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New A23P album HIA now also with bonus video:

all album contents are Create of Commons share alike
Mix It, Flip It, Split It, Twist It, Shift It, Excellent It, Throw It Out
At Times Can Be It's All About :) <3
A23P HIA 04 NotI
personal creative process thoughts on song 04 "NotI":
when looking at sound as just a (digital) frequency particle space.....
a point model of view i've found convenient for "sample" based (dsp) synthesis sound design approaches...
particularly when able to maintain some sort of interesting "formant" model(s) on "grains" (individual particles in fr... show more


One of those “Demos” that might as well be considered an outright album.
Made over the course of 2015.
From a multi-media band I’m in called DAC Theater (though we were simply DAC at the time)
Really not sure what style of “music” we’d be considered…
We got labeled as “Industrial Free Jazz” for one show… I suppose that’s as good a stab at it as any.

Alternately stream/downloadable from:

Drew Benson: Bass, Violin, Random other what nots
Alien Nesby: Vocals, Real Time Audio Granular Feedback Synthesis, Drum/Percussion Synthesis/Programming
Chris Mand... show more