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Votre Europe. Votre vote. Vos outils.

Mozilla propose un blog très utile traitant de toutes sortes de sujets d'importance concernant nos #droitsfondamentaux dans le #cyberespace. Les billets portent sur le #tracking ou #pistage publicitaire, la #manipulation en ligne, les #extensions permettant de limiter le caractère invasif de certains outils publicitaires, etc.

En gros, ce sont des ressources vraiment très utiles pour favoriser le respect de vos #droitshumains dans le #numérique.

All Lies About Global Warming DEBUNKED in One Article....Everything you’ve been told about global warming, climate change and carbon dioxide by the mainstream media — and mainstream “science” — is an outright lie. Far from being a dangerous poison, carbon dioxide is a miraculous life-giving nutrient that plants need to thrive.
#Global Warming #climate #carbon dioxide #science meterology #conspiracy #msm #manipulation #disinformation

At least 40 members of the White Helmets organization have admitted during recent interviews that they staged chemical attacks in Syria to provoke retaliation against President Bashar Assad, Foundation for the Study of Democracy Director Maxim Grigoriev said on Thursday as he unveiled the results of a new study at the UN.
"We have interviewed … 40 members of the White Helmets, including those from Douma, who provided a detailed description of their methods commonly used by their organization to fake scenes,” Grigoriev said.
The foundation conducted a fact-finding mission in Syria and located both White Helmets members and dozens of other people who participated in the staged attacks, Grigoriev said.
“Those people told us in detail how they had to participate in the staging for few dollars to buy some food for their families,” he said.
READ MORE: White Helmets Preparing New Provocations in Syria — Russian Envoy to UN

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WaPo Says Anti-Vaxxers Are Dangerous Should be Arrested by Jeffrey Dach MD....
You may have noticed a recent article in the Washington Post by Juliette N. Kayyem entitled, “Anti-vaxxers are dangerous. Make them face isolation, fines, arrests.“(1)
My initial reaction was the article must have been written by a moron.However,my opinion changed when I discovered the author, Ms. Kayyem, graduated Harvard law school in 1995.So,it appears this article is a carefully crafted piece of pro-vaccine industry propaganda.In other words,a large pile of nonsense and misinformation masquerading as authoritative information.Propaganda pieces typically contain nonsense and blatant lies.That’s OK because the “Big Lie” becomes believable if repeated often enough. (Who Said That?).Let’s take a look at the main point and the most glaring falsehood in the article: “Anti-Vaxxers Are Dangerous.”
What is an Anti-Vaxxer ?
The catch word, “anti-vaxxer” has become popular in the vaccine industry propaganda machine as a pej
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Dr. William Happer, professor of physics at Princeton University, summarizes his arguments about the myth of carbon pollution. It's that myth that underlies global warming alarmists' key arguments. Happer offered these comments during a Sept. 8, 2014, speech for the John Locke Foundation's Shaftesbury Society.
#carbon #pollution #myth #global warming #Happer #climate #meterology #science #physics #video #conspiracy #manipulation #disinformation

Don't you just wish!
#ad #manipulation featuring #Loki!

Climate Disruption Is Not Due to CO2....Interview with Claudia Von Werlhof on Geoengineering, HAARP, 5G....Professor Claudia von Werlhof wrote to Greta Thunberg. In this letter Von Werlhof tells that the disruption of the global climate is not due to CO2.
Following questions arose from this letter for Silvia Terribili, who asked von Werlhof to give an interview for her radio show Onda Italiana on, April 9th.

#Climate #CO2 #Geoengineering #HAARP #5G #Werlhof #Thunberg #Podcast #radio #science #meterology
#conspiracy #manipulation #audio #text #disinformation
Climate Disruption Is Not Due to CO2

Global Research: Climate Disruption Is Not Due to CO2 - Global Research (Prof. Claudia von Werlhof)


News | Tagesschau: Industrie und Lobbyismus - Gekaufte Agarpolitik?

Wie nachhaltig, wie preiswert soll unsere Landwirtschaft sein? In Brüssel wird derzeit darüber verhandelt. Ein Blick auf die deutsche Agrarpolitik zeigt, dass der Verbraucher nicht die Nummer Eins ist.

Seit Jahren blockie
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News | Tagesschau: Industrie und Lobbyismus - Gekaufte Agarpolitik?

Wie nachhaltig, wie preiswert soll unsere Landwirtschaft sein? In Brüssel wird derzeit darüber verhandelt. Ein Blick auf die deutsche Agrarpolitik zeigt, dass der Verbraucher nicht die Nummer Eins ist.

