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Elizabeth Warren (D - MA) attacks the big tech companies

Warren, who released her proposal before a rally in New York’s neighborhood where Amazon abruptly canceled its so-called HQ2, called for appointing new regulators and passing legislation to “unwind tech mergers that illegally undermine competition” and prohibit companies from selling their own goods in marketplaces they operate, a clear reference to Amazon’s dominant business.

Internally, however, tech giants have long been gearing up for increasing hostilities in D.C. Facebook has been hiring an army of lobbyists and policy experts in the capital, Amazon is pouring millions into lobbying, and Google set records last year for lobbying spending that reached over $21 million.

“When they spy on their consumers, when they take data without disclosing it, when they use it for things consumers have not approved. Every day brings a creepy new revelation. Of course, the public will want action to defend their rights, it’s only natural. Unless their beha... show more


Is it just me, or are there way more YouTube ads this year?

Never before have I seen two long ads in a row, but it happened three times today…

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Alternative to Youtube and the Censorship Algorithm:

Disclaimer: free speech is welcome on Brighteon much like on Diaspora. You have the power to choose what you want to watch, and what you don't. There is a reasonable set of community guidelines:
You can set up your own video channel for free, and you will NOT be snuffed out by all-powerful algorithms. You grow your channel as you see fit. If you are banned and censored on Youtube, there is an opportunity for you here.
One more thing: on the surface there are many political videos on Brighteon. If you like those, good. If you don't, there are many more non-political videos about natural health, religion, self defense, etc. Find what you like.
I am not sponsored or paid to say this 😀
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Kashmir Hill continues cutting out #BigTech: "I do have a computer, one that I can use for the final two weeks of the experiment: a Librem 13, made by a company called Purism that is fiercely opposed to the tech giants..." #SurveillanceCapitalism

"It's not censorship. Only the government can do that."

I see this claim a lot, and I don't think it's true anymore, at least not without broadening the definition of the word "government". When quite a few of the 50 largest economies in the world are corporations, and many of them govern #BigTech platforms like FB and YT that have more users than many countries have citizens. it's nonsense to say they are not capable of effective censorship.