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hoergen - 2019-04-18 05:58:28 GMT
BUZZZY! Multi-timbral Synthesizer Hands-On Demo
Buzzzy! is a 16 voice / 4 part digital USB & MIDI module with 4 synthesis engines and quality built-in effects.

Production of the BUZZZY! is being funded via a Kickstarter campaign.
BUZZZY! is priced around the Volca range, is smaller, and yet is four part multi-timbral, with a filter and space or delay effects per part, four different sound engines (Pulse virtual analog, FM, “Bitcrushed wave” and Noise, with up to 16 voice polyphony, and it sounds quite good too, especially for a digital synth.
#synthesizer #musicproduction

hoergen - 2019-04-17 22:21:30 GMT

Free Open Source Modular, Orac 2.0, Now For Organelle, Eurorack, Raspberry Pi
This video, via TheTechnobear, introduces Orac 2.0 – an open source modular system for the Organelle, Raspberry Pi and several Eurorack modules.

Orac is essentially an open source virtual studio that lets you create and save patches, using a wide variety of modules. Orac now runs not only on the Organelle (like 1.0), but also a Raspberry PI, and a couple of different Eurorack modules.

This video concentrates on the key features, there will be a couple of short videos covering how to use on a RaspberryPI and Eurorack modules.
#musicproduction #RaspberriPi #Eurorack #Modular #synthesizer

hoergen - 2019-04-17 22:11:36 GMT

Die beste Audioschnittstelle für Recording, TB3, USB3 oder USB4?
Die beste Audioschnittstelle, Thunderbolt oder USB?

Im Jahr 2011 berichteten wir erstmals über Thunderbolt (zum Bericht hier klicken). Seither hat sich die Schnittstellenverwirrung eher vergrößert, was nicht zuletzt an der Entwicklung von USB lag.

Doch die Konkurrenz USB vs Thunderbolt neigt sich dem Ende zu und es werden zukünftig nur noch USB-C-Verbindungen übrigbleiben. Die einzige verbleibende Frage wird sein: Wie schnell darf’s denn sein?
#musicproduction #interfaces #audio

Interesting project, open source music:

Note that this isn't just free recordings, but MIDI-style files with individual notes and tracks in a form that can be copied and remixed 👍

It is the source code of music :blobaww:

(via @pendragon )

#Music #Musical #OpenSource #MusicProduction #Audio

Bild/Fotoswitchingsocial wrote the following post Thu, 11 Apr 2019 14:38:03 +0200

Interesting project, open source music:

Note that this isn't just free recordings, but MIDI-style files with individual notes and tracks in a form that can be copied and remixed 👍

It is the source code of music :blobaww:

(via @pendragon )

#Music #Musical #OpenSource #MusicProduction #Audio


Superbooth Announces 2019 Concert Program Lineup

hoergen - 2019-04-01 04:34:32 GMT
Superbooth organizers have announced details of their programming for their 2019 event.

Superbooth 2019, being held May 9-11 in Berlin, is a trade fair for electronic musical instruments and festival for electronic music culture.

The event will features a variety of artists:
#Superbooth2019 #Berlin #musicproduction #music #exhibition

hoergen - 2019-03-27 12:56:02 GMT
What is Ardour?
Ardour is an open-source DAW for Linux, Mac and Windows. This video is meant as a quick overview of what Ardour is and what it offers.

and also checkout unfas channel

#musicproduction #opensource #ardour #linux #tutorial #overview

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Continuum Fingerboard, LinnStrument, Seaboard Rise – Expressive instruments
Together with The Tuesday Night Machines and a representative from Roli, we had a chat about 3 different expressive instruments. The Continuum Fingerboard by Haken Audio, with its integrated synth engine the Eagan Matrix. The LinnStrument by Roger Linn, an expressive controller with an alternative note layout. And the Seaboard Rise by Roli, with its signature bumpy soft keyboard.

Seaboard Rise:

#MPE #Midi #Controler #musicproduction


Making Virtual Instruments & Effects S01E01

Making a Simple Synthesizer with MobMuPlat &Pure Data

#musicproduction #android #puredata #mobmuplat #app #art

hoergen - 2019-03-04 07:28:41 GMT
OTTO ist eine open-source Groovebox inspiriert am OP-1 Synthesizer

Do-It-Yourself OP-1 Synthesizer

Für viel Wirbel sorgte die Wiedereinführung und Preiserhöhung des Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer in den letzten Wochen. So stieg der Preis dieses Instrumentes um mehr als 50 % an. Die Folge kann man sich denken: Nur noch die komplett Überzeugten sind bereit, den höheren Betrag auf den Tisch zu blättern. Für jeden, der aber in den Genuss eines OP-1 ähnlichen Synthesizers kommen möchte, gibt es nun neben dem OP-Z auch den OTTO, nein nicht eine synthetische Version des Comedian aus Ostfriesland.