Seit Jahren blockieren führende Agrarpolitiker jeglichen Fortschritt hin zu einer naturverträglicheren Landwirtschaft. Das haben Recherchen des SWR basierend auf Daten der Universität Bremen ergeben. Den Auswertungen zufolge stimmen Agrarpolitiker an entscheidender Stelle, zum Beispiel im Agrarausschuss, bis in kleine Details hinein zugunsten der Industrieinteressen. Bei genauerer Betrachtung sind engste Verflechtungen zwischen Großbetrieben der Agrarwirtschaft, Verbänden und Ernährungsindustrie zu finden...

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Russiagate.How CN Covered the ‘Scandal’: No. 7: ‘Russiagate Is No Watergate or Iran-Contra’....
Russia-gate,the sprawling investigation into whether Russia meddled in last year’s U.S. election,is often compared to the two big political scandals of the latter half of the Twentieth Century,Watergate and Iran-Contra.Sometimes you even hear that Russia-gate is “bigger than Watergate.”
The bugged phone from the Watergate office of Democratic Party official Spencer Oliver.Placed on the phone during a May 1972 break-in,the bug was the only device that worked.A second break-in on June 17. 1972, led to the capture of Richard Nixon’s Watergate burglars.
Yet what is perhaps most remarkable about those two Twentieth Century scandals is how little Official Washington really understands them,and how these earlier scandals significantly contrast,rather than compare, with what is unfolding now.
Although the historical record is still incomplete on Watergate and Iran-Contra,the available evidence indicates that both scandals origi
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Facebook will zur Europawahl für mehr Transparenz bei politischer Werbung in der EU sorgen. Jeder, der Werbung mit politischen Inhalten schalten will, muss seine Identität und seinen Standort angeben. Auch Google hat bereits angekündigt seine Regeln zu verschärfen. Aber was bringt das tatsächlich? #AktuelleStunde #26042019 #WDRFernsehen #Facebook #Google #Manipulation

Nation state....The official narrative of nation states is that they represent independent political entities. Most of these claim to be "democratic" and that they seek to influence world events so as to promote the welfare of the citizens of that country. These 'democracies' represent the will of their electorates.
Most "democratic" states use a hierarchical system of representative democracy in which the involvement of citizens is limited to a vote every few years. In many, the party political structure has been infiltrated (or even set up) by the deep state, and so is in no way responsive to the desire of the electorate.
Although some nation states are independent actors,the importance of national governments is systematically overstated by the commercially-controlled media,which is keen to obscure the role played by deep state groups. John Perkins, for example, has written about the systematic policy of removing national leaders who refused to submit to foreign control. [1]The result is that many nominally "independent" nations are in reality controlled by sma... show more

Wikipedia has major problems in the area of deep politics.Reading between the li(n)es is needed to get the most from Wikipedia.This page details some of the key problems and strategies to overcome them.
In 2013 Jimmy Wales stated that "the biggest issue is editor diversity".This may be just a symptom of Wikipedia's establishment-friendly policies.Their policies about "notability" and "reliable sources" effectively muzzle Wikipedia's potential to speak truth to power by reducing it to a mere on-line extension of the Operation Mockingbird controlled pro-establishment media.Specifically:
Certain truths are unwelcome to the the powers that be - i.e. those that contradict the official narrative of the existing power structures.The more unwelcome such truths, the more Wikipedia articles pertaining to them will tend to be compromised by agents of those structures.For the most threatening topics, Wikipedia's "reliable sources" policy pretty much guarantees that the compromise will be fundamental.
Wikipedia's articles on MKULTRA,for example, although appearing decidedly
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Wikispooks is an open licensed, open source encyclopedia of deep politics.This whole site is freely downloadable.Our 648 registered editors have made 19,149 pages (9,515 people, 2,593 groups, 836 events...) supplemented by 1,570 third party documents....
Wikispooks was established in 2010 as a collaborative space for the joint re-examination of recent history. [2]We research people and groups not subject to proper scrutiny by corporate media and as such, poorly treated by Wikipedia. Wikispooks is particularly focused on those official narratives which do not seem to fit the facts, such as the 9/11 event and concepts such as the "war on terror" or the "war on drugs".
We are an open source wiki,so unlike Wikipedia all changes to pages are recorded and publicly available. Wikispooks has no bias towards commercially-controlled media or such other establishment institutions - sources are welcomed to the extent that they help shed light on the murky business of deep politics, which by design aims to be difficult to fathom. As a 100% volunteer project, Wikispooks is not beho
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Médiatiser l’apocalypse : retour critique sur la couverture de l'incendie de Notre-Dame de Paris

