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Notre Dame’s place in history | Letters #NotreDame #Worldnews #France #Europe #Spain #WilliamGolding #Books

Companies know once you open that pandora's box, you can't close it right? Why put it on Github if you don't want people to have it? #gitclone

Srećko Horvat: ‘The current system is more violent than any revolution’ #Philosophybooks #Politicsbooks #Books #Politics #Croatia #Europe #Worldnews #Culture


À nos ami.e.s

Depuis quelques années, nous avons mis le doigt dans l’engrenage totalisant des GAFAM qui voudraient que vous soyez nos followers, nos fans, et que nous tentions de capter votre attention à coup de posts et autres tweets pour leurs plus grands bénéfices.

Nous avons bien conscience des enjeux de visibilité et de notoriété qu’induisent désormais ces médias sociaux, qui plus est pour une petite maison d’édition et les auteur.e.s qui la composent.

Néanmoins, ce n’est pas là l’histoire que nous souhaitons partager et construire, ni avec les lectrices et lecteurs, ni avec les auteur.e.s.

C’est donc en toute connaissance de cause et peut-être, nous direz-vous, avec beaucoup de naïveté voire de vanité, que nous prenons la décision de ne plus communiquer via Facebook, Twitter et consorts, leur préférant des alternatives libres et décentralisées, lo
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Barcelona school removes 200 sexist children's books #Libraries #Barcelona #Europe #Books #Culture #Childrenandteenagers #Gender #Catalonia #Worldnews #Spain

We Need to Talk About Putin and Putin v the People review – a gut-level patriot #Politicsbooks #Books #Culture #Foreignpolicy #Politics #Russia #Europe #Worldnews #VladimirPutin


Library Journal calls for mass book burnings

#NotTheOnion #Leftism #Leftists #Leftist #Destruction #Library #Books #Literature #PoliticalCorrectness

The Mystic Poetry of the Sants

"It is advisable for a abhyasi satsangi [spiritual practitioner, initiate, disciple] to recite, off and on, the Shabds [hymns, mystic poetry] of vairagya (renunciation), bhakti (devotion) and prem (love)." (Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram)

For Example:

Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Volume One:

Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Volume Two:

One Hundred Songs Of Kabir:

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Hunchback of Notre-Dame goes to top of bestseller list after fire #NotreDame #France #Worldnews #Paris #VictorHugo #Books #Culture #Europe

My anti-fascist novel Red Hats and Black Masks is now available as an ebook from Guillotine Press. You can get access to Red Hats and Black Masks and the rest of of the Guillotine Press digital archive for just $10 on Patreon.

#books #anarchism #anti-fascism #agitprop

Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #books, #cats, #fiction, #literature, #boardgames #Japan,
#Japanese, #truecrime, #tarot, #witches, and #music.

Slowly working myself up to #deleteFacebook, but not quite there yet!


Maria Popova: By the Book - The New York Times

I don’t have a nightstand per se — my bedroom is rather ascetic, with only a bed nestled between the constellation-painted walls. I do tend to keep a rotating selection of longtime favorites near or in it, to dip into before sleep — “The Little Prince” (which I reread at least once a year every year, and somehow find new wisdom and pertinence to whatever I am going through at the moment), “The Lives of the Heart,” by Jane Hirshfield, “Hope in the Dark,” by Rebecca Solnit, Thoreau’s diaries, “How the Universe Got Its Spots,” by Janna Levin. Of the piles that inevitably accumulate in every room of my house, friends’ books I have recently read and loved tower nearest the bed — part synonym and part antonym to the lovely Japanese concept of tsundoku, the guilt-pile of books acquired with the intention of reading but left unread. Currently among my anti-tsundoku: “Time Travel,” by James Gleick, “Searching for Stars on an I
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Maria Popova: What I Read - The Atlantic

In the evening, after devoting a half hour or so to meditation or yoga, I'll finish the remaining two Pickings articles for the following day and pre-schedule some tweets for the morning. I do some reading before bed: I read and review a lot of books, 10-20 a week (some are art/design, so mostly visual titles). I live and die by Google Reader, but it can become quite a guilt thing with all the items I haven't gotten to. So, every Sunday night at 11 pm, I'll declare "Google Reader bankruptcy" by marking all of my items as "read" -- and then I'm able to start afresh on Monday morning.
The quote above really struck me; I tend to love reading internet content and getting apps for doing so, but it makes anxious, sad, and non-productive to see so many items unread; reading shouldn't be like that...reading is a more contemplative experience. I don't know if I'll use his method, but I will try to ignore the itching.

