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Отличие Гершеля от остальных: он сумел создать уникальный телескоп и лет на сор... show more

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Западная общественность «не знает» или «не хочет знать»?
Западная общественность «не знает» ил... show more
Western Public “Does Not Know”, or “Does Not Want to Know”?
Западная общественность «не знает» или «не хочет знать»?
We are living in an age when Western propaganda has become truly intense, even surreal. It always has been, of course, but now those who are producing it, have lost all their respect for the public. It is almost as if the propagandists were laughing amongst themselves, pointing fingers down at the masses, from some lavish office, located on a high floor of a skyscraper: “They have no brains. And a
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Fans of Western European hegemony often resort to history (especially of ancient Rome) to justify their privileged position in relation to their colonies. Allegedly, all the fruits of civilization are their merit, and all other people for many years should be grateful to them for teaching all the others to count, write, take loans and fill out tax returns.
But the fact is that modern Western European history is falsified. First of all, extra 1000 years have been added to the efforts of Catholic party people from Goa to Western European history.

Поклонники Западно Европейской гегемонии часто прибегают к истории (особе... show more

Посмотрите на эту статью:Абстрактный_экспрессионизм
Ничего особенного, всё что з... show more

The Chimpanzee that can remember numbers faster than you: Primate can solve puzzle in the blink of an eye
Ayumu the chimp can remember the location and order of a set of numbers in less time than it takes the average human to blink
Ayumu the chimp can solve the puzzle in 60 milliseconds, at Kyoto University, Japan
Ayumu is no stranger to British TV screens however and was also featured in a Channel Five programme called Extraordinary Animals in 2008.
In that show the male chimp, then aged seven, took on British memory champion Ben Pridmore in a series of contests, and beat him easily.
Шимпанзе, который может запомнить ци... show more

Some examples of ancient objects with the armature. What in the history of the ancient world - should not be.
In the era of the Bronze Age there were no iron products in use. Iron allegedly could not yet smelted from ore. Although, according to the artisanal technology, iron smelting is not more difficult than copper smelting and obtaining bronze. But how to explain not only iron elements, but also iron profiled reinforcement in ancient buildings?
Use - for more photos and info

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@Emmanuel Florac
Saying that the chemical attacks on Ghouta didn't happen isn't supporting Bashar al Assad. Etc.

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Related to previous post about Syria. 6 years ago:
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Cognitive documentary about the history of the origins of planned obsolescence.
Documentaire cognitif sur l'histoire de l'origine de l'obsolescence programmée.
Kognitive Dokumentarfilm über die Entstehungsgeschichte geplanter Obsoleszenz.
Documental cognitivo sobre la historia del origen de la obsolescencia planificada.
Познавательный документальный фильм об истории происхождения запланированного устаревания.
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A habit obscene and unsavory
holds the Bishop of Boston in slavery
midst hootings and howls
he deflowers young owls
which he keeps in an underground aviary.

-- John Steinbeck

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PDF of the New, Improved Version of Goetia Discordia

A couple years ago or so, our dear friend and fellow Discordian, Roldo, gave us the OK to post a PDF of Goetia Discordia: Kerry Thornley’s Illustrated Book of the Demons of the Region of Thud, a Thornley-Roldo collaboration from … [Continue reading →](http://historiadiscordia.c... show more
OpenAI Guards Its ML Model Code & Data to Thwart Malicious Usage
OpenAI should now change their name to ClosedAI

It seems that OpenAI wants to monopolize similar technology, as the US government plans to do with a number of other technologies in relation to the rest of the world.

Has anyone heard of decentralized projects using OpenAI code that gradually accumulate language experience for general functional chat bot in common use? show more

Related to previous post about Syria. 6 years ago:" target="_blank">
The situation in Syria is still in the focus of world media. Experts predict another U.S. aggression for “human rights”. Washington regularly declares its readiness to attack Syria. The official version – to punis
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They say the trolls may have contributed to the 2018 outbreak of measles in Europe that killed 72 people and infected more than 82,000 -- mostly in Eastern and Southeastern European countries known to have been targeted by Russia-based disinformation campaigns.
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Reminder - whenever you see a post comment from the russiandiaspora delete and block them. They are the loathsome scum that were thrown out of the other pods for hate speech and worse. If everyone on a pod ignores them than NO ONE will see their filth, Smother their hate with silence.
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Продюсер BBC признал постановочными сцены после химатаки в Сирии
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Lhamo Dhondrub (known as Dalai Lama XIV) is a longtime CIA agent:
Лхамо Дхондруб (известный как Далай-лама XIV) давний агент ЦРУ:
WASHINGTON — For much of the 1960s, the CIA provided the Tibetan exile movement with $1.7 million a year for operations against China, including an annual subsidy of $180,000 for the Dalai Lama, according to newly released U.S. intelligence documents.

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Фармацевтическая компания создала огромную сеть фальшивых больных раком пациентов, чтобы подкупать врачей для выписывания её рецептов... show more

Austrian school, Viennese style (105 years ago, before the first world war):

Австрийская школа, Венский стиль (105 лет назад, перед первой мировой войной):

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Chimpanzees in West Africa have been spotted banging and throwing rocks against trees and throwing them into gaps inside, leading to piles of rocks. Those rocks do not appear to be for any functional purpose — and might be an example of an early version of ritual behaviour.
The discovery might help researchers learn more about the basis of human religion and rituals, and how such activities formed in our own history.
The scientist described seeing the behaviour through cameras that were set up to watch the chimpanzees. They saw them assembling piles of stones — of a similar kind of the ritual cairns that have been found
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Если клиентская часть открыта, а серверная закрыта, очевидно, что это не делает само программное обеспечение открытым. Но рекламная кампания мессенджера телеграм поче... show more