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#DeleteFacebook #deleteTwitter. Es kann nicht nur falsch sein, Datenhändlern mit ihren geschlossenen Plattformen den Rücken zu kehren.
Herr #Habek könnte die Gelegenheit nutzen und dem #Fediverse beitreten.

#Mastodon's 2 Year Anniversary marks huge growth. #socialnetwork #DeleteFacebook #deletetwitter

Lots of people moving from #Twitter to #Mastodon lately. If you or someone you know is doing this, please let them know about the Mastodon Bridge tool:

The tool lets people find their Twitter friends on Mastodon, it's really simple to use and makes transitioning from Twitter to Mastodon much easier.

#DeleteTwitter #Federation #Fediverse

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If you know someone who is a #Twitter enthusiast but they're sick of the trolling, and maybe sick of the ads too, why not suggest to them to try out the most popular privacy-conscious alternative, #Mastodon?

The atmosphere on Mastodon is much friendlier and less toxic than Twitter. The #ContentWarning system makes it easier to avoid getting entangled in flame wars about political opinions, which keeps things more civil than on the #BirdSite.

p.s. If you're interested in starting your own Mastodon instance but don't want all the fuss of setting up a server, you can very easily get fully managed Mastodon hosting at

#MicroBlogging #Privacy #DeleteTwitter
Ethical alternatives to Twitter

A lot of people thinking about switching from #Twitter to #Mastodon right now, for many different reasons.

If you know a Twitter user who is considering the switch, here are some resources to help them:

Official Site

Some stable general example instances where they can sign up:

How does Mastodon work?

Mastodon info incl. links to mobile apps
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3...2...1... GO! #deletetwitter anyone? ;)

#Twitter sold data access to Cambridge Analytica-linked researcher