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A reminder of who the US right is. There is nothing new about #trump's or the #Republican party's #fascism. They have always hated #liberal #democracy and stupidly called it #anti-Christian #communism and #socialism. Today, they say the "deep state" killed Kennedy. But if so, then they and trump are the #deepstate, not the #liberals or the #left.

My TED talk: how I took on the tech titans in their lair | Carole Cadwalladr
For more than a year, the Observer writer has been probing a darkness at the heart of Silicon Valley. Last week, at a TED talk that became a global viral sensation, she told the tech billionaires they had broken democracy. What happened next?
#facebook #TED #socialmedia #democracy

Carole Cadwalladr about #Facebook's role in #Brexit — and the threat to #democracy... Great #TED talk.
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Banning TiTok is a violation of freedom of expression #India #politics #democracy #freedom #internet

We investigate the threat posed to democracy in India by those who use fake news to advance extreme nationalism. #Media #HumanRights #Socialmedia #India #Asia #Indiaelections2019 #Elections #Democracy

Wikipedia has major problems in the area of deep politics.Reading between the li(n)es is needed to get the most from Wikipedia.This page details some of the key problems and strategies to overcome them.
In 2013 Jimmy Wales stated that "the biggest issue is editor diversity".This may be just a symptom of Wikipedia's establishment-friendly policies.Their policies about "notability" and "reliable sources" effectively muzzle Wikipedia's potential to speak truth to power by reducing it to a mere on-line extension of the Operation Mockingbird controlled pro-establishment media.Specifically:
Certain truths are unwelcome to the the powers that be - i.e. those that contradict the official narrative of the existing power structures.The more unwelcome such truths, the more Wikipedia articles pertaining to them will tend to be compromised by agents of those structures.For the most threatening topics, Wikipedia's "reliable sources" policy pretty much guarantees that the compromise will be fundamental.
Wikipedia's articles on MKULTRA,for example, although appearing decidedly
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Wikispooks is an open licensed, open source encyclopedia of deep politics.This whole site is freely downloadable.Our 648 registered editors have made 19,149 pages (9,515 people, 2,593 groups, 836 events...) supplemented by 1,570 third party documents....
Wikispooks was established in 2010 as a collaborative space for the joint re-examination of recent history. [2]We research people and groups not subject to proper scrutiny by corporate media and as such, poorly treated by Wikipedia. Wikispooks is particularly focused on those official narratives which do not seem to fit the facts, such as the 9/11 event and concepts such as the "war on terror" or the "war on drugs".
We are an open source wiki,so unlike Wikipedia all changes to pages are recorded and publicly available. Wikispooks has no bias towards commercially-controlled media or such other establishment institutions - sources are welcomed to the extent that they help shed light on the murky business of deep politics, which by design aims to be difficult to fathom. As a 100% volunteer project, Wikispooks is not beho
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Egyptian parliament votes to extend presidential al-Sisi's rulership to 2030

Deputies also backed other sweeping changes to the constitution including to give the military greater influence in political life as well as granting Sisi more control over the judiciary.
This is how dictatorships are created nowadays. It doesn't take a military putsch anymore, only a parliament full of obedient stooges who will do whatever you tell them.
He won his first term as president in 2014 and was re-elected in March 2018 with more than 97 percent of the vote, after standing virtually unopposed.

The 596-seat parliament, which is dominated by Sisi loyalists, was elected in 2015, about a year after Sisi took office.

#Egypt #News #Sisi #Dictatorship #Democracy #Parliament #Rulership #Politics


General election underway in Indonesia

The presidential race pits incumbent Joko "Jokowi" Widodo and his running mate, Indonesian Ulama Council Chairman Ma'ruf Amin, against retired general and longtime rival Prabowo Subianto and multi-millionaire businessman Sandiaga Uno.

People in two districts of Jayapura, the capital of volatile Papua province in Indonesia's east, were unable to vote after ballots and ballot boxes were not delivered.

Prabowo, who has been accused of human rights abuses, ran against Widodo in 2014, while Uno is a businessman who spent a few months as deputy governor of Jakarta, after the mass rallies against Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (also known as Ahok) who was accused - and later convicted - of blasphemy.

