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Mark J. Wielaard » Blog Archive » dtrace for linux; Oracle does the right thing

dtrace for linux; Oracle does the right thing
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"At Fosdem we had a talk on dtrace for linux in the Debugging Tools devroom.

Not explicitly mentioned in that talk, but certainly the most exciting thing, is that Oracle is doing a proper linux kernel port:

commit e1744f50ee9bc1978d41db7cc93bcf30687853e6
Author: Tomas Jedlicka <>
Date: Tue Aug 1 09:15:44 2017 -0400

dtrace: Integrate DTrace Modules into kernel proper

This changeset integrates DTrace module sources into the main kernel
source tree under the GPLv2 license. Sources have been moved to
appropriate locations in the kernel tree.

That is right, dtrace dropped the CDDL and switched to the GPL!

The user space code dtrace-utils and libdtrace-ctf (a combination of GPLv2 and UPL) can be found on the DTrace Project Source Control page. The NEWS file mentions the license switch (and that it is build upon elfutils, which I personally was pleased to find out)."