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Looks like I'm going to have to transfer my Wordpress site from Mariadb to MySQL. It seems as though MariaDB still lacks the GIS function ST_Distance_Sphere() which I'm going to need for future work. #mariadb #mysql

Looks like I'm going to have to transfer my Wordpress site from Mariadb to MySQL. It seems as though MariaDB still lacks the GIS function ST_Distance_Sphere() which I'm going to need for future work. #mariadb #mysql

So having #MariaDB in a container is really strange to manage. I had before issue in reason of memory limit and today my container has been corrupted and I had to recreate it. Fortunately data was in a separate volume. I never had things like that with #postgresql

There will be some downtime today as we attempt to migrate the database from MariaDB to Postgresql to improve performance. Thanks for your patience.

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MariaDB startup chush

I'm not sure what else to try. Every time I get this lousy mariadb crush on my server startup. Like every time I reboot - mariadb crushes. Then some timeout expires, the system boots degraded, i simply start mariadb and it works like nothing had happened. Restarting it doesnt cause this trouble, it doesn't crush for months but every time i reboot the server it down.
I tried to do those table checkups, restore, optimize but nothing seems to change it. It doesnt bother me much but it doesn't seem right.

Does anyone have any idea what can posibly go wrong there?

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Will I have Error 500 tomorrow because of memory consumption of my #mariadb container ?


My #friendica instance is still crashing in reason of my 2GB of RAM.

But it looks like it is a common issue on #mariadb container. I am trying to fix memory constraints to avoid this with :

`docker update -m 500M --memory-swap 500M friendicadb`

Hope it will work !

The other option is to pop an ARM server with more resources but unfortunately friendica server image is not yet compatible.

!Friendica Admins

OK, it is back up and running again, it now needs 8 MB more ram than before, so it is up to 274 MB for #Linux, #MariaDB and #gitea in total.


MariaDB CEO accuses large cloud vendors of strip-mining open source

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For MariaDB, it’s time to put the pieces together

#mariadb #pieces #put #time #together

Datenbank: MariaDB geht mit neuem Enterprise-Angebot an den Start #Datenbank #MariaDB

MySQL-Fork: MariaDB kündigt Enterprise-Server an #MariaDB #Datenbank #Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung #Linux #MySQL #SQL #Server-Applikationen #Unternehmenssoftware #Server #Applikationen

Datenbank: MariaDB geht mit neuem Enterprise-Angebot an den Start #Datenbank #MariaDB

Datenbank: MariaDB geht mit neuem Enterprise-Angebot an den Start #Datenbank #MariaDB


MariaDB readies new enterprise server

#enterprise #mariadb #new #readies #server

Just doing a bit of reading at the moment on Mariadb transactional isolation levels, and wondered what the recommended choice is for a Friendica system? It seems that most popular database systems are set to READ COMMITED by default, but not mysql which is set to READ REPEATABLE.

#friendica #mysql #mariadb



Meine Hubzilla VM verlangsamt mein ganzes System. Eigentlich ist es die Hubzilla Datenbank. Meine Festplatte ist die ganze Zeit beschäftigt und der io wait daher immer über 50%.
Mysql tunen hat auch nichts gebracht.
Am Anfang lief alles gut mit 256-512MB Ram. Jetzt werden teilweise schon über 2GB gebraucht und alles läuft wie ein Sack Nüße.
Ich werde wohl die VM noch mal aufsetzen und dieses mal eine Postgres DB nehmen.
Hat jemand mit Hubzilla und Postgres erfahrung? (Anleitung oder Tipps?)

