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In particular, the display targets the neighbor who made an anonymous complaint to Santa Rosa’s City Hall about the fence. Moreover, Windus thinks protest art is the best way to get back at the nosey tattletale.
#california #naked #mannequins #zoning #neighbors. Thank you, California, for giving us a laugh a day. 😀 #lol #funny
Zoning Allows Naked Mannequins But Bans Their Owner’s Fence

Ahhhh....the good old days of me ~~cramming math down the throats of the innocent~~ #teaching #math #teacher #funny #lol


Bernie undermines..... #Bernie....with #capitalism....

Bernie's dreams of socialism destroyed by his best selling book:
  • ### Providing an in-demand product justifies high incomes for those who produce it:
When confronted as being among those he has long villainized, #Sanders became defensive:
“I wrote a best-selling book,” he declared. “If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.”
"I made my money fair and square, so quit hassling me about it."
  • You can make a lot of money if you

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Recipe Hunting

This is a relatively new phenomenon. And a completely annoying one.

#recipes #funny #humour #satire

Recipe Hunting

This is a relatively new phenomenon. And a completely annoying one.

#recipes #funny #humour #satire


That one mysterious plate of mashed potatoes

Who leaves mashed potatoes on someone’s front porch? It’s the question they are asking after finding themselves the recipient of this bizarre side dish.

“This neighborhood does a lot of quirky things. We decorate road signs, we put Christmas trees in our potholes, so it’s not surprising at all,” Lewis said. “That’s why I love this neighborhood because they do so many strange things, but it’s definitely one of the weirdest things I’ve seen since living in Jackson.”

Stepping out and narrowly missing the bowl, Bjernegard didn’t think twice about it, but as news traveled on social media, people hastily started forming their own theories of a mashed potato maniac.
What did we learn from this story? Never leave your meals outside, especially not on other people's doorsteps or porches - it could become the next Social Media's conspiracy theory.
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Person from out of town: "Where's the nearest Chick-fil-a?"
Local: "It's at the end of the rainbow"

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Somebody explain to these sign making niggas how distance works... (x_X*)!!!

Taken on that walk along the peninsula last sunday...

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While his granddaughter argues on Twitter, Benito Mussolinin's grandson is nominated for the Brothers of Italy

“He is a patriot, another important personality on our lists,” says Meloni. He said: “I have served Italy for so many years I would like to continue doing so in Europe”.
In an interview with the Times, he stated that he shared with Fdi the ideas on “regaining sovereignty, protecting our country and the family”.

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The source:
Italian Party nominates Caius Julius Caesar Mussolini: he is Mussolini’s great-grandson

Sloths - one of the closest like-minded #hominid #comrades
Bild/FotoMaxx Next wrote the following post Thu, 23 May 2013 21:01:45 +0400


#Image #Picture #Funny #Gif - a #Sloth Eating #Carrots
#animatedgif #carrot #composure #food #gratification #mammal #rest

#lol #funny #Biden #democrat #trump

Can we get a raise of hands?

Here's one for all who can relate! For me, numbers 10 and 11 are pure gold xD
Women in their equality fight have come a long way this past couple of years. The wage gap is still there but women are not afraid of speaking out their truths. Now it’s time to address one more very important matter. Bras. When exactly will a genius women scientist appear with something to keep our girls perky for all eternity? We really need this to happen. So in that spirit, here’s a collection of tweets by women about their everyday ‘bruggles’. Bra-struggles, get it? Not feeling it? Ok. sad emoji

#women #feminism #funny #everyday #common #humor
Hillarious But Honest Tweets By Women About Their Everyday Bra Struggles

making eye contact is the first step to understanding someone #lol #eyecontact #funny


Another fatberg in England had to be removed

(I knew this story sounded oh-too familiar to me: They once had to remove a fatberg from the city's sewage system next to London, because people seem to use a certain kind of wet towels that binds all the grease and what-not that flows through the sewers, thus forming a big giant mountain of fat, that eventually plugging all the liquid that was supposed to come through. One can only imagine what it had to be like for the workers who had to remove it. Now, here they went again.)
"Workers have braved exceptionally challenging conditions to break up the beast," SWW said.
The beast from the East? 😉
SWW asked people not to "pour fats, oil or grease down the drain, or flush wet-wipes down the loo".
English exceptionalism, I guess: To think that it would be anyhow logical to flush down grease or oil down the toilet instead of dumping it in the apparent means like a decent, civilised human being.
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Trumps Tweets als Songs am ersten und vierten April, gespielt durch das philharmonische Orchester Regensburg

For my English readers: I'm sorry that this text is only available in German. But because I'm thinking of you, I will hereby provide you a short abstract, and as soon as possible, I will also share a link to an audio of the concert (I won't attend it, so we all have to wait for a permitted upload of their concert on Twitter. Hopefully, it will be available as soon as possible):
Tom Woods is a US-American composer who usually reads Trump's tweets, every morning. He's impressed about the impact it has on people, measured by the amount of comments under every single tweet. On the other hand, his tweets, in his view, have an almost melodic sound when read out aloud. Therefore, he wrote this piece of six parts. In the beginning, his tweets are read out aloud as well, followed by the actual music. Due to their shortness, he struggled to find apparent genres to represent his tweets, so he moved on from Rock 'n' Roll to Samba, or Rap. He even tried to write a piece of C... show more


Dutch inventor examines performance of bovine toilet system

"We are tackling the problem at the source," Henk Hanskamp, the Dutch inventor and businessman behind the "Cow Toilet", told AFP Friday (March 29).

The cow toilets are currently being tested on a farm near the eastern Dutch town of Doetinchem and seven of its 58 cows have already learned how to use them without the need for stimulation.

"The stables have become cleaner and the ground is drier. Less damp ground is better for the health of the cows' hooves," Jan Velema, a vet who took part in the tests, was quoted as saying by De Volkskrant newspaper.

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Pope afraid of germs, forbids people to kiss his ring

(Reminds me of «Civilization: Colonization»: When you didn't want to kiss the French king's (I forgot which one it was) ring, he whacked you in the face. Imagine people had been aware of the dangers of germs back in this time, it might have saved some people's lives, I guess.)
While some simply bowed their head and shook his hand, others leaned forward to kiss his ring.
The smiling pope can be seen pulling back his hand repeatedly.
It explains a lot, I must confess: I saw this incident in a satirical news show the day before yesterday, but they didn't explain what was the background to Pope Francis' bizarre behaviour.
The scene in Loreto drew criticism from conservative Catholic observers who also frequently attack the pope over what they consider his too liberal approach to social issues.
The usual...
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Libyan Dictator Gaddafi raised tent on Trump's estate

(Please mind that this article is highly outdated, about ten years old. In the meantime, Gaddafi has died, and Trump has become the president of the United States. Hence, things have changed while I found this article, so that it only serves to entertain the reader who might wonder why Gaddafi chose especially Trump's property. Maybe like-minded people always connect to one another (although Gaddafi had a fare more prudent interior policy than Trump)).
Doors all over New York have been slammed in the colonel's face, but Drumpf says he has rented part of a large property in Westchester county to Middle Eastern tenants who may be associated with Gadaffi.

Gadaffi arrived in New York yesterday, It is likely he will face protests over Scotland's recent release of Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, convicted of the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 which killed 270.
I wonder why they didn#t ask Trump for comments on this unusual tenant, although he didn't sleep in this tent over... show more


Walmart seemingly intentionally sells daemonic products!!!!!!!!!!!

(Please don't take it too serious, I just share it to laugh about it. Soemtimes, one msut be pretty lucky to find such some inadvertently ridiculous articles)
The products include demonic sculptures and figures; satanic pornography that blasphemes Christ’s crucifixion; numerous products and jewelry with pentagrams and other demonic images, and books that include the Satanic bible and books on spells. Especially featured is Baphomet, the horned, goat-headed figure trademarked as the Church of Satan symbol.
What the heck do they sell at Walmart? Seriously, regarding this description, they must have created a newly erected Gomorrha. 😁
Just as religious objects such as a Miraculous Medal connects us with the Blessed Mother and a crucifix with Jesus, Father Michael explained that similarly, wearing an icon of something satanic opens a person up to a demonic presence. “And that’s very serious,” he said.

Evidence of
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I guess he's drunk as a skunk and he doesn't give a fuck

"This guy gives a new definition to the saying 'skunked beer,'" Billerica Animal Control tweeted Thursday. "Amazing it could fit its head in such a small opening."

Talkin' 'bout puns, huh? But seriously, the photo is quite adorable, although I am frankly glad that nothing worse happened.
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On people who enjoy the vehicle dashcam view firsthand

1. Random guy from Weston, MA:

The incident started on Interstate 90 when Kamrowski’s Ford F-150 pickup truck was involved in a sideswipe accident with a white 2016 Infinity QX70 SUV driven by Mark Fitzgerald, 37, also of Massachusetts.

“He took my water bottle out of my car, he smashed my window, he was holding on to this. I said ‘get off my car,’ he said, 'I’m not getting off your car,” Fitzgerald tells NBC News.
Did he say this while driving on the speedway? Because then, it's obviously understandable he didn't get off his car, because this would have instantly murdered him. Beside that, it's fucking ridiculous. 😁

2. Random guy from Florida:

A fello
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Dennis Hof (R - NV) died of heart attack, autopsy finally reveals

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office released the results of his autopsy, which listed his cause of death as "acute myocardial infarction" or a heart attack, and the manner of death was determined as natural.

Hof was running as a Republican for a state Assembly seat and had called himself the "Drumpf of Pahrump." He had defeated three-term Republican lawmaker James Oscarson in the primary of that year.

Gregory Hafen II, the general manager of a local utility company, was then appointed to fill the seat, the Associated Press reported.

#US #USA #StateAssembly #Hof #DennisHof #Brothel #News #Politics #Funny #Humour #Republican #GOP #RedWave #Nevada

I forgot about that prank call from Russian DJ's. #funny!


NYS local stole Little Debbie truck, didn't eat anything of the carriage

(Disclaimer: Not The Onion, this really happened. And yes, the man possible stars as a Disney movie prince.)
Several minutes later, officers found the truck driving north on Lake Street in the area of Bakers Lane. The truck was stopped and the driver was arrested.
Police identified the driver as 38-year-old Joseph Tocco. Police say Tocco admitted to taking the vehicle and using it to visit family and friends. The keys for the truck had been left inside the unlocked cab. Police say it did not appear that any of the inventory was missing.

Some men just want to see the world burn...
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