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I'm Maria Popova, and This Is How I Work

Maria Popova is the mind behind Brain Pickings, a highly influential and addictive curation of the best content from the web and beyond. As she describes it, Brain Pickings is "your LEGO treasure chest, full of pieces across art, design, science, technology, philosophy, history, politics, psychology, sociology, ecology, anthropology, you-name-itology." Maria reads hundreds of things a day (yes, a day!) and posts the best to her blog and constantly-updating Twitter feed. Though Brain Pickings takes over 450 hours of work each month, it's not all Maria does—she's also an editorial director at Lore, a social network for higher education. We talked to Maria about how she manages it all—from the playlists that keep her inspired to the apps that keep her organized.
Knowing what people do and replicate is one of the things I'm trying to apply to my life.

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Anne Brontë and the art of writing mean men | Brief letters #AnneBrontë #Books #Fleabag #JohnCleese #Culture #Ireland #Europe #Worldnews #Monarchy #UKnews


Buchempfehlung: Die Honigfrau (von Agnes Flügel)

In unserer Buchempfehlung "Die Honigfrau - Wie ich meinen Träumen Flügel verlieh" erzählt Agnes Flügel von ihrem beruflichen Neuanfang als Imkerin, nachdem ihr in vielen Berufsjahren in der Medienbranche Zweifel aufkommen. Ihre Liebe zu Natur und Tieren bringt sie dazu, ihren Job als Online-Redakteurin aufzugeben und an der Ostsee eine Imkerei aufzubauen...

Buchempfehlung hier weiterlesen...

#buch #bücher #books #bienen #imkerei #honigfrau #lesen #literatur #natur #nature #beekeeping

'Extraordinary' 500-year-old library catalogue reveals books lost to time #Manuscripts #Books #Culture #Denmark #Europe #Worldnews #Libraries

In Praise of Public Libraries

#books #literature #libraries
In Praise of Public Libraries

In Praise of Public Libraries

#books #literature #libraries
In Praise of Public Libraries


Maria Popova is a brain picker | Dumbo Feather Magazine

“Books are the original internet,” Maria Popova tells me with a grin. She is switched on, ballsy, irresistibly articulate, fully engaged. This is Maria’s gift. She talks about complex ideas in a way that transforms them into something I want to talk about with my friends. She makes big concepts relevant.
What an interesting person, I'm not an usual reader of brain pickings but I will read it more often; I just love self taught people.

#books #brainpicking #MariaPopova #blog #writing #learning
Maria Popova is a brain picker


Place des libraires

"Place des libraires" propose de résister à en offrant un moteur de recherche qui vous permet de trouver le libraire qui possède en stock le livre que vous désirez. Du virtuel au réel. Cette association de librairies indépendantes françaises offre également sur son site des liens vers des blogs littéraires et d’autres ressources liées au livre sur internet.

L’originalité de Place des Libraires est d’apporter aux libraires une solution internet simple permettant d’associer les informations de stocks avec la base de données bibliographique Mediabase contenant plus de 2 millions de livres.
La force d’un réseau de plus de 650 librairies partenaires.

#Livres #books #librairie #amazon

May have to re-read this book. If RAW were around today and were to write an update, I wonder if the Trump Cult/Teabaggers would be included?

