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Another Guatemalan migrant child dies in US custody

“The immigration agency lacks protocols for tending to migrant populations, and especially for populations presenting some type of illness,” said Jorge Andrade of the independent nonprofit Institute for Democracy and Safety, which monitors the detention of migrants in Mexico.

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‘Mass surveillance is exactly what the US does’: Dotcom points out glaring irony of Huawei ban

Kim Dotcom has slammed the US for hypocrisy over its Huawei ban given America’s history of “abusing technology” and “turning its entire tech sector into a spy machine.”

Dotcom pointed out that the US has used tech companies to spy on its own citizens as well as people all around the world. The extent of US surveillance was revealed by National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013 when he exposed the US’ warrantless surveillance, including listening in on phone conversations, its ability to compel tech companies like Google and Facebook to turn over user data, and the XKeyscore tool that can be used to collect nearly everything a user does on the internet.

Snowden also revealed how the US spies on world leaders, attempts ... show more


‘Mass surveillance is exactly what the US does’: Dotcom points out glaring irony of Huawei ban

_Kim Dotcom has slammed the US for hypocrisy over its Huawei ban given America’s history of “abusing technology” and “turning its entire tech sector into a spy machine.” _

Dotcom pointed out that the US has used tech companies to spy on its own citizens as well as people all around the world. The extent of US surveillance was revealed by National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013 when he exposed the US’ warrantless surveillance, including listening in on phone conversations, its ability to compel tech companies like Google and Facebook to turn over user data, and the XKeyscore tool that can be used to collect nearly everything a user does on the internet.

Snowden also revealed how the US spies on world leaders, attempts to cra... show more


Architects and engineers seemingly confused about Trump's border wall plans

According to The Washington Post, among the changes Drumpf has ordered are that the metal bollards be painted a particular hue of black that absorbs heat to make them too hot to climb; the tips should be pointed to cause injury; and there should be fewer and smaller gates.

“But building high-rises in New York City is not the same as putting up a barrier at the border,” Lapan, now at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, told the publication. “You’re not looking for aesthetics; you’re looking for functionality.”
But aesthetics are the only thing in building and construction in general, and not even there, he excels with brilliance or actual knowledge, regarding the interior of his Penthouse suits in Trump towers. You know, the lavish, golden design that makes you vomit.
“If you want to climb that, it's pretty sharp up on top, too," said the president, according to CNN. "If you want to climb t
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No, man, it ain't funny to joke about shooting migrants

Gonzalez (allegedly) begged to differ. “Why are we just apprehending them and not lining them up and shooting them,” he asked Brant, according to the police report. “We have to go back to Hitler days and put them all in a gas chamber.
Around the same time, Trump advised the troops that he had dispatched to the border to meet any rock throwing from migrants with gunfire. “They want to throw rocks at our military, our military fights back,” Trump told reporters. “I told them to consider it a rifle. When they throw rocks like what they did to the Mexican military and police I say consider it a rifle.” His administration then formally authorized troops to use lethal force against migrants if necessary.

On Thursday morning, Trump’s decision to laugh off the suggestion that the only way to stop asylum seekers is to shoot them — at a time when militias are routinely detaining migrants at gunpoint
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President Trump touts ruling on asylum policy as ‘big win’ on immigration


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President Trump touts ruling on asylum policy as ‘big win’ on immigration


DHS soon to begin examining migrants' DNA to investigate probable family relationships

DHS has repeatedly warned that children are being exploited by traffickers to skirt the nation’s immigration laws. Currently, the government can’t hold migrant children in detention for more than 20 days, often leading to the release of families — or groups posing as families — until their immigration court hearing, a practice President Donald Drumpf has derided as “catch and release.”

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DHS will start DNA testing to establish family relationships on the southern border


Trump to nominate border wall promoter Mark Morgan as head of ICE

He's so easily legible in his decisions that sometimes, under his leadership, policies could almost become boring. On the other hand, he is still the leader of one of the most powerful nations in the world, which makes it necessary to follow his actions as often as possible. Still, he needs some critical voices in his environment in order to prevent him from making so many stupid decisions. This - is another one.
"I am pleased to inform all of those that believe in a strong, fair and sound Immigration Policy that Mark Morgan will be joining the Drumpf Administration as the head of our hard working men and women of ICE," Drumpf wrote on Twitter.
Silly manbaby.
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The United States is seriously fucked up.