#Hubzilla #DB #Postgres #Mariadb #Mysql

!Friendica Support

I get this #MariaDB / #MySQL faults in the applications log:
mysqld[446]: 2019-02-07 12:12:30 65844 [Warning]Aborted connection 65844 to db: 'friendica' user: 'friendica' host: 'localhost' (Got an error writing communication packets)

I would like to find out the reason for this warning and found that it is one of this possibilities:
In this case, MySQL increments the status counter for Aborted_clients, which could mean:

The client connected successfully but terminated improperly (and may relate to not closing the connection properly)
The client slept for longer than the defined wait_timeout or interactive_timeout seconds (which ends up causing the connection to sleep for wait_timeout seconds and then the connection gets forcibly closed by the MySQL server)
The client terminated abnormally or exceeded the max_allowed_packet for queries

According to:

Does #Friendica write anything in the log and if so, how can I find these snipplets?

Any of the !Friendica Admins using this:
mariabackup --compress --backup --target-dir /var/backup --databases=friendica

It worked pretty well for the backup part, but I did not test to restore.

Anyone using this?

#Friendica #Backup #MariaDB #Linux

Datenbank: Lange bekannte MySQL-Lücke führt zu Angriffen #MySQL #Datenbank #Datensicherheit #Magento #Malware #MariaDB #PHP #Programmiersprache #Server-Applikationen #Sicherheitslücke

MariaDB Platform X3 vereint transaktionale und spaltenorientierte Datenbank #Datenanalyse #MariaDB #OLTP #spaltenorientierteTabellen

Since the last git pull on the Friendica rc a couple of days ago, the CPU usage of MariaDB seems to have rocketed and I'm regularly getting high load warnings. It should be said that I hadn't done a pull for a few weeks before that. Whatever it's doing, I thought it might have settled down by now.... are there any checks I can make or actions to take? @Friendica Support #friendica #mariadb

#Pixelfed does not support #MariaDB yet? I thought MariaDB is compatible to #MySQL?


Podmins, which database are you running? Please answer the poll below.

PostgreSQL is faster than MariaDB / MySQL although it uses a bit more memory.
The current diaspora* code base could be improved to reach better performance. Some queries could be optimized, but it's harder to do it with two database engines maintained at the same time. So I'm wondering what would be the impact on the community if diaspora* stops supporting MySQL. Of course, this would come with a detailed migration guide and plenty of time to upgrade, with full support of the community. Remember: this is just a poll to know your opinion, no decision has been taken at the moment.

#diaspora #podmin #podmins #diaspora-dev #mysql #mariadb #postgresql


Datenbank Kompression

Ich hatte die letzten Tage gezeigt, dass es möglich ist eine Datenbank Kompression bei Mysql / MariaDB einzuschalten.
Damit bleibt die Datenbank schön klein aber wie es aussieht wird die CPU stärker belastet als gedacht.
Achso und natürlich werden die Schreib/Lese Zugriffe geringer, da weniger Daten geschrieben / gelesen werden müssen.
Eure SSD wird es auch danken 😛

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MySQL oder MariaDB

In kürze wechsle ich auf einen neuen Server. Im Moment mache ich mir Gedanken über die Datenbank. Ich betreibe neben Friendica noch einige Webseiten mit Joomla und WordPress. Bis jetzt habe ich #mysql eingesetzt. Vermehrt höre und lese ich, dass viele auf #mariadb wechseln. Lohnt sich das? Verändert sich da grossartig etwas bei der Administration? Was sind eure Meinungen und Erfahrungen? Vor allem auf #Friendica bezogen?

@Friendica Admins

!Friendica Support

Ich spiele gerade mit einer eingenen Instanz unter #Raspbian rum. Der #Apache läuft und #MariaDB und #PHP7 sind installiert.

Das hier verläuft auch fehlerfrei:
pi@j11:/var/www/html $ sudo git clone friendica
pi@j11:/var/www/html $ cd friendica/
pi@j11:/var/www/html/friendica $ sudo git clone addon

Aber beim ersten Zugriff via http gibt's Fehlermeldungen:
[Thu Jul 26 15:45:50.566652 2018] [:error] [pid 11791] [client] PHP Warning:  require_once(/v
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