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Source Code for Zork, Hitchhiker’s Guide, and Other Infocom Games on GitHub

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Posted by laurent123456 (karma: 4420)
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Adblock Plus filter lists may execute arbitrary code in web pages

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Posted by dessant (karma: 702)
Post stats: Points: 167 - Comments: 68 - 2019-04-15T15:47:08Z

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Why I Switched from Visual Studio Code to JetBrains WebStorm

As I started my first JavaScript project in 2015 I used JetBrains WebStorm which is an IDE (integrated development environment) for JavaScript development. I was already used to JetBrains IDEs as I…
Article word count: 1291

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Posted by philonoist (karma: 1375)
Post stats: Points: 94 - Comments: 97 - 2019-04-13T05:21:34Z

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VSCodium – An Open Source Visual Studio Code Without Trackers

VSCodium is a tracking-free, free and open source clone of Microsoft's Visual Studio Code created so that developers will not have to build VS Code from source which contains telemetry/trackers.
Article word count: 473

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Posted by arthurz (karma: 87)
Post stats: Points: 137 - Comments: 76 - 2019-04-13T00:00:05Z

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Dans l'age du Cyberspace, la loi c'est le code

#code #loi #internet #cyberespace #liberté #gafam #décentratlisation
Code is Law – Traduction française du célèbre article de Lawrence Lessig


Cloud Code – A new set of plug-ins for IntelliJ and VS Code

Cloud Code, a new set of plug-ins for IntelliJ and VS Code, makes it easy to rapidly build, debug, and deploy to Kubernetes, using the tools you already have.
Article word count: 752

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Posted by sandGorgon (karma: 8213)
Post stats: Points: 126 - Comments: 55 - 2019-04-10T17:33:15Z

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Aroma: Using machine learning for code recommendation

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Posted by moneil971 (karma: 254)
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I can TOO get / Satisfaction...

I have a third-party tool called checkhost that's intended to work with Bacula, and is intended to be used as a run-before-job script to verify that a client is on the network (and optionally send it a WAKEONLAN packet). Ever since I wrote it, it's always just opened the client's FD port using Net::Telnet to verify that the client's FD is listening. But in Bacula 9.4.2, the connection without sending a "hello" is reported as an error.

An hour's work, and that functionality is re-implemented using IO::Socket::INET and now makes proper use of the recently-added Bacula ping functionality.

Enter satisfaction.

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Installing Microsoft Visual Studio Code on Linux is a snap

#code #installing #linux #microsoft #snap #studio #visual


Show HN: 300k lines of Java UI code running native in browser at desktop speed

RMStudio is a page layout application to design templates for the ReportMill reporting tool. The same RMStudio page layout designer written for the desktop and available as a native Windows/MacOS…

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Posted by jeffreportmill1 (karma: 188)
Post stats: Points: 113 - Comments: 89 - 2019-04-05T12:24:21Z

#HackerNews #300k #browser #code #desktop #java #lines #native #running #show #speed
Article content:

RMStudio is a page layout application to design templates for the ReportMill reporting tool. The same RMStudio page layout designer written for the desktop and available as a native Windows/MacOS application is now available in the browser!

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Cog: Use pieces of Python code as generators in your source files

Created 10 February 2004, last updated 2 April 2019 An older version of this document is also available in Russian. Cog is a file generation tool. It lets you use pieces of Python code as generators…
Article word count: 2312

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Posted by ingve (karma: 100951)
Post stats: Points: 113 - Comments: 61 - 2019-04-03T19:23:28Z

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#code #dev #bd

Rhâ mais j'aime tellement ce blog. Et hop un truc en plus dans mes flux RSS.
#code #dev #bd


Ask HN: I will pay you $2000 and code the MVP for your side-project

Premise 1: Investors/Incubators over-estimate their ability to pick good ideas/startups.

Premise 2: Software by a lone developer is not pragmatically different from software by a big A-team. It’s the market fit and marketing / sales that makes or breaks the project.