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Third migrant child dies in US custody

He was detained on April 19 by agents at the southern border, Guatemala’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. One day later, he was sent to a government-contracted youth shelter in Brownsville, Texas, to begin a process of family reunification, according to the ministry.

The following morning, employees noticed that the teen was sick with “fever, chills and a headache,” Stauffer said. They took him to a nearby hospital where he received treatment. He then returned to the shelter.

Describing the boy’s medical condition, the Guatemalan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the boy had “a severe infection in the frontal lobe that showed no improvement, even after a surgical intervention to stabilize the pressure inside the head area.”

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Raft capsizes, leaving three migrants missing, one infant dead

A law enforcement official says a 10-month-old baby has been found dead after a raft carrying the child and eight others flipped on the Rio Grande as they tried to cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

The number of migrant families crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has skyrocketed, and they sometimes try to traverse the river. The group made the attempt Wednesday evening near Del Rio, Texas when the raft overturned.

The missing included a 10-month-old baby, a 7-year-old boy and another child and a man. The number of migrant families crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has skyrocketed, and they sometimes try to traverse the river. The group made the attempt Wednesday evening near Del Rio, Texas when the raft overturned.

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Trump to nominate Obama-era CBP chief as head of ICE

Mark Morgan, is being considered as replacement for former acting ICE Director Ronald Vitiello who resigned earlier this month after Drumpf said he wanted “to go in a tougher direction," Bloomberg News reported Tuesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

Vitiello's departure comes amid a purge of Department of Homeland Security officials. President Drumpf announced earlier this month on Twitter that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen would also be leaving the department.

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House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D - NYC) warns AG Bill Barr not to try to control him

Barr is scheduled to testify to the Judiciary Committee on Thursday about special counsel Robert Mueller’s 448-page report on the investigation, a redacted version of which was released earlier this month. He is also expected to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.
Nadler wants to allow each committee member a five-minute round of questioning. A key point of contention has arisen over Nadler’s wanting to allow for another round of questioning of 30 minutes for each party’s committee counsels. The chairman also proposed that the panel go into closed session to discuss the redacted sections of the report.

“It is not up to Attorney General Barr to tell our committee how to operate, and will I be puzzled if he actually decides not to show,” Dean said Sunday on “CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield.”

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New Mexico county to reject Democratic governor's command to release migrants

A New Mexico official who serves as commissioner of a county near the U.S.-Mexico border said Sunday the state's Democratic governor has not responded to a request to redeploy National Guard troops and that he is moving to block migrants from being released in his county because of a lack of resources.

Former Republican Gov. Susana Martinez said the southern region of the state is running out of room in local communities to take in tens of thousands of migrants who are being released from federal custody each month. "There is no more capacity any more they're giving to the local community — Las Cruces, Otero county giving it to Yuma, here in El Paso. At one point, they have to bus them to other locations that can absorb them. It just is impossible," Martinez said.
This is brutal, just brutal. They are seriously exhausted, where are the other states around them, can't they help them out?
Earlier this month, Yuma, Ariz., a city on t
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«Can't stop lying about immigration» ~ El Don

“You see what’s happened,” Drumpf said at a town hall event in April 2017, a month when apprehensions hit a new low. “Sixty-one percent down now in terms of illegal people coming in. Way, way down in terms of drugs pouring into our country and poisoning our youth. Way down. General Kelly” — John F. Kelly, who was Drumpf’s homeland security secretary at the time — “has done a great job.”

That’s just breathtakingly dishonest. Not only is Drumpf flipping his position on the importance of apprehension numbers, but he’s also explicitly disparaging his prior position as necessarily bad. He’s saying, in this tweet, that he was doing a bad job when apprehensions were as low as they were when he bragged about them.

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Acting Def. Sec. Patrick Shanahan signs change towards additional troops along border

The new troops will include military lawyers who can help Customs and Border Protection agents process migrants, drivers to help transport detained migrants and cooks to provide meals for them.

The additional troops will work under Customs and Border Protection supervision to avoid violating the Posse Comitatus Act, which bars the military from doing law enforcement in most circumstances on U.S. soil, according to an official familiar with the draft order.

James N. Mattis, who quit as secretary of Defense in December, was wary of expanding the military’s role further. Shanahan, his temporary replacement, has resisted administration pressure to involve the military in housing migrants or allowing troops to take exclusive custody of them, said the official familiar with the plan.