#Indonesia #SouthEastAsia #Asia #FarEast #Widodo #Democracy #Election GeneralElection #Election2019 #Elections2019 #News #Politics

Petition contre l'extradition de Julian Assange

Juan Branco : "La France doit accueillir Julian Assange"

#assange #wikileaks #freedom #petition #hero #juanbranco #democracy

Petition contre l'extradition de Julian Assange

Juan Branco : "La France doit accueillir Julian Assange"

#assange #wikileaks #freedom #petition #hero #juanbranco #democracy

Afghan chief executive says the Taliban is to blame for prolonging the war in his country. #Taliban #Afghanistan #Elections #Democracy #War&Conflict


«On the needs Democrats don't adress», by Rahm Emanuel, 44th mayor of Chicago

Here’s my concern. While both these strategies may have something to recommend them, Democrats are missing a crucial third prong. While we are fighting for new rights, we also need to demand a reinvigorated sense of responsibility. We cannot simply promise the country more—we need also to ask more of one another. The Democratic Party is strongest when we challenge the public to give, not just promise the public more of what they get.

Democrats, however, also need to address a crisis bubbling below the surface: the sense that the country is being ripped apart, that red and blue America are alienated from each other, and that America’s higher moral purpose is being shredded by the divisive tenor of the national debate.

We can begin by issuing a simple but powerful call: a policy that requires all 18-year-olds to give at least six months of their life to national service. People from different walks of life, with different ba
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Are the US a democracy after all?

That the two sides in that tussle tend to fall along party lines, each preferring the term that resembles their party name, plays no small part in the debate. But members of the conservative group also brought to the table the argument that K-12 social studies should be based on a close, originalist reading of the United States’ founding documents.

These documents are closely examined. While schools can teach material not included in them, they shape the content in standardized tests, and many educators rely heavily on the standards as they craft lesson plans. Student teachers are trained to use them.

The Michigan Department of Education invited Mr. Colbeck to participate in the standards-writing process after he submitted a 13 page critique of a 2015 draft of the document. Mr. Colbeck, a former aerospace engineer who became active in politics through the Tea Party movement, saw liberal bias throughout the standards.
Asked to name the influences on his view of American history,
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Chomsky: Arrest of Assange Is “Scandalous” and Highlights Shocking Extraterritorial Reach of U.S.

#Assange #Chomsky #democracy #now


Georgia approves of bill to introduce board to rule over ethics of journalism

(Is it too surprising that out of all, five Republican lawmakers introduced such a bill to create a board which, coincidentally, preferably Republican lawmakers are going to occupy, to rule what are the ethics of journalism? In times in which Trump declared the Free Press to be the enemy of the people? If you asked me, the sole threat to the First Amendment are people who try to control the Free Press, no matter in which way. It's not the haunting ghost of Political Correctness some people fear to watch over them, but a state that tries to control what you are allowed to hear and read, and what not. This is what we seem to currently experience in the ruby-red state of Georgia, ruled by a man they call Brian Kemp. Thanks a lot for your listening.)
The Journalism Ethics Board, described in the bill as an “independent body,” would be based at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism. The University System of Georgia’s chance
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Prominent scientists, artists and intellectuals ask people to vote rationally as the country goes to polls on Thursday. #Indiaelections2019 #India #NarendraModi #BharatiyaJanataParty #Democracy #Media #Asia


Leaders of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong found guilty

Defence lawyers started making their arguments on sentencing on Tuesday afternoon, but the process will continue into Wednesday. In the meantime, District Court Judge Johnny Chan extended the bail period so that the activists did not need to be kept behind bars overnight.
Barrister Gerard McCoy – representing the “Occupy trio” of Benny Tai, Chan Kin-man and Chu Yiu-ming – made an impassioned plea in court, saying that the three men’s motives “can only be described as altruistic and selfless.”

Chu also recounted his struggle with illness, his involvement with various pro-democracy groups, and how he eventually played a role in the Umbrella Movement.

#HongKong #HK #China #PRChina #Asia #FarEast #UmbrellaMovement #Democracy #Autocracy #Authoritarianism #News #Politics
‘Altruistic and selfless motivation’: Hong Kong court hears sentencing arguments from Umbrella Movement 9

UK poised to embrace authoritarianism

Public attitudes emerge that ‘challenge core tenets of our democracy’, says report.

#UK #politics #democracy #authoritarianism

#UK #politics #democracy

Good News Bad News Fake News - propaganda empires strike back

Snowden revelation: Russians sometimes good!

“Russian people are warm, they are clever. It’s a beautiful country. Their government is the problem not the people.”

