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Fyne: Cross Platform GUI in Go Based on Material Design

Cross platform GUI in Go based on Material Design. Contribute to fyne-io/fyne development by creating an account on GitHub.
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Posted by theBashShell (karma: 2349)
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#HackerNews #based #cross #design #fyne #gui #material #platform
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i'm looking for an extension for #waterfox &or #firefox that would help me open multiple instances in one split window/tab ... kind of the way a multiplexer - e.g. tmux, screen - work for a unix session .. i want to do that but with my x/GUI web browser.

any suggestions welcome!

#addons #GUI #webbrowser


GUI für Windows Firewall

Eine sehr gute #GUI für #Windows #Firewall Advanced Security (#WFAS) inkl. Benachrichtigungs-System für ausgehende Verbindungen ist:

Windows Firewall Control (#WFC).

Das Programm ist Freeware!

Windows Firewall Control