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Pentagon set to expand more troops to US-MEX border, incl. lowering prohibitions on troops' interactions with migrants

Senior Defense Department officials have recommended that acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan approve a new request from the Department of Homeland Security to provide military lawyers, cooks and drivers to assist with handling a surge of migrants along the southern border.

The Pentagon has approved only one previous request to waive the policy since the beginning of Drumpf's recent border buildup, in order for migrants to provide emergency medical care if required. There are currently about 2,900 active duty and 2,000 National Guard troops along the border.

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Trump again threatens to send armed soldiers to US-MEX border

Drumpf tweeted Wednesday that "Mexico's Soldiers recently pulled guns on our National Guard Soldiers, probably as a diversionary tactic for drug smugglers on the Border," but he didn't support the drug-smuggling claim.
Instead of threatening to send additional soldiers along the US-MEX border, he'd better appoint a meeting with Lopez-Obrador to create a mutual plan for the two countries. That's what a rational president would do, he would participate in diplomatic actions. Yet again, we are not dealing with a rational president but with a grown-up crybaby who likes to brag with its uncontrolled power, it's macho-like behaviour.
Two U.S. soldiers in a remote area of Texas recently were confronted by Mexican soldiers who thought the Americans had crossed into Mexico. The Mexican troops reportedly removed a weapon from one of the American soldiers.
Why, though?
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Abandoned toddler spot with phone number attached to his shoe

The agents have taken the boy to a U.S. border station and are attempting to find his parents using the number on his shoes, the officials said. So far, they have been unsuccessful and are in the process of transferring the boy to the care of Health and Human Services.

The incident marks a flashpoint in the rising number of families and children crossing the border in recent months. In March, a total of 8,975 children traveling without their parents, but most often in groups, were apprehended at the southern border. The number of families crossing has also climbed, with 53,077 parents and children crossing the border together last month.

The journey into the Rio Grande Valley of Texas has long been an arduous but popular one, with immigrants risking dangerous waters to float or swim across the river from Mexico to Texas.

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Trump orders relentless actions for visa overstays

The president signed a memorandum ordering the secretary of state and the secretary of homeland security to submit plans within four months to crack down on overstays, such as punishing countries whose citizens have high rates of overstays and requiring foreign travelers to post "admission bonds" that would be repaid once they leave the country.

Members of both parties have long complained that overstays are just as problematic as undocumented immigrants who cross the southern border. More than 1.2 million foreigners overstayed their visas from 2016 to 2017, according to the most recent Homeland Security data.

And with illegal immigration remaining at historic lows, that means the majority of new undocumented immigrants are legally entering through land, air and sea ports with visas in hand.
So to say, the main problem are not those who entered the country illegally but those who entered the country legally through border checkpoints with valid visas to stay tem... show more


State of Florida on the verge of rejecting sanctuary cities

The legislation would require local police to honor requests from federal immigration authorities to detain people who are thought to be in the United States illegally. The House version would fine local governments that don’t cooperate with federal requests.

“That’s basically saying that you cannot have local government officials in jurisdictions preventing cooperation between local governments and federal immigration authorities or laws,” he said.

“These bills follow in the famous steps of Texas, Alabama, Tennessee and Arizona,” she said. They “would require the state and local law enforcement to actively assist federal immigrant officials at Florida taxpayer expense in arresting and deporting our neighbors and family members.”
This means that this bill actively propagates the citizens to call out possible illegal immigrants in their country, maybe even those whose green cards might have expires. This pr... show more


Anti-immigrant leader milita of militia arrested

Hector Balderas, New Mexico’s attorney general, said federal agents had arrested the leader, Larry Mitchell Hopkins, who had been operating under the alias Johnny Horton Jr. Mr Balderas said in a statement that Hopkins was arrested on charges of firearms possession by a felon.

The firearms charge against Hopkins is relatively minor. But it is likely the start of a deeper investigation into his activities and those of the militia, and opens the way for the authorities to bring more serious charges like kidnapping and impersonating a police officer or an employee of the United States.

Political leaders in New Mexico, a state largely controlled by Democrats, responded with fury. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham said that any mistreatment of asylum-seekers on the border was “unacceptable.” The state’s two Democratic senators, Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, said in a statement that the actions of vigilante groups “cannot be tolerated.”
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Several NJ ICE detainees put on suicide watch

The jail has put 60 detainees on suicide watch since 2015, according to records Documented obtained from the facility. One detainee warned that a cellmate appeared to be having a psychotic break. Four detainees have attempted suicide in the last two years. Details of the death of one detainee indicate that Essex personnel failed to follow certain required procedures.

