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Scientists have successfully created water existing under extreme conditions

The x-rays revealed that the water inside the shock wave didn’t become a superheated liquid or gas. Paradoxically—but just as physicists squinting at screens in an adjacent room had expected—the atoms froze solid, forming crystalline ice.

_Unlike the familiar ice found in your freezer or at the north pole, superionic ice is black and hot. A cube of it would weigh four times as much as a normal one. It was first theoretically predicted more than 30 years ago, and although it has never been seen until now, scientists think it might be among the most abundant forms of water in the universe.__
Interesting to know...
Depending on whom you ask, superionic ice is either another addition to water’s already cluttered array of avatars or something even stranger. Because its water molecules break apart, said physicist Livia Bove of France’s National Center for Scientific Research and Pierre and Marie Curie University, it’
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"Resist Hate, Abolish ICE, Choose ❤"

Vandalised billboard in Jackson, Mississippi has carried this message since last summer!

I post pictures / meme every day about anarchy and other cool stuff.
Feel free to download and share them ! 😀

#shitposting #anarchist meme for cool people
#art #graffiti #ice #ad #Mississippi #Jackson
#advertising #usa


US Attorney for Mass. indicts state judge for Obstruction of Justice

#GrandJury approves #indictment of #Massachusetts state #judge and #court officer who helped #illegal-alien escape #ICE officer waiting to #arrest in courtroom – tweet

#SanctuaryCity #RuleOfLaw #awesome #cool #LockHimUp



#Happy is a protagonist from the #anime series #Fairy-Tail, which is about the eponymous #Wizard guild

#AyeSir! (signature move)

He can fly!

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Schnellzug-Vision: In 2,5 Stunden von Berlin nach München #Reise #Aktuell #ICE #DeutscheBahn #ReisenperBahn #Reiseziele

ICE versus TGV: Deutsche Bummel-Bahn #Reise #Deutschland #ICE #Eisenbahn #DeutscheBahn #RichardLutz

Da hat #Rewe doch tatsächlich einen #Ben&Jerrys #Klon herrausgebracht und dann noch als vegane Sorte auf #Mandelbasis. Ausgerechnet mit #Erdnuss und #Keksstückchen und von den Zutaten überraschend glutenfrei!!! Wahnsinn. 😀

#Peanutbutter #Cookie #PeanutCookie #Ice #Icecream #Eis #Kekseis #Keks #Mandeleis


Electronics On Ice

#mischacks #art #frozen #ice #hackaday
posted by pod_feeder_v2
Electronics On Ice

Kirstjen Nielsen Reminds Herself She A Private Citizen Now After Instinctively Detaining Mexican Child On The Street #kirstjennielsen #vol55issue15 #politics #children #mexico #ice #dhs


Motel 6 to pay $12 mn in order to avoid lawsuit filed by state of Washington

The budget motel operator illegally shared the personal information of about 80,000 customers for more than two years, resulting in a "targeted" ICE investigation into guests with Latino-sounding names, the Washington state attorney general's office announced Thursday.

"Each time Motel 6 released a guest list, it included the private information of every guest at the hotel without their knowledge or consent, violating their expectation of privacy," Attorney General Bob Ferguson's office said in a statement. "The Motel 6 guest information disclosures led to significant harmful consequences, including the detention and deportation of many guests and the suffering of their families."

"ICE agents approached him in the hotel's parking lot, detained him and deported him some days later. His wife had to retrieve the presents and his other belongings from the Motel 6 after his arrest," the attorney general's office said. "The man was the sole provider for the h
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On Kirstjen Nielsen's resignation as head of DHS


“It is deeply alarming that the Drumpf Administration official who put children in cages is reportedly resigning because she is not extreme enough for the White House’s liking,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. “The President’s dangerous and cruel anti-immigrant policies have only worsened the humanitarian suffering at the border and inflicted vast suffering on the families who have been torn apart.”

Four 2020 Democratic presidential candidates sounded off via Twitter, using Nielsen’s resignation as another opportunity to criticize her 2018 defense of the Drumpf administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy that led to the separation of more than 2,500 children from their parents who illegally crossed the border.

Just last week, Nielsen lik
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Motel 6 to Pay $12M after Improperly Giving Guest Lists to ICE

Washington state's attorney general said Motel 6 shared information about approximately 80,000 guests in the state and that guests faced questioning from ICE, detainment and deportation as a result.
Article word count: 710

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Motel 6 (accidentally? intentionally?) handed guest list over to ICE, now charged by state of Washington

The chain has settled a lawsuit brought by the state of Washington over the controversial policy of seven of its hotels in that state between 2015 and 2017. The company has also said it will stop the practice of handing over guest information without a subpoena or warrant, unless it believes someone is in imminent danger.
So, they seriously did this on purpose, as a common practice? Seriously?
Motel 6, as part of the agreement did not admit to wrongdoing, but the consent decree it signed included language reading “Motel 6 seeks to take corporate responsibility for past actions that adversely affected some of its customers, compensate those individuals who were harmed, and protect guest information with the integrity it deserves.”

