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I'm finally working on getting my own pod up and running again. Maintaining control over my own data has become rather important to me again, along with supporting myself, and a few friend,s with a separate pod, now that I've got the resources to handle it.

I'm following the instructions found at the DiasporaFoundation Wiki, specifically the instruction set for Ubuntu 18.04. I've made it as far as the step: bin/bundle install --full-index, but I've hit my first real snag at that point. Well, other than the stumbling that I did initially over the nginx configuration due to not being nearly familiar enough with it. I was running that command, and it made it as far as Installing rails-assets-diaspora_jsxc 0.1.5.develop.7, which completed successfully, but then every gem installation beyond that point fails. The specific gem failures are as follows:
  • nokogiri
  • nio4r
  • websoc
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Does anybody know of any diaspora-interfacing client software that will allow scheduled posting in the future and/or, more importantly, the ability to set a queue for autoposting at arbitrary intervals?


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