#Cult45 #RAW #RobertAntonWilson #Cults #Books #Trump #Teabaggers #RkTheory #Fascism #Spanky

An interesting new project, encourages authors to liberate their books:

It works in three ways:

-Download links to free books

-Download links to free books with optional donations to authors (to thank them for setting their books free)

-Purchase links to books that the author has committed to make free when a certain target is met

(via @paulfree14 )

#Books #eBooks #CreativeCommons

An interesting new project, encourages authors to liberate their books:

It works in three ways:

-Download links to free books

-Download links to free books with optional donations to authors (to thank them for setting their books free)

-Purchase links to books that the author has committed to make free when a certain target is met

(via @paulfree14 )

#Books #eBooks #CreativeCommons

An interesting new project, encourages authors to liberate their books:

It works in three ways:

-Download links to free books

-Download links to free books with optional donations to authors (to thank them for setting their books free)

-Purchase links to books that the author has committed to make free when a certain target is met

(via @paulfree14 )

#Books #eBooks #CreativeCommons

An interesting new project, encourages authors to liberate their books:

It works in three ways:

-Download links to free books

-Download links to free books with optional donations to authors (to thank them for setting their books free)

-Purchase links to books that the author has committed to make free when a certain target is met

(via @paulfree14 )

#Books #eBooks #CreativeCommons

'Italians go for the strongman': Montalbano author on fascism and the future #Italy #Books #Thefarright #Culture #Europe #Worldnews

so very cute! so very catholic! so very religious! so very polish!
saying he had not intended to condemn specific authors, religions or social groups.
so he just wanted to condem all non-catholic authors, all other religions and all social groups outside the catholic church but nobody specific!

in poland the burning of books is generally ok. if you burn the right books ...

#poland #Catholicism #Bücherverbrennung

Bild/FotoThe Guardian wrote the following post Thu, 04 Apr 2019 13:51:23 +0200

Polish priest apologises for Harry Potter book burning
#Books #Poland #Catholicism #JKRowling #Culture #HarryPotter #Christianity #Religion #Europe

Polish priest apologises for Harry Potter book burning #Books #Poland #Catholicism #JKRowling #Culture #HarryPotter #Christianity #Religion #Europe

Microsoft is shutting down its ebook store, and deleting all its customers' libraries:

The only reason they can do this is DRM, which means you never really own anything you've paid for.

Physical books are the most obvious alternative, but there are also DRM-free ebook shops. @libreture has a good selection here:

You can find more book-related alternatives here:

(via @yogthos )

#eBooks #Books #Bookshops #Bookstores
Microsoft announces it will shut down ebook program and confiscate its customers' libraries

I started reading "Stumbling on Happiness" by Daniel Gilbert this week. The book isn't actually about how to be happy, though happiness is discussed. It's about the mind. It's one of the most interesting books I've read about the human mind. #books #psychology #philosophy #mind

This book is surprisingly useful for anybody working in a global/international environment.

In particular there are some combinations of traits and traditions that are unexpected. Despite having spent a good part of my adult life in the US, I never really caught on to the unexpected combination of generally low-context communication ("people say what they mean") EXCEPT for negative feedback. Other unexpected combinations might be quasi-aristocratic, hierarchical organizations with consensus decision making (DE, JP) or flat, egalitarian organizations with centralized decision making (US).

Other interesting dimensions are: deriving from first principle vs. from example, typically influenced by a more Cartesian vs. more empiricist influenced education system or whether a work/project can be disassociated from its creators (i.e. is it possibly to criticize aspects of a project without insulting the family honor of its creators?).

#Books #Reading #Management


When this eBook store closes, your books disappear too

Microsoft's closure of its eBook store is a reminder our digital "belongings" rarely belong to us.
Article word count: 715

HN Discussion:
Posted by yawz (karma: 3199)
Post stats: Points: 99 - Comments: 87 - 2019-04-04T02:21:35Z

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Against Tulip Subsidies | Slate Star Codex

If I were Sanders, I’d propose a different strategy. Make “college degree” a protected characteristic, like race and religion and sexuality. If you’re not allowed to ask a job candidate whether they’re gay, you’re not allowed to ask them whether they’re a college graduate or not. You can give them all sorts of examinations, you can ask them their high school grades and SAT scores, you can ask their work history, but if you ask them if they have a degree then that’s illegal class-based discrimination and you’re going to jail. I realize this is a blatant violation of my usual semi-libertarian principles, but at this point I don’t care.

