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dansup - 2019-04-11 05:16:52 GMT
Pixelfed will be a year old in a few days.

I'm a high school dropout that has never taken any CS or computer classes.

Web development is just a hobby of mine, I work in the auto industry.

I'm so proud of this project, I never would have imagined that I could make something like this.

Thank you for helping me realize credentialism isn't so important as you think. ❤️ Bild/Foto

Sitting, chilling by the pool in the sun, the thermometer is reading 27°C. Thinking that it's time for a cool #beer 🍺😎👍🏖️🌞

dansup - 2019-04-04 05:28:10 GMT
I started @fnn as a joke parody news account.

Then it got serious, I'd really like to interview every day fediverse people and give them a platform to share their experiences.

南信州ビールとのコラボの題名の無い 周年ビール!



@Mario P. hat mich mit seinen Bier-Posts neugierig gemacht, so dass ich mir heute spontan ein Bier aus dem "Spezial Bier Regal" von Edeka gegriffen habe. Leider fehlt es mir an den blumigen Worten von Mario, so dass ich mich ganz kurz fasse. Es st ein belgisches Bier, das habe ich erst im Nachhinein