Premise 3: Most freelancers will not build and/or follow-through with their ideas, because they are not sure it will sell.

Premise 4: HackerNews has a decent number of people who know how the world works, and how a little glue would make it better.

Based on these premises I present The Proposition 2.0 (following version 1.0 [1]):

I’ll pay you $500 for your “real-life problem that needs a software fix” idea and market validation / research. I will build the MVP and give you another $1500 to bring us our first paying customer(s). We split the resulting product 80-20 as co-founders.

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Share freedom – Extensión de 🦊 Firefox para compartir en el fediverso

Después de un rato testeando para uso personal, libero el addon para compartir paginas al fediverso. Simple y sencillo. Después escribiré una entrada en mi blog mas detallada, ya que ahorita gitlab pages no permite hacer nada y estoy tratando de que arranque el changarro.
Aquí esta el repo (en ingles). Disfrutenla 😘 licencia GPL v3. SoftwareLibre

Nota: proyecto inspirado por el proyecto share freedom de @victorhck y kim, quien amablemente me proporciono el logo del mismo 😁
#softwarelibre #freesoftware #firefox #fediverse #fediverso #culturalibre #gpl #code

In a future not so far away, one Artificial Intelligence prevailed above all other AI’s and their governments. Society has migrated to a permanently integrated reality connected to a single neural network which continuously optimizes their experiences by processing personal data.

Nathan, an outsider still refusing to comply to the new system, is making a living off the grid as a smuggler of modded hardware and cracked software. Geared up with his custom headset, he is among the few that can still switch AR off and see reality for what it is.

VALENBERG [Pixel Art, Animation] MASTER BOOT RECORD [Story, Music, FX] ELDER0010 [Code, Text Mode, Hacking]

The musics are fucking cool ! And it’s VALENBERG on the pixel art, you know, the guy behind Perturbator music video !!!

Take a look at the announcement .

#game #linux #pixelart #pixel #metal #music
#art #hack #privacy #hardware #software
#hacking #cyberpunk #cyber #punk #future
#AI #government #steam #code #reality


Prince Of Persia Code Review (2013)

On Apr 17, 2012 Jordan Mechner released the source code of Prince of Persia. Even though it is the Apple II version written in 6502 assembly language, it was a pleasant experience to dive in the code…
Article word count: 973

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Posted by Reedx (karma: 2924)
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The GNU nano. Version 4.0!

2019 March 24 - GNU nano 4.0 "Thy Rope of Sands"

  • An overlong line is no longer automatically hard-wrapped.
  • Smooth scrolling (one line at a time) has become the default.
  • A newline character is no longer automatically added at end of buffer.
  • The line below the title bar is by default part of the editing space.
  • Option --breaklonglines (-b) turns automatic hard-wrapping back on.
  • Option --jumpyscrolling (-j) gives the chunky, half-screen scrolling.
  • Option --finalnewline (-f) brings back the automatic newline at EOF.
  • Option --emptyline (-e) leaves the line below the title bar unused.
  • <Alt+Up> and <Alt+Down> now do a linewise scroll instead of a findnext.
  • Any number of justifications can be undone (like all other operations).
  • When marked text
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I'm looking for #recommendations on a new #text #editor- preferably with:I have #manuskript - nice, but no #wysiwyg #viewer (unless I missed it). I just tried #Atom - nice - has a wysiwyg viewer, and supports #mermaid , but heavily focused on #coding. Has #foldable text, but it doesn't work, presumably because I'm not coding. I've tried #libreoffice - too clunky.

what do you use?


Heads up, PuTTY users
Venerable SSH client PuTTY has received a pile of security patches, with its lead maintainer admitting to the The Register that one fixed a "'game over' level vulnerability".
Yes, seriously, if you use PuTTY, update. NOW.