#notredame #paris #incendie #médias #manipulation #pensée-unique

The Martyrdom of Julian Assange....
The arrest Thursday of Julian Assange eviscerates all pretense of the rule of law and the rights of a free press. The illegalities, embraced by the Ecuadorian, British and U.S. governments, in the seizure of Assange are ominous. They presage a world where the internal workings, abuses, corruption, lies and crimes, especially war crimes, carried out by corporate states and the global ruling elite will be masked from the public. They presage a world where those with the courage and integrity to expose the misuse of power will be hunted down, tortured, subjected to sham trials and given lifetime prison terms in solitary confinement. They presage an Orwellian dystopia where news is replaced with propaganda, trivia and entertainment. The arrest of Assange, I fear, marks the official beginning of the corporate totalitarianism that will define our lives.
Under what ... show more

We should BOYCOTT products from BRITAIN, AMERICA etc. Don't have HOLIDAYS there either, also the same for ISRAEL.

I thought you'd all like to know that due to the arrest and removal of asylum, J. Assanage has released all the WikiLeaks files as he had threatened to do if he was ever arrested.

If you are curious about current events, or other such interesting topics the directories are arranged by topic.
Check it out its an interest piece of history, if current events and history interest any of you. Its such a large data release I couldn't help but pass on what is going on.

** DC Masonic Lodge's Cipher code book is there as a PDF**


This discovery (of the importance and implications of Dirac Sea tickling) appears to have been already known to Dirac himself in 1930. I have merely rediscovered something that Dirac already knew 80 years ago. He and Schrodinger were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in 1933, and one year later the Control Groups (having realized that Dirac's use of negative energy made possible this direct engineering of physical reality) brutally and arbitrarily tore negative energy out of Dirac's theory of everything, changing it to a "theory of the electron" and arbitrarily changing all the physics textbooks accordingly.

Today there is a determined and strong movement by some very good physicists (led by Dr. Daniel Solomon, Dean of the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of North Carolina State University). They have placed strong and rigorous papers in the leading physics journals, pointing out what a grave mistake was made in this arbitrary removal of negative energy in 1930.
As Hotson stated:

_ "I think if one had to point to a... show more

Climate Engineering,Microwave Transmissions,And The April Nor’easter....Extremely powerful ground based microwave transmission facilities are being used in conjunction with the ongoing atmospheric aerosol spraying operations to completely manipulate Earth’s climate systems. The planet’s former weather equilibrium has long since been completely derailed, natural weather is no more. This 2+ minute video clearly reveals extreme microwave transmission manipulation of the “Nor'easter” that just produced the latest engineered cool-down of the Eastern US.
The ongoing official denial of global climate engineering operations is beyond criminal.Exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity is the great imperative of our time.All of us are needed in this battle,share credible data from a credible source,make your voice heard.

#Microwave #aerosol #geoengineering #weather #conspiracy #manipulation #science #technology

Consortium News’ Record on Russia-gate—How CN Covered the ‘Scandal’: No. 4—‘The Democratic Money Behind Russia-gate’....
Consortium News’ Record on Russia-gate—How CN Covered the ‘Scandal’: No. 4—‘The Democratic Money Behind Russia-gate’


Huit ans après : la « printanisation » de l’ #Algérie

#révolution-orange #printemps-arabe #Étasunis #impérialisme #manipulation #Algérie #Maghreb #Syrie #Égypte #Tunisie #Libye #Yougoslavie #Ukraine #Irak

Gehackte Behörden-Telefone sorgen für 188.000 Euro Schaden #Hacking #Manipulation #Niedersachsen #Osnabrück #Staatsanwaltschaft #Telefone


So I Got A Letter From The RCMP About The Mosque Shooting…You WON'T BELIEVE What They Have To Say!!