Merkel is Queen Europe: “She is, whether you like it or not, the leader of Europe and as a really senior statesman, she can set new norms of behavior.”

“if the only place an American whistleblower can be safe is in Russia?”

“Make a whistleblower protection law, based on public interest – and stand in for this”

“Now, if a R... show more

Good News Bad News Fake News - propaganda empires strike back

Snowden revelation: Russians sometimes good!

“Russian people are warm, they are clever. It’s a beautiful country. Their government is the problem not the people.”

Merkel is Queen Europe: “She is, whether you like it or not, the leader of Europe and as a really senior statesman, she can set new norms of behavior.”

“if the only place an American whistleblower can be safe is in Russia?”

“Make a whistleblower protection law, based on public interest – and stand in for this”

“Now, if a R... show more


Snowden revelation: Russians sometimes good!

“Russian people are warm, they are clever. It’s a beautiful country. Their government is the problem not the people.”


I did not realize until today, how much articles of Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) are in English and English only. (Germany currently #10 in EU English proficiency (src:... show more

Femi Oluwole and Claire Fox debate Britain's shambolic attempt to leave the European Union. #Brexit #UnitedKingdom #Europe #EuropeanUnion #Democracy #TheresaMay


ILPS condemns Duterte for slander and intimidation

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), which I represent as Chairperson of the International Coordinating Committee (ICC), hereby condemns in the strongest terms the attempt of the notorious Duterte regime to slander the ILPS and misrepresent it as the international network and International Department of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) for the purpose of intimidating the legal and patriotic and progressive organizations of Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad.

Contrary to the false claim of the Duterte regime, the ILPS is a broad alliance of hundreds of anti-imperialist and democratic mass organizations in scores of countries from all continents. The ICC, its supreme leading organ, is elected by the International Assembly and is restricted by the ILPS Charter from having more than three members from the same country, thus preempting control of the ILPS by any single country or organization.

The Duterte regime’s attack on the ILPS is an extension of... show more


A Rejoinder to the Malicious and Slanderous Publicity of the AFP-PNP On the NPA’S Improvised Explosive Devices and on “Localized Peace Talks” to Malign the Revolutionary Movement in the Ilocos-Cordillera

Since the time the NPA have been using the so-called Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) to advance the National Democratic Revolution through People’s War against the Filipino people’s three basic problems of US imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism, the fascist commanding officers of the reactionary AFP-PNP forces – who are the candid protectors of the big landlords and big comprador bourgeoisie and their US-imperialist master – blatantly shout that the revolutionary Army of the Filipino people are the violators of the international laws and rules of war. The NPA’s National Operations Command (NOC) has often made clarifications that NPA commanders and combatants always and at all times adhere to the laws and rules of war in waging the People’s War. Nonetheless, the AFP-PNP commanders conti... show more

The Day approaches!

"The (Australian Electoral Commission) has hired researchers at Deakin University to help them improve the way polling places are laid out and staff are allocated, to keep the queues moving.

"In their lives the average adult Australian will eat about 40 democracy sausages or election cakes … so it's important we get it right," Mr Rogers (Electoral Comissioner) said.

#democracy #sausage #DemocracySausage #ozpol


Tactical offensives are the NPA’s answers to the worsening fascism of the Duterte regime

Just two days after the successful tactical offensive of the NPA in Mt. Gunggung-o, Bauko, Mountain Province, the AFP-PNP has launched a full-scale pursuit operation to recoup from their losses and save face. But once again Red fighters of Leonardo Pacsi Command had proven their readiness when they launched a harassment operation against the operating troops in Mt. Makilakilat of the adjascent northern barangays of the municipality of Tadian at 1:30pm this day.

Claims of the AFP/PNP that they launched the operation to simply flush out the NPA in Mountain Province is preposterous. The 54th IB has set up their detachment long ago near the Hedcor Tapping Station at Brgy. Otucan Norte, Bauko to protect the corporate interest of the company. Just recently, the said detachment of the 54th IB was transfered to a nearby hill. It is being fortified indicative that it will be there for good despite opposition of the residents thereat. The detachment definitely serv... show more

Trump should learn from Obama how to deal with Russia - Press Conference Obama Merkel Berlin Populism

“Russia is an important country. It is a military superpower – in order for us to solve many big problems around the world – it is in our interest – to work with Russia and obtain their cooperation”

“We all hope for a successful Russia, where people have jobs and economy is growing”

“A Russia that has good relationships with their neighbors”

“I sought a c... show more


Erdoğan's AK Party suffers losses, CHP wins in Istanbul

With nearly 98.8 percent of Istanbul's ballots counted at 11:55 p.m., AK Party candidate Binali Yıldırım of the People's Alliance held onto a slim lead with 48.71 percent of the vote, against main CHP's Ekrem Imamoğlu of the Nation Alliance with 48.65 percent of the vote. The difference between the two candidates remain lower than 5,000 votes.