Among other things, the report stated that a loaded gun had been found by an immigrant detainee in a staff bathroom, food was rotting, shower stalls were unsanitary, mattresses were unusable and detainees lacked outdoor recreation areas.

One mental health counselor at Essex said “there were not enough mental health resources to meet the needs at the facility,” according to Eleni Bakst, a fellow with Human Rights First, who visited the facility in February 2018 and led the report on inadequate care for immigrants in New Jersey detention.
There is one point in which you can tell that ICE is sim... show more

McConnell not liking him is a MAJOR plus for Cuccinelli. Don't listen to the rino's Mr. President, listen to your conservative majority and lets #MAGA. #DHS


On Trump's plan to accomodate migrants in sanctuary cities

Seriously? Sanctuary cities? Although I have no problem with erecting accomodations for the migrants to get them under one roof, I don't believe that flocking them together in remote areas is helping them to immigrate into the country, and this applies especially for those who should receive a positive result from their case being examined either for approval or neglection. What Trump does is to accelerate a process of creating a parallel society in which people of foreign origin live but never assimilated into the society in which they tried to set afoot. This way, Trump fuels hatred against foreigners and on his own people simultaneously. Why? Because those foreigners will stay foreign to the society they entered because they never saw anyone but their own kin (people of their culture), and possibly have a hard time learning the new language. This way, Trump is going to create examples that suit his own view, but only because his procedure mistook every knowledge of how to integrate migrants into a society. Trum... show more

Major league asshole. This guy is a tyrant in the making. I warn Republicans: you are playing with fire here. This could be the end of our country. Get this shithead out of office ASAP. This kind of shit never ends well - when a country goes fascist, it harms everyone in it. You may be a dumb redneck that thinks you'll come out on top if the cons go full fascist. Trust me: you won't.

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DHS, FBI say election systems in all 50 states were targeted in 2016

Joint Intelligence Bulletin issued in March says Russian hacking efforts were wide-ranging.
Article word count: 1167

HN Discussion:
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Pentagon orders some border wall, costing the humble US taxpayer $976 mn

The Army Corps of Engineers awarded a $789 million contract to the Galveston, Texas-based company, SLSCO Ltd., for “border replacement wall construction” in Santa Teresa, N. M., near El Paso, Texas. Barnard Construction Co. Inc., of Bozeman, Mont., was awarded a contract worth $187 million for “design-bid-build construction project for primary pedestrian wall replacement” in Yuma, Ariz. Both projects, announced on the Defense Department website, are slated for completion in fall 2020.

To pay for these new barriers, the Pentagon is diverting up to $1 billion to support the DHS to block “drug-smuggling corridors” in those areas. The Defense Department, triggered by Drumpf’s emergency declaration to build a border wall, took the unprecedented tactic of notifying Congress about the transfer of funding, rather than requesting the money through the appropriations process. The move drew fire from Democrats and Republicans who saw it as a
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Falsely allocated viral image claims people infected with smallpox entering US via caravan

(At least we should all remember that they only people infected with any kind of pox already are US residents, probably Trump voters, white, and believe that vaccines would cause autism, therefore prefer the method to hold pox parties to let their children go through one infection with pox to be eternally vaccinated naturally. Just saying...)
“The bumps on this illegal’s body who was detained from the Caravan @ the Border is smallpox. Over ½ of the detainees from that Caravan have tested positive for Tuberculosis which there is no vaccine for. Is the border wall starting to look good now?”
Sure, he'd be better off being sent back and be hospitalised in either Mexico or in his home country, in which both medical treatments are of low quality, I guess. This is what the patriots sound like: I was born here, so only me and my kin have the right for proper medication, not the outsiders.
The man is not a member of
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Again, on claims about re-enforcement of family separation policies

"We're not looking to do that. No," Drumpf said when asked about restarting family separations during an Oval Office meeting with the Egyptian president.

The president also argued that "once you don’t have it, that’s why you see many more people coming," adding that "they're coming like it's a picnic because 'let's go to Disneyland.'"
Yes, because fleeing from violence, civil wars, poverty ,corruption and the such is like travelling to Disneyland over the holidays, the comparison makes perfect sense to me. NOT.
"We have a lot of great people over there," Drumpf told reporters. "We have bad laws. We have a judge that just ruled, incredibly, that he doesn’t want people staying in Mexico. Figure that one out."
I only figure out how you don't even refer to his argument on why he ruled against you. Did you even check what he said, why he thinks your measurements are unconstitutional? I don't think so, and therefore,... show more


Trump denies enforcement of separation policies

On Tuesday, Customs and Border Protection announced what it had predicted for days: The number of migrants apprehended at the border last month surpassed 103,000 — the highest level in more than a decade.