Synthesizer #sequencer #Musicproduction #OpenSource #OSS #Hardware

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The members of KDE Spain will be live streaming their podcast tonight at 22:30 CET (UTC +1). The topic is "KDE and Musical Software" and will have as special guest Paco Vila, main Spanish translator of the Lilypond documentation.


#musicproduction #Linux #KDE

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Web-based Downrush - no FlashAir needed! Or installation!
The latest fashion in Downrush is web-based hosting. The first product to be web-based is Midian. All you have to do to use Midian stand-alone is to go to this web page

Deluge #Synthstrom #Downrush #Midi #musicproduction


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New Downrush with Midian
Midian lets you import Midi into the Deluge

You need a Wifi SDCard like Toshiba FlashAir to use this software.

Deluge #Synthstrom #Downrush #FlashAir #Musicproduction


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Komplete Start: Kostenlose Software-Instrumente von Native Instruments

Native Instruments will im Februar eine kostenlose Version seiner Komplete-Sammlung veröffentlichen. Komplete Start umfasst sechs Software-Synthesizer, neun Sample-Instrumente sowie zwei Effekt-Plugins für gängige Musik-Programme. Zugehörige Patches liefern auf Knopfdruck über 2000 Klangfarben, in denen man bequem mit der beiliegenden Software Komplete Kontrol browsen kann. Rund 1500 weitere Samples und Loops runden das Paket ab. Komplete Kontrol kann die zugehörigen Klangparameter auf passende Keyboards von Native Instruments mappen, arbeitet aber auch mit MIDI-Controllern anderer Hersteller zusammen.
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Der NAMM Studio & Software Report 2019 - Studio Highlights in der Übersicht
Damit ihr euch nicht durch alle einzelnen News klicken müsst, haben wir für euch die Highlights zusammengefasst. Los geht es mit A wie …
Der NAMM Studio & Software Report 2019 -
#NAMM #musicproduction #news

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Midi Sprout + Synthstrom Deluge
A fun experiment: My monstera deliciosa plant is playing my Deluge, via a Midi Sprout 😀 Some generative ambient meditation music in collaboration with this fellow organism.

#Deluge #Synthstrom #Plant #Pflanzen #Midi #Music #Musicproduction

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Many eBooks about computer music
Humble Book Bundle: Computer Music by MIT Press
#eBook #Music #musicproduction #musictheory

Hi, I'm #newhere. I like #photography (particularly #streetphotography) #musicproduction #videoproduction and #technology.

Like most of the recent influx, I'm a #googleplusrefugee and as well as posting on the above topics, I also post curated articles on #science #medicine #health #music #environment #globalwarming #psychology #artsandcrafts and just general #interesting stuff.

To all Plussers who knew me, it's really good to meet up with you here. And to all Diaspora folk, it's great to meet you and I look forward to interacting with you. A special thanks to @David Thiery and @Di Cleverly for creating the pluspora pod.



does this image make your head hurt? i think maybe it should. no modular system should be so inefficient these days.

I really miss talking synthesis and sound design.
I'd speak it more often, but where to even go from here?
One interesting thing I've taken from my approaches to the XPCT synthesis system is I really have no set ideal signal system any more. There's some tendencies I seem to be developing, but as stands, it's like I just build systems up to occasion and those systems vary all the time.

Some of the consistencies I seem to be developing however:
I. A super appreciation of Roland's "partial" approach. That is to say, I tend to keep at least two sections for sound development available at about all times. An area for just transient development, and anoth... show more


New A23P album HIA now also with bonus video:

all album contents are Create of Commons share alike
Mix It, Flip It, Split It, Twist It, Shift It, Excellent It, Throw It Out
At Times Can Be It's All About :) <3
A23P HIA 04 NotI
personal creative process thoughts on song 04 "NotI":
when looking at sound as just a (digital) frequency particle space.....
a point model of view i've found convenient for "sample" based (dsp) synthesis sound design approaches...
particularly when able to maintain some sort of interesting "formant" model(s) on "grains" (individual particles in fr... show more