#college #education #socialdemocracy #socialism #Sanders #degree #university #selflearning #selfstudy #books
Against Tulip Subsidies


More great stories I will never have time to read

Some hard choices here!

#books #scifi #hugo
[attachment type='link' url='' title='2019 Hugo Award Finalists Announced' image='']The finalists for the 2019 Hugo Awards, John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) Award for Best Young Adult Book, and the 1944 Retrospective Hugo Awards …[/attachment]
2019 Hugo Award Finalists Announced


Microsoft removes the Books category from the Microsoft Store

#books #category #microsoft #removes #store

Anti-sorcery post by evangelical Catholic group widely mocked on Facebook

Catholic priests in Poland have burned books that they say promote sorcery, including one of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels, in a ceremony they photographed and posted on Facebook.

Three priests in the northern city of Koszalin were pictured carrying the books in a large basket from inside a church to a stone area outside. The books were set alight as prayers were said and a small group of people watched on. A mask, various trinkets and a “Hello Kitty” umbrella were also visible in the pictures of the makeshift bonfire. #Poland #Catholicism #Censorship #Christianity #Europe #Religion #Worldnews #HarryPotter #JKRowling #Books

Some cool #comic #books I've been #reading lately.


A story of storybook Fables in exile from their magical kingdoms that were conguered by "The Adversary". Fun, well written and not so serious. All those references to old stories and the way they are mixed up is cool. Got five books down, waiting for the next 5 volumes from library.

Letter 44

Story of a US president hearing on his first day of alien contact made during the previous presidents term, which had been kept a secret from even most of government. Some pretty good scifi so far, well drawn, story still quite early to say much. Just finished the first volume, waiting for the next 3 from library.

Paths from the past: historians make sense of Brexit and our current political turmoil #Historybooks #Politicsbooks #Books #Culture #Brexit #EuropeanUnion #Europe

I've been reading "The Power of Habit" recently. Its message and the fascinating research results mentioned, are profound. Basically you can radically change your life for the better with better habits. It goes into neuroscience, psychology, business etc. #habits #goals #books

#books #fantasy #mistborn
Solving the Riddle of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn


Why can’t we read anymore? – Hugh McGuire – Medium

Lately I've been training myself to counter the dopamine social network addiction, I'm using stuff that #SebastianMarshall has talked about for #productivity, like using spreadsheets; this late days I'm feeling weak, but I won't quit.
#Books #reading


First post on friendica

My first post on friendica. I'm italian and I came here to escape the social media dinosaurs and try some shit in the federated universe. I'm already using mastodon, diaspora, pixelfed and hubzilla (in that specific order), so it was about time to explore the friendica environment too.
I'm interested in #music, #literature and #politics. My ears are greedy for #noise, #punk and #psychedelic #garage stuff, but I also dig good «popcrafting» and songwriting and #reggae and #folk and #afrobeat and god knows what (I really like Bob Dylan, yes). I have a music blog called Loud Notes (I write in italian there, sorry). I'm a greedy reader too and I work with #books. My heart, my mind and my body work for anarcho-communism. It feels good to be here.

My first novel, In the Shadows of My Mind, is on sale for 25% off until April 20th. If you’ve wanted to pick it up but haven’t had a chance yet, now’s a good time.

#books #novels #fiction #mywork #southernnoir

“ #Democratic #confederalism not only has the potential to overcome the problems originating from the nation-state systematic, it is also the most appropriate tool with which to politicize society. It is simple and implementable. Each community, ethnicity, culture, religious community, intellectual movement, economic unit, etc., can autonomously configure and express themselves as a political unit. Whether federate or #autonomous, the concept of the self should be seen in this framework and scope. Each self has the chance to form a confederation from the local to the global. The most fundamental factor of the local is the right to free discussion and the right to make decisions. Each self or federate unit is unique because it has the chance to implement direct #... show more