Speaking briefly to reporters in the Oval Office on Tuesday, Drumpf said he is not looking to reinstate the controversial family separation policy he suspended last year but then implied it was an effective means of stemming unauthorized border crossings.

The so-called "binary choice" proposal would dramatically expand immigrant detention and give parents a choice: Their children would be separated from them and later released to live with a relative or sponsor in the U.S., or the family could stay together in detention until their day in immigration court.

R.J. Hauman is government relations director at the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which advocates for strong immigration enforcement. Hauman says Drumpf has "an opportunity to correct the sin
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Trump's DHS sideswipe distresses GOP allies

“Strikes me as just a frustration of not being able to solve a problem. Honestly, it wasn’t Secretary Nielsen’s fault. It wasn’t for lack of effort on her part. I don’t know if there’s anybody who’s going to be able to do more,” said Cornyn, who spoke to Nielsen on Monday and planned to speak to her interim replacement, Kevin McAleenan, later in the day.

But on immigration, the party is not in lockstep with Drumpf. So even as the president pursues more aggressive strategies on the border, the GOP might not stick with him ahead of an election cycle that has the Senate up for grabs and with Republicans eager to take back the House.

“The president is really unhappy with the results and he’s trying to find a different formula that produces a different result,” said Roy Blunt of Missouri, the No. 4 Senate GOP leader. “Unless you either change the court directives or the asylum law, it’s very hard to quickly come u
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Trump's latest family separation policy led to Ms. Nielsen's reisgnation as DHS secretary

(Would you actually believe that it wasn't Ms. Nielsen's idea to separate the children from their family, thus traumatising them for a lifetime? I mean, maybe she was the first one to come up with the idea, but later on regretted this decision, thus becoming the interior opposer to this policy despite Trump's liking of the idea to smother small children on a psychotic level. We don't know, or at least I don't.)
Nielsen had resisted the directive, according to NBC, which cited three unidentified U.S. officials with knowledge of meetings at the White House. It said Drumpf for months has pressured officials to resume the separations.

In March, leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus asked the White House for a meeting with all agency heads who contribute to the immigration policies that resulted in family separations, saying various leaders have given contradictory accounts of how the separations were carried out.

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Trump wanted border partially closed, his administration - not so much

The president grew frustrated during the meeting, which ended with an order for the Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to shut down a portion of the border the next day, with plans to possibly expand the closures, according to the sources.
What has to be minded is that they didn't want any part of the border shut down, while Donnie wanted it at all costs. In the end, they gave it in, they let their giant toddler win the argument.
The aides were successful. By Friday the president tweeted "If Mexico doesn't immediately stop ALL illegal immigration coming into the United State through our Southern Border, I will be CLOSING the Border, or large sections of the Border, next week."

"The president was literally hours away from sealing the border last week. Hours. But he was persuaded to delay, which gave enough time to consider alternatives," a senior administration official familiar with the matter to
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SF federal judge blocks Trump's command to send migrants back to México

U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg in San Francisco wrote in a 27-page ruling that current U.S. law does not authorize the Department of Homeland Security to enact the Migrant Protection Protocols, first announced in a December 2018 memo by outgoing Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen.

"The court strongly rejected the Drumpf administration's unprecedented and illegal policy of forcing asylum seekers to return to Mexico without hearing their claims," said deputy director of the ACLU's Immigrants' Rights Project, Judy Rabinovitz in a statement. "Try as it may, the Drumpf administration cannot simply ignore our laws in order to accomplish its goal of preventing people from seeking asylum in the United States."

Last week, Nielsen had ordered Customs and Border Protection to "immediately expand" enforcement of the Migrant Protection Protocols beyond its roll out at the ports of entry at San Ysidro and Calexico, Calif., and El Paso, Texas. The
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Kirstjen Nielsen Reminds Herself She A Private Citizen Now After Instinctively Detaining Mexican Child On The Street #kirstjennielsen #vol55issue15 #politics #children #mexico #ice #dhs


On Kirstjen Nielsen's resignation as head of DHS


“It is deeply alarming that the Drumpf Administration official who put children in cages is reportedly resigning because she is not extreme enough for the White House’s liking,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement. “The President’s dangerous and cruel anti-immigrant policies have only worsened the humanitarian suffering at the border and inflicted vast suffering on the families who have been torn apart.”