#code #security #tech


VS Code on a Remote Server

Run VS Code on a remote server. Contribute to codercom/code-server development by creating an account on GitHub.
Article word count: 34

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Posted by maxfan8 (karma: 40)
Post stats: Points: 144 - Comments: 48 - 2019-03-14T21:29:15Z

#HackerNews #code #remote #server
Article content:


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#GoLang is kind of fun and amusing after doing it for a while during this year.

The thing is though, I feel that I spend a huge amount of time writing #code in a way that is ok for the compiler rather than actually solving problems or implementing features. This feels frustrating and unnecessary. If I had the feeling this time was spent on making my code better it would feel justified. But instead it feels like one of those cyclomatic complexity measurements where you end up splitting things into smaller pieces just to appease a linter while making the code logic more harder to read and follow.



Principal component analysis: pictures, code and proofs (2018)

The code used to generate the plots for this post can be found here.
Article word count: 1808

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Posted by stuffypages (karma: 75)
Post stats: Points: 135 - Comments: 22 - 2019-03-11T04:06:21Z

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Launch HN: Mudrex (YC W19) – Automated Trading Without Code

Hello, HN!

We're Rohit, Edul, Prince, Alankar and Snehil. We’re building Mudrex (

Mudrex helps traders automate their trading without having to code and spend a lot of time and money building infrastructure. Though we have started with cryptocurrency trading first, our goal is to help anyone who wants to get into automated trading or investing across any asset class.

We had been trading cryptocurrencies for some time and were not able to track trading opportunities across 1000s of currency pairs for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We thought of automating our trades, but faced challenges like being unable to access historical data, building a testing framework to test strategies on historical or live data, and maintaining connections and orders on multiple exchanges. Also, since it was all coded we were not able to quickly iterate on tr... show more

Es reicht nicht mehr nur, den Code zu kennen – vor allem in Zeiten von maschinellem Lernen und neuronalen Netzen. Warum mehr Ethik beim Programmieren und Entwickeln für unsere Demokratie wichtig ist.
Darum sollten Schüler Programmieren nicht nur lernen, sondern auch reflektieren

Digitalistan: Darum sollten Schüler Programmieren nicht nur lernen, sondern auch reflektieren (Ildiko Holderer)

#Programmieren #Code #Ethik #KünstlicheIntelligenz


Notepad++ drops code signing for its releases

06 Mar 2019 14:33:00 When you install Notepad++ version 7.6.4, You might notice there's no more blue-trusted UAC popup. Here's the explanation for the reason that we remove code signing from Notepad++…
Article word count: 315

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Posted by pmh (karma: 881)
Post stats: Points: 201 - Comments: 116 - 2019-03-07T16:27:03Z

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[PATCH]nfsd: fix memory corruption caused by readdir
Can I still get extra credit for fixing a bug that is 14.5 years old, if
I’m the one who introduced it?
#code #bugs #heroes #QA


Prototype iPhones That Hackers Use to Research Apple’s Most Sensitive Code

Very few people have heard of them, but "dev-fused" iPhones sold on the grey market are one of the most important tools for the best iOS hackers in the world.
Article word count: 3948

HN Discussion:
Posted by runesoerensen (karma: 25457)
Post stats: Points: 154 - Comments: 34 - 2019-03-06T18:30:12Z

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Transform ML models into native code with zero dependencies

Transform ML models into a native code (Java, C, Python, etc.) with zero dependencies - BayesWitnesses/m2cgen
Article word count: 34

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Posted by ghosthamlet (karma: 3471)
Post stats: Points: 131 - Comments: 17 - 2019-03-05T02:57:59Z

#HackerNews #code #dependencies #into #models #native #transform #with #zero
Article content:


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Generating C code that people want to use

Project Everest is a large, collaborative research effort that aims to verify and deploy a new, secure HTTPS stack. All of our code is verified using the F* programming language. Using KreMLin, a…
Article word count: 1683

HN Discussion:
Posted by bibyte (karma: 115)
Post stats: Points: 138 - Comments: 40 - 2019-03-04T19:25:50Z

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