаха 1426 Бенгальской Эры, 36 Раздора 3185 (19 апреля 2019 О.Х.) был Хануман Джаянти.
Народ Ханумана построил Адамов мост в Шри Ланку, который видно из космоса:
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The internal view of polygonal masonry in Peru
My articles about the differences in methods of manufacturing blocks of polygonal masonry, as well as about the version with a description of the casting technology (or rather, the molding of such masonry) made of geo-concrete - caused a heated discussion:
The ancient technology of casting stone blocks in South America
Different manufacturing techniques of polygonal masonry blocks
Concrete polygonal masonry technology in Peru. New evidence
There were many comments, the authors of which, in spite of the facts and explanations
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Романовская история страны
Романовская история страны

Готов подвести итог.
История русской а... show more

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New species of Homo discovered.

Homo luzonensis
in Philippines' cave

Открыт новый вид человека. Окаменелости Homo luzonensis, найденные в пещере на остро... show more


Qualcomm President Amon intends to win in cloud where company failed in past

#amon #cloud #company #failed #intends #past #president #qualcomm #where #win

Around the masonry of the past goes a lot of rumors. Translation into English of the article by an independent researcher:

Casting stone blocks and sculptures in antiquity. Part 11

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Stone pipes in Patara
Patara is an ancient Lycian city. Located in Turkey. The easiest way to make such elements is casting. It is much harder to cut such a hole inside the block. Connected on the system "thorn groove". I wonder how they sealed it, because visible deflection of this pipeline, in the lower part of which pressure was to be created. A kind of aqueduct.
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Отличие Гершеля от остальных: он сумел создать уникальный телескоп и лет на сор... show more

Another collection of examples and facts that allow us to conclude that the casting or molding of blocks, columns for buildings, the casting of sculptures in marble - in earlier times was quite a working technology.

However, recently one more opinion is becoming increasingly common, where it is said that all these products are a complete replica of 19th century in the falsification of history. This is too conspiratorial opinion even for me. Maybe something and forged, copied, but not completely all objects.
I propose to examine the accumulated facts.
On this subject there is a book by I. Sinelnikov “Artificial Marble”. I will not give the whole book (it can be easily found on the Internet), just a couple of pages in order to understand the principle of getting marble:
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А я честно говоря не очень то и понимаю роль нынешней Англии, слишком много "шума." Видеть это тоже дар.
На мой взгляд вот этот документ хорошо характерезует роль Англии в строительст... show more

Permanent climate change is normal. Global data about the past is falsified by the specific US national agency. National data do not show general warming. There is a constant change. But there is no verifiable data confirming constant global warming at the global level.
In addition, even the Floods, the disappearance and appearance of islands are normal. Try to learn information about Doggerland, friezes, dr. Velikovsky models.

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Two years ago, the East Sea (Baltic Sea) retreated from the coast near the city of Kaliningrad, the capital of Prussia. Russian residents were surprised by what they saw:
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#TheYoungTurks: Trump colluded with the Russians AFTER the Election

#CenkUygur is seriously spreading a #conspiracy-theory about #DonaldTrump using #TimeTravel to collude with the #Russians after the #Election to steal the election he won in the #Past!! xD

#NotTheOnion #rofl #humor #fun #lol #TYT #YoungTurks #CollusionDelusion #crazy #mental #deranged

Fans of Western European hegemony often resort to history (especially of ancient Rome) to justify their privileged position in relation to their colonies. Allegedly, all the fruits of civilization are their merit, and all other people for many years should be grateful to them for teaching all the others to count, write, take loans and fill out tax returns.
But the fact is that modern Western European history is falsified. First of all, extra 1000 years have been added to the efforts of Catholic party people from Goa to Western European history.

Поклонники Западно Европейской гегемонии часто прибегают к истории (особе... show more
Microfossils in calculus demonstrate consumption of plants and cooked foods in Neanderthal diets
Микровкрапления в зубном камне показывают потребление растений и приготовленной пищи в неандертальских диетах
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Stray Dog Joins Climbers On Dangerous Trek, Gets to the Top with Them, Sets Dog World Record


#Dogs are still cool.

