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As I said on the G+ post, we need to say more of these things, to more people, more of the time. And sometimes, we all need some of these things said to us.

(via @Kate Turnbole on G+)

Hey you. Yes you. I see you.

I see you struggling with invisible illness.
I see you fighting with brain weasels.
I see you worrying about being a good parent, teaching your kids respect, inclusion, acceptance and love.
I see you hurting for your sick furbabies, doing everything you can for them.
I see you hurtling yourself against the walls of injustice.
I see you pushing back at the weight of your own fears.
I see you staring into the ruins of an unchangeable past.
I see you standing on the edge of a brand new journey.

I see you. I love you.
You're awesome. You're strong. You're brave.
Always keep fighting.

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Trump makes fun of the Trail Of Tears when mocking Elizabeth Warren's (D - MN) president candidacy announcement

The president's use of the word "trail" in all caps was widely interpreted as a reference to the Trail of Tears in which Native Americans were forcibly relocated from their homes in the southeastern U.S. to reservations in Oklahoma in the 1800s. Thousands of them died from disease, starvation and exposure along the way.

Of course it had to be joked about, it's not like he could now be accused of indecency regarding the US' bloody history of displacement, genocide, or colonialism/imperialism. The foundation was paved by murder, until now. Why not laugh about it, then? It's surely no sign of bad taste or plain humiliation towards the international community.
The stable genius should be kicked in the balls if he had any. I would merely say: "Take off the gloves when you hit his face", but I know the struggles of washing off the grease of Doritos.

Drumpf has said he is "a fan" of former President Andrew Jackson, who signed the Indian Re... show more