In Turkey's third largest city Izmir, CHP candidate Tunç Soyer is projected to comfortably win the election with 58.06 percent of the vote against AK Party's Nihat Zeybekci with 38.49 percent, as nearly 92 percent of the votes have been counted.
Still, many of these results are comparably narrow, with percentaged achievements not above the 60 percent-margin. I mean, one should have more voters at one's side beyond 56 percent of utmost power. This is low, and is going to leave many voters alike depressed, and unheard.
In MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli's hometown, southern Turkey's Osman
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This analysis has some faults, but I think it may be very useful.

#right #left #alt-right #playbook #capitalism #democracy #hierarchy #equality

Russiagate skeptic Aaron Mate and Trump biographer David Cay Johnston debate the conclusions of the Mueller report. #DonaldTrump #UnitedStates #MuellerProbe #Democracy #Russia #USElections2016 #US&Canada

A group of human rights defenders raise their voices against Europe's last dictatorship. #HumanRights #Belarus #CivilRights #Europe #Russia #Democracy


We should congratulate the #rightists.

They are very good at what they do.

Unfortunately, what they do is they replace #Democracy with a regime of #totalitarian #statist #intolerance.

Rightists, when they are in the opposition, whine about how democracy sucks because they think it means "majority rule", and "winner take all".
#Liberals, #Democrats and other #centrists say no, democracy also protects the equal rights of the #minority and the #individual.
But... when rightists win, they say "We are now the majority. We win. We rule you, We will now crush the #opposition".

Kyaw Kyaw and the Rebel Riot Band use music to stand up against oppression and anti-Muslim hate speech in Myanmar. #Music #Myanmar #HumanRights #Buddhism #Democracy #Rohingya #Religion #AsiaPacific

#Africa #ForeignNews #Democracy #ArabSpring #Algeria's Army Chief Calls for Removal of President #Bouteflika| News | teleSUR English
Seems like it's over for the president. I imagine the protesters want the entire leadership replaced too.

#Africa #ForeignNews #Democracy #ArabSpring #Algeria's Army Chief Calls for Removal of President #Bouteflika| News | teleSUR English

Seems like it's over for the president. I imagine the protesters want the entire leadership replaced too.


Who has the power - who's making the laws?

#eu #copyright #press #news #politics #election #democracy


Who has the power - who's making the laws?

#eu #copyright #press #news #politics #election #democracy

Some people argue that this is a sort #technophilia, that I think everybody should #program because I think that what I do is more important than what people want to do.

But it's not so.

I want to share my knowledge because I think that it's actually useful to people and democracy in itself.

#Democracy cannot work if people can be easily manipulated.

And you cannot manipulate a #hacker.

#Informatics is to #Computers what #Astronomy is to telescopes.

There's much, much more. 😉

“ #Democratic #confederalism not only has the potential to overcome the problems originating from the nation-state systematic, it is also the most appropriate tool with which to politicize society. It is simple and implementable. Each community, ethnicity, culture, religious community, intellectual movement, economic unit, etc., can autonomously configure and express themselves as a political unit. Whether federate or #autonomous, the concept of the self should be seen in this framework and scope. Each self has the chance to form a confederation from the local to the global. The most fundamental factor of the local is the right to free discussion and the right to make decisions. Each self or federate unit is unique because it has the chance to implement direct #... show more

DEMOCRATIC CONFEDERALISM: This kind of rule or administration can be called a non-state political administration, or #democracy without a state. Democratic decision-making processes must not be confused with the processes known from public administration. States only administrate, while democracies govern. States are founded on power; democracies are based on collective consensus. Office in the state is determined by decree, even though it may in part be legitimized by elections. Democracies use direct elections. The state uses coercion as a legitimate means. Democracies rest on voluntary participation.
Democratic confederalism is open towards other political groups and factions. It is flexible, multicultural, anti-monopolistic and consensus-oriented. #Ecology and #feminism are central pillars. In the frame of this kind of self-governance an altern... show more