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Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R - KY) shortens time periodlawmakers have to discuss executive branch nominees

Normally a batch of six nominees could take weeks to confirm, thanks to delay tactics Democrats have employed to stall some of President Drumpf’s judicial and executive branch picks.
But Republicans have significantly shortened the maximum time lawmakers can debate about them and, under the new precedent, debate could only take a few weeks.

“It’s one of this body’s most important responsibilities. And yet, it’s been hampered recently by a campaign of systematic and comprehensive obstruction that stands without precedent in American history.”
To profoundly discuss a nominee to question his capability in terms of avoiding with someone unable to properly fulfill his responsibilities is not an obstruction but a precautionary measurement. I am negatively surprised you don't understand this. Although, on second thought, I am actually not surprised. It suits your previo... show more


Instagram launches in-app checkout capability

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All-new iPad Air and iPad mini deliver dramatic power and capability

Apple today introduced the iPad Air in an all new 10.5-inch model, offering the latest innovations and advanced performance at a more affordable price.

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