New York Post:

A #stray-dog tagged along with a team of #mountaineers, following them up to the top of the 23,389-foot #peak in #Nepal’s #Himalayas
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National Institutes of Health - U.S. National Library of Medicine - The National Center for Biotechnology Information:
Adverse Effects of Pertussis and Rubella Vaccines: A Report of the Committee to Review the Adverse Consequences of Pertussis and Rubella Vaccines.
History of Suspected Association with Pertussis Vaccines

Among the earliest case reports suggesting a possible link between infantile spasms and pertussis immunization are those of Baird and Borofsky (1957). They described 24 children who had hypsarrhythmia and infantile myoclonic seizures and whose development prior to the onset of spasms was apparently normal. Nine cases of infantile spasms were reported to have occurred between 1 and 5 days after DPT vaccination. Three of these nine children also had a history of perinatal complications that the authors thought might have been related to a risk of infantile spasms. The authors also stated, on the basis of
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Woe to the Captives of This World

2/24/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Harken to My #Word, O #house of #Jacob, #listen to My #voice, all you captives of #Israel, and let all in the isles receive #understanding, for the #mouth of The Living God has spoken. Indeed let every #tribe, #... show more

Leo L. (Lev Lvovich - "Lion son of Lion") Berberoff (1914-1978) — the architect, the owner of the famous film lion actors.
Лев Львович Берберов (1914—1978) — архитектор, хозяин известных львов-киноартистов.
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Good stuff, Vladimir Mstislavovich would like it:
Soviet scientists tried for decades to network their nation. What stalemated them is now fracturing the global internet
как в Советском Союзе изобрели интернет и почему он не заработал
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Global late Quaternary megafauna extinctions linked to humans, not climate change
The late Quaternary megafauna extinction was a severe global-scale event. Two factors, climate change and modern humans, have received broad support as the primary drivers, but their absolute and relative importance remains controversial. To date, focus has been on the extinction chronology of individual or small groups of species, specific geographical regions or macroscale studies at very coarse geographical and taxonomic resolution, limiting the possibility of adequately testing the proposed hypotheses. We present, to our knowledge, the first global analysis of this extinction based on comprehensive country-level data on the geographical distribution of all large mammal species (more than or equal to 10 kg) that have gone globally or continentally extinct between the beginning of th
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When someone says “Free Tibet”, he wants the absolute power of lamas to be in this region again. 80 years ago, when the power of the Dalai Lama was unlimited in Tibet there were about 2,000 taxes.
Когда кто-то говорит «Свободный Тибет», он хочет, чтобы абсолютная власть лам снова оказалась в... show more

Dix types d'hominidés, détruits par un homo sapiens.
Ten kinds of hominids, destroyed by a homo sapiens.

Десять видов гоминид, уничтоженных гомо сапиенсом.
Zehn Arten von Hominiden, die vom Homo Sapiens zerstört wurden.
Δέκα είδη πρωτευόντων που καταστράφηκαν από ένα ορθολογικός άνθρωπος.
#hominid #past #primate #revision #time #traumaticexp #video

Austrian school, Viennese style (105 years ago, before the first world war):

Австрийская школа, Венский стиль (105 лет назад, перед первой мировой войной):

#austria #capitalism #conspiracy #germany #metaprogramming #past #property #revision #timespace #war #wien

- #Whispers from the #past: a #search for #beauty in #Australia's #suburbs – in #pictures
- #images #photos #foto #photo #photography #photograph #photographs #newsphotography #worldnews

The photographer Warren Kirk describes his new book Suburbia as part-social history, part-archaeology, part-storytelling. He has a simple desire to capture what he perceives to be beauty in the ordinary and commonplace. What better place to do that than where he spends most of his time – Australia’s suburbs

- #Whispers from the #past: a #search for #beauty in #Australia's #suburbs – in #pictures
- #images #photos #foto #photo #photography #photograph #photographs #newsphotography #worldnews

The photographer Warren Kirk describes his new book Suburbia as part-social history, part-archaeology, part-storytelling. He has a simple desire to capture what he perceives to be beauty in the ordinary and commonplace. What better place to do that than where he spends most of his time – Australia’s suburbs

Using #archaeology to #understand the #past, #present, #future of #climatechange
A photo from the tragic "Camp Fire," the most destructive wildfire in California history, shows a house burned down to its foundation. Such images are difficult to process, particularly with 86 people dead.

- #UrbanEye
- #Lost and #found: a glimpse of #Detroit's #past – in #pictures
- #images #photos #foto #photo #photography #photograph #photographs #newsphotography #worldnews

An exhibition of found photographs at the Detroit Institute of Arts from the 1960s to the 1970s provides a look a the city through the eyes of local photographers