Breaking News in regards to the Alexandre Bissonnette mosque shooting case…It’s been well over two years since 6 men were killed and nineteen others were injured in Canada’s deadliest mosque shooting to date at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City. Since then, the term “Islamaphobia” has been widely accepted as a reality in Canada and so called “far right” individuals and groups are being banned from social media and other online services. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks the news that the RCMP is claiming that they are unable to locate the cctv footage that would reveal the truth about whether or not Bissonnette acted alone or not. Are they completely incompetent or are they lying and either way, can we really trust them anymore? show more

Instagram Photo by kicker (@kicker) | WEBSTAGRAM #kicker #fussball #dfbpokal #pokal #fußball #hamburgersv #hsv #hamburg #scpaderborn #paderborn #SCPHSV #hoyzer #skandal #manipulation #spielmanipulation #barbarez #sergejbarbarez

How CN Covered the ‘Scandal’: No. 3—‘The Tangled Threads of Russia-gate’.... Once a Washington groupthink takes hold, as it has in the fervent belief about Russia-gate, respect for facts and logic fly out the window since all these important people can’t be wrong, wrote Robert Parry on Dec. 5, 2017.A curious feature about the Russia-gate “scandal” is that its proponents ignore the growing number of moments when their evidence undercuts their narrative. Instead, they press ahead toward a predetermined destination in much the way that true-believing conspiracy theorists are known to do.
#Russia-gate #Washington #conspiracy #politics #USA #scandal #manipulation #russia #trump #Putin
Consortium News’ Record on Russia-gate—How CN Covered the ‘Scandal’: No. 3—‘The Tangled Threads of Russia-gate’

I don't usually make these kind of predictions, and I really hope this turns out to be wrong. So hear me out, because I think this needs to be said, and getting this out now could be a sort of "information inoculation" in case they really do decide to go ahead and attempt something like this.


So as many of you may know, this is an election year here in Canada. In October we again go to the polls, and Trudeau is suffering his lowest popularity ever. At least domestically. The whole SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal is mostly out of the news cycle now but is still fresh in people's minds. Honestly I don't even think most Canadians fully understand what exactly it was all about, but I noticed it didn't stop them from using it as a jump off point to express their... show more

Scientists' unethical use of media for propaganda purposes...This web page is intended to draw the attention of scientists,the media,and the public to a problem that,while being very familiar to some, is probably unknown to the majority of visitors to this web page.Propagandising of the kind described in the following bypasses the normal carefully considered processes of science,and may well create a distorted impression in the mind of the unsuspecting reader or viewer.The following account of a not untypical case concludes with recommendations for the media.
#Scientist #unethical #media #propaganda #CONSPIRACY #MANIPULATION

Als Schiri Robert Hoyzer den HSV "verpfiff" #NDRInfo #Skandal #Paderborn #Fußball #DFB-Pokal #HSV #RobertHoyzer #Manipulation #Betrug #HamburgerSV

The #Messedup origins of most disney characters involves #darker mentality and thoughts , #depression, #suicidal thoughts, #sexual deviance, #rape, #torture, #devil horned peter pan, #manipulation, #... show more

Sugar Papers Expose Industry Plot to Frame Fat for Heart Disease.... Researchers at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) have uncovered long-hidden truths that manufacturers of sugary foodstuffs would prefer us to ignore. An analysis of internal sugar industry documents has exposed what executives really knew about the health hazards of sugar and their unscrupulous plans to get it down our throats at any cost.
In an article titled "Sugar Industry and Coronary Heart Disease Research: A Historical Analysis of Internal Industry Documents,"authors Stanton Glantz, Laura Schmidt, and Cristin Kearns expose how sugar industry execs buried the truth about the risks of sugar consumption in an effort to push their product on an unsuspecting public.

#Sugar Papers #Industry #Plot #... show more

This lecture reveals that she now understands that the bigger picture involves the Mantis ETs and their artificial #reincarnation #system and their #manipulation of us as #spiritual beings.
Linda Moulton Howe and Taxonomy of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs)

Versuchte Manipulation bei Oberliga-Spiel #Fußball #Oberliga #Spielerberater #Malchow #Neustrelitz #Manipulation #NDR #NorddeutscherRundfunk #Norddeutschland #Radio

Das Online-Lexikon Wikipedia feiert seinen 20. Geburtstag. Doch Zweifel mehren sich, Inhalte veralten und die Zahl der Autoren hat sich binnen zehn Jahren halbiert. Was ist da los?
SWR2 Forum: Veraltet, manipulativ, fehlerhaft – Ist Wikipedia noch zu trauen? | Forum | SWR2
#Gespräch #Veraltet #Diskussion #Interview #Online #Forum #Talk #Enzyklopädie #Fehlerhaft #Wikipedia #Lexikon #Expertengespräch #Wissen #Manipulation

Malchow: Manipulationsversuch beschäftigt DFB #Spielmanipulation #Manipulation #Fußball #Oberliga-Nord #MalchowerSV90 #TSGNeustrelitz #NOFV #Sportwetten #Wettbetrug #SvenLange

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