Prior to Washington’s lawsuit, the chain reportedly followed the same practices in Arizona. A Sept. 13, 2017 report in the Phoenix New Times said ICE had arrested 20
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California AG demands decriminalisation of illegal immigrants

You can imagine the backlash that immediately hit him, but since he works in a liberal state, the outrage only appeared from the outside.
"They are not criminals,” Becerra told HuffPost regarding those who cross the border illegally in an interview published on Wednesday. “They haven’t committed a crime against someone, and they are not acting violently or in a way that’s harmful to people. And I would argue they are not harming people indirectly either."
Oh, be careful what you say man, I'm sure there are some black sheep among them who behaved violently against someone. It depends on how you view the sawing of fences or the literal undermining of the border fences. It all depends on one's point of view of the whole scene. But so far, I guess we can rather say that they have been treated violently, by being attacked with pepper spray and tear gas containers.
Last week, Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro called for the de
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Schlechte Nachrichten bei der Deutschen Bahn: Der Konzern nimmt vorerst keine weiteren Züge der modernsten ICE 4 Flotte ab. Das gefährdet den größten Auftrag in der Geschichte des Konzerns - und die Pünktlichkeitsziele. #DeutschBahn #Verspätung #ICE #ICE4 #Fernverkehr #Zug #DB


Border crisis hit holding facility uncontrollably

The Central Processing Center, located in McAllen, Texas, is known to migrants as la perrera, or “the kennel.” Designed for 1,500 people, it now houses 2,400, according to Border Patrol officials, who gave journalists a rare tour on Wednesday.

Men slept shoulder to shoulder on concrete floors under a sea of mylar blankets. Children wailed as they waited behind chain-link barriers to use portable bathrooms and showers. Single adults had to wait to be driven to showers in another building. Sick parents and children rested on mats behind a partition.
Isn't it unbelievable to know that the US, one of the richest nations in the world, are incapable of providing apparent holding facilities for migrants entering the states? I mean, we already experienced this event four years ago, in Europe, how could the US believe they would not be hit by something similar, watching the ongoings southwards? This is beyond ignorant, to be honest, it's a downside in the Obama administration... show more


Largest raid in a decade leads to deainment of more than 280 illegal workers

ICE's Homeland Security Investigations division received tips that the company mave have knowingly hired undocumented immigrants and that several workers were using fraudulent identification documents, said Katrina Berger, Special Agent in Charge in HSI's Dallas office.
I'm sure the country's economy is going to prosper from it, because to swiftly remove 280 workers from their employing companies don't have any slight impact at all.
Federal hiring laws require that employers have new hires fill out I-9 forms. The laws perform “necessary and common sense functions,” Berger said at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

“They ensure U.S. citizens and legal U.S. residents are hired for jobs in the U.S.,” Berger said. “They also ensure that illegal workers are not preyed upon or paid less than the going wage or otherwise coerced or cheated or subjected to unsafe working conditions without any means of complaint
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Ein Großaufgebot der Feuerwehr musste am Mittwochmorgen zu einem Einsatz im Hauptbahnhof ausrücken. Dort war Qualm aus einem ICE aufgestiegen. #Düsseldorf #DüsseldorfHBF #Hauptbahnhof #Rauch #ICE #NRW

My friend Cyndy Ward painted this recently. It is a painting of some ice, but certainly is quite abstract. Acrylic on plastic. Posted with permission of the artist.

#art #painting #ice #winter


Heather Nauert chosen as chairwoman of Fulbright Scholarship

Nauert, 49, a former Fox News host, joined the Drumpf administration in April 2017 and was picked to replace Nikki Haley as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations after Haley announced she was stepping down last year.

Nauert will serve on the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board until Sept. 22, 2021. The board has 12 members and was established by Congress to select grant recipients who live abroad for a year to teach or conduct research.
#Nauert #HeatherNauert #FoxNews #FauxNews #News #Politics #US #USA #Trump #DonaldTrump #Education #Scholarship #FulbrightScholarship #CollegeEducation #ICE #AbolishICE #DHS #IfYouSeeSomethingSaySomething


Trump threatens border closure along US-MEX border

In a series of tweets and later during an appearance before reporters, Drumpf did not spell out exactly what a border closing would entail but said it could involve halting "all trade" between the two countries -- a prospect that would have profound ramifications for the U.S. economy.

"If they don't stop them, we're closing the border," Drumpf said at an event in Florida. "We'll close it. And we'll keep it closed for a long time. I'm not playing games. Mexico has to stop it."

Drumpf's comments came after Kevin McAleenan, the commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, warned Wednesday that the U.S. immigration enforcement system on the southern border is at "the breaking point" and said authorities are having to release migrants into the country after background checks because of a crush of asylum-seeking families.

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Anschläge auf ICE-Züge: Ermittler finden Drohne und Nachtsichtgerät #Politik #Deutschland #IslamischerStaatIS #ICE

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