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Interview with Justin Sun from TRON

hoergen - 2019-05-16 06:30:40 GMT

The interview ist about the actual state of the project and further developements, with Bittorrent, privacy for anonymous transfers, team growth, about the CTO that was fired and more

#Cryptocurrency #TRON #TRX #Bittorrent #BTT #Blockchain

Thursday evening, The Wall Street Journal dropped a bombshell report about the social media company’s efforts in blockchain, specifically that it is working on a building a full payments network and is in discussions with payment networks Visa and Mastercard to support it. At the center of its efforts is a stable coin, dubbed Libra, according to the report.
Компания Facebook Inc., оператор крупнейшей в мире социальной сети Facebook, приобре
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Tron blockchain on the cusp of achieving 1000 smart contracts milestone

The TRON ecosystem has been seeing major success ever since the launch of its MainNet, nearly a year ago. Meanwhile, the number of TRON smart contracts continues to grow, as developers leave Ethereum in search of better, faster networks.
#trx #tron #SmartContract #blockchain #Cryptocurrency
Tron blockchain on the cusp of achieving 1000 smart contracts milestone


Here’s what awaits Tron’s TRX price during this month

Sehr interessanter und ausführlicher Artikel

Let’s look at Tron’s Tronix or TRX, 11th coin in the world by market capitalization which is enormous if you take the market as a whole, but not so big when compared with Bitcoin or Ethereum, even XRP. It reached a peak on February 6th. But that was the peak. The token had been moving up since the previous December (which is what you should expect from early arrivers).
#Cryptocurrency #TRX #TRON #Blockchain #SmartContract #dAPP
May 2019: Here’s what awaits Tron’s TRX price during this month

Where’s my surprised face? From the guys who said there is no fractional reserve system in #cryptocurrency

„#Tether Says Stablecoin Is Only Backed 74% by Cash, Securities“

запускаю проект своего хостинга. пока на чужой площадке.
хотите VPS за крипту? их есть у меня =)
Локация пока Россия, но это только пока.

VPS для разных задач
Предлагаю три группы та
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E*Trade Is Close to Launching Cryptocurrency Trading

HN Discussion:
Posted by petethomas (karma: 32128)
Post stats: Points: 114 - Comments: 53 - 2019-04-26T23:21:13Z

#HackerNews #close #cryptocurrency #e*trade #launching #trading
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Another few months have passed. Time to check #cryptocurrency land. I’m sure it has stabilised and should be worth … ah. Hum. #nevermind

With all the conspiracy theorists and libertarians in #cryptocurrency land, I wonder. Anyone running a giant mining farm on #FreeEnergy or #ColdFusion? #Sarcasm

Xin chào mọi người,
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eva air hcm
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#blockchain and #cryptocurrency conferences where you can only pay your conference ticket with EUR or USD neatly sums up the current state of affairs ;)

#cryptocurrency enthusiasts: “it’s about freedom! Anonymous! Untraceable!”

Also #cryptocurrency enthusiasts: “look what #wikileaks did with the #bitcoin in their wallet! That’s why exchange rate dipped!”


Bitcoin: Our Future Depends On It

New Issue of The Beck Chain, "Bitcoin: Our Future Depends On It", read it NOW! Thoughts & comments encouraged. #bitcoin #fiat #gold #cryptocurrency #surveillance
Bitcoin: Our Future Depends On It

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