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NirSoft, a collection of small and useful freeware utilities

Password Recovery Utilities WebBrowserPassView - View the passwords stored by your Web browser (Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera) Mail PassView - Recover the passwords of…

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Discarded Coca Cola bottle on auction for $100,000

The bottle, which is currently up for bid on the site Morphy Auctions, features a 700-word description that beats out the length of most obituaries. (Not to say that your life is any less exciting than the history of a Coca-Cola bottle.) “This is the only known bottle of its type that has surfaced completely intact,” explains the auction house. “Advanced bottle collectors we have consulted consider it to be extremely rare and important.”

So what’s so important about an empty bottle? According to Morphy, in 1915, Coca-Cola devised a plan to come up with an iconic bottle design fitting its brand. Eight different glass houses submitted prototypes, but a design from Earl R. Dean at the Root Glass Company won out. However, Cola-Cola realized “alterations would have to be made on the lower and middle diameters of the bottle in order to make it more practical and so it would fit in the modern bottling machinery.” As a result, this particular bottle, billed as
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By BBH Singapore


According to a 2018 McKinsey report, China boasts 114 of the world’s 147 female, self-made billionaires (America has 14). And almost 50% more women hold professional or technical jobs for every 100 men in the Philippines. Asia is one of the most progressive regions for women, yet stereotypes of what Asian women are like and look like persist. BBH Singapore’s ‘See Different’ collection of images seeks to change that by showing the true diversity and personality of women across the Asian region.
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New Bill Would Stop NSA’s Mass Collection of U.S. Phone Data

The surveillance giant shut down its flawed dragnet last year. Four legislators are trying to stop one of the security state’s most infamous post-9/11 programs from returning.
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A #collection of #antique, #vintage and#retro items for #sale. There could be something you #collect.



"a collection of gundam artwork from around the web"
Tags: #dandelíon #gundam #collection #tumblr #geek #artwork

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"a collection of gundam artwork from around the web"
Tags: #dandelíon #gundam #collection #tumblr #geek #artwork

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I've Put My #Photos Up For #Sale! 🎉🎉🎉

After several days of #work, I've narrowed my #collection down to a handful of good #pictures, uploaded them #online and added them to my #website. (

Due to a quirk in my #student VISA, I cannot #sell the #prints myself, but you can #buy them (and other related products) from my stores on:
- Redbubble (
- Society6 (

Any #support is appeciated, if you're not personally interested in these types of things (which is understandable) I would be really glad if you were to notify someone who is...

I'll also be leaving a small comment under each item individually over the next few days... just a little heads up... (\^u^)
#diaspora #mywork #project #picture #photo #photograph #photography


The Book of Secret Knowledge – A collection of lists, blogs, hacks

:star: A collection of awesome lists, manuals, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools and more. - trimstray/the-book-of-secret-knowledge
Article word count: 43

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Facebook broad data collection ruled illegal by German anti-trust office

#anti #broad #collection #data #facebook #german #illegal #office #ruled #trust

The 773 Million Record "Collection #1" Data Breach....Many people will land on this page after learning that their email address has appeared in a data breach I've called "Collection #1". Most of them won't have a tech background or be familiar with the concept of credential stuffing so I'm going to write this post for the masses and link out to more detailed material for those who want to go deeper.
Let's start with the raw numbers because that's the headline,then I'll drill down into where it's from and what it's composed of. Collection #1 is a set of email addresses and passwords totalling 2,692,818,238 rows.It's made up of many different individual data breaches from literally thousands of different sources. (And yes, fellow techies,that's a sizeable amount more than a 32-bit integer can hold.)
“Collection #1”, its statistics are as impr
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Hola ! J'ai quelques vieilles radios à donner, mais je n'ai pas du tout envie de m'occuper de l'expédition...donc à récupérer à #Pau.
Y'a pas urgence mais faut que je m'en débarasse d'ici 4 ou 5 mois.

Repouets appréciés !

#radio #techno #brocante #récupération #collection #électronique