Four 2020 Democratic presidential candidates sounded off via Twitter, using Nielsen’s resignation as another opportunity to criticize her 2018 defense of the Drumpf administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy that led to the separation of more than 2,500 children from their parents who illegally crossed the border.

Just last week, Nielsen lik
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Largest raid in a decade leads to deainment of more than 280 illegal workers

ICE's Homeland Security Investigations division received tips that the company mave have knowingly hired undocumented immigrants and that several workers were using fraudulent identification documents, said Katrina Berger, Special Agent in Charge in HSI's Dallas office.
I'm sure the country's economy is going to prosper from it, because to swiftly remove 280 workers from their employing companies don't have any slight impact at all.
Federal hiring laws require that employers have new hires fill out I-9 forms. The laws perform “necessary and common sense functions,” Berger said at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

“They ensure U.S. citizens and legal U.S. residents are hired for jobs in the U.S.,” Berger said. “They also ensure that illegal workers are not preyed upon or paid less than the going wage or otherwise coerced or cheated or subjected to unsafe working conditions without any means of complaint
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Heather Nauert chosen as chairwoman of Fulbright Scholarship

Nauert, 49, a former Fox News host, joined the Drumpf administration in April 2017 and was picked to replace Nikki Haley as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations after Haley announced she was stepping down last year.

Nauert will serve on the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board until Sept. 22, 2021. The board has 12 members and was established by Congress to select grant recipients who live abroad for a year to teach or conduct research.
#Nauert #HeatherNauert #FoxNews #FauxNews #News #Politics #US #USA #Trump #DonaldTrump #Education #Scholarship #FulbrightScholarship #CollegeEducation #ICE #AbolishICE #DHS #IfYouSeeSomethingSaySomething


President Trump donates $100K to DHS


#100k #department of homeland security #department of veterans affairs #dhs #donates #fake news #mainstream media #oan newsroom #president #president trump #small business administration #trump
President Trump donates $100K to DHS


White House could send volunteer force to southern border


#border #border patrol #border wall #bordersecurity #could #dhs #force #house #ice #oan newsroom #president trump #send #southern #surge capacity force #volunteer #white
White House could send volunteer force to southern border


Trumpists created their own app to track safespace restaurants

Drumpf supporters who want to grab dinner but are terrified of getting punched by an antifascist “antifa” activist can pull up the app, “63red Safe,” and find a list of Drumpf-friendly businesses—or at least ones that don’t discriminate against conservatives.


“Does this business serve persons of every political belief?” the app’s questions read. “Will this business protect its customers if they are attacked for political reasons?”

«Before we take your order, Sir, we would like to know who you voted for in the last election. How are you leaning politically? Could we please hear in which Social networks you are active?»
Seriously - when you go eating in a restaurant, take off your hat before you enter. It's not a matter of assuring to not be told to leave but as a matter of common fashion. At least in Germany, we tend to take off our hats before entering a room or... show more


Apprehensions at US-MEX border not going to exceed one million

Through the first five months of fiscal year 2019, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports there have been 268,044 apprehensions – a monthly average of 53,609, which would put the U.S. on track for 643,306 this fiscal year.

As for the 2019 calendar year, there have been 114,436 apprehensions in the first two months of this year. That’s an average of 57,218 per month, or 686,616 a year.

Way to go to exceed one million. Trump has a lot of work to do in diminishing safety and wealth in the states southwards, a lot of military interventions are required to accomplish this challenge.

When Nielsen said “this year,” she was referring to calendar year 2019, not the fiscal year, a department spokesperson told us. The secretary gets to “close to 1 million” based on “the rough estimate of 2,700 people encountered per day in February,” the spokesperson said.
#... show more


DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen defends Trump's separation policy

"This is not a manufactured crisis," Nielsen told the House Homeland Security Committee. "This is truly an emergency."

A misspelling: There's an emergency along the border, but not the emergency Trump made up, that caused this inhumane policy of spearating children from their parents, causing a lifelong trauma.

"No amount of verbal gymnastics will change that she knew the Drumpf administration was implementing a policy to separate families at the border," Democratic Rep. Bernie Thompson said.

"It should be very clear from these numbers that we are facing alarming trends in the rising volumes of people illegally crossing our southwest border or arriving at our ports of entry without documents," CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said Tuesday.
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