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All that to say, if you're into #sciencefiction, #horror, #fantasy, some #slipstream with a little bit of a #literaryfiction bite, but doesn't completely go all in. I might have something for you.

But don't expect to much, I'm still a beginning writer in a lot of ways.

Je viens de finir Outrage de Maryssa Rachel
Et dans un tout autre registre, j'attaque Lyon des cendres tome 1 Le Serment du corbeau de H. Laymore

#VendrediLecture #erotisme #livreerotique #lecturedumoment
#decadence #fantasy #imaginaire

Die achte Staffel von Game of Thrones ist angelaufen und das Internet dreht durch. Doch was fasziniert uns eigentlich immer wieder so sehr an den mysteriösen Fantasiewelten der Serien?
Game of Thrones & Co.: Warum uns Fantasy-Serien so fesseln | DW | 15.04.2019
#GameofThrones #GoT #Serien #Mystery #Fantasy #Netflix #Psychologie

Die achte Staffel von Game of Thrones ist angelaufen und das Internet dreht durch. Doch was fasziniert uns eigentlich immer wieder so sehr an den mysteriösen Fantasiewelten der Serien? #GameofThrones #GoT #Serien #Mystery #Fantasy #Netflix #Psychologie


Who is Game of Thrones worst #war #criminal?


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Real-life quidditch is like American football: Bad for your health

According to NPR, a recent study out of the University of Edinburgh found that though injury rates reported by quidditch players were no higher than other sports, concussions accounted for 20 percent of those injuries. For reference, concussions account for somewhere between three and ten percent of all professional rugby injuries, so 20 percent is kind of a lot.
As I said: It's like football, even when it comes to one of the most life-threatening injuries you can get from practicing it.
Quidditch teams are also made up of all genders, which offers an inclusivity that draws many to the sport but comes with additional problems for its women players, who experience concussions at twice the rate of male players. Vanessa Barker, who plays at the University of Maryland, has suffered multiple concussions while playing:
That's why we separate the sexes in sports: Because males are different from females in biological terms.
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Zum Staffelstart von „Game of Thrones“: Bereit für den Serien-Schnack #GameofThrones #Sky #Fantasy #Serie #Medien #Gesellschaft

Kinofilm „Border“: Mit ethnologischer Akribie #Rezension #Kinofilm #Thriller #Fantasy #Komödie #AliAbbasi #Film #Kultur

Alisa J - 2019-04-09 19:06:18 GMT
One of my favorite artists - Takuhito Kusanagi. He also painted covers and concepts for the game #Grandia !
#anime #retro #art #illustration #fantasy #fantasyillustration #PS1 #retrogames


How many people contributed to the epic poem «Beowulf»?

Using a statistical approach known as stylometry, which analyzes everything from the poem’s meter to the number of times various combinations of letters show up in the text, Krieger and his colleagues found new evidence that “Beowulf” is the work of a single author. The study is described in an April 8 paper published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour.
Those computers can tell us quite a lot, I must admit. We should use them more often in academic research. I guess that we could get a lot more of our work done with these mysterious machineries.
“We looked at four broad categories of items in the text,” Krieger said. “Each line has a meter, and many lines have what we call a sense pause, which is a small pause between clauses and sentences similar to the pauses we typically mark with punctuation in modern English. We also looked at aspects of word choice.

“The handwriting is different,” Krieger s
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Back on the Google+, I took part in #NightmareFuel, an annual writing prompt event each day in October hosted by @Bliss Morgan . Each day, she posted an image and encouraged people to write stories or poems to go along with that image.

In 2017, I chose to write all 31 daily posts as chapters in a single story. The idea of trying to string together 31 unrelated images was an interesting challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if a few of the chapters didn't really flow well. In 2018, I originally thought I'd do the same thing: start a story on day 1 and, again, string all 31 images together for a single story. But then the first image came out and I immediately decided that I had to not just write a single story from the month's images, but I had to continue the previous year's story. So I again began writing, picking up where I left off with 2017's characters.

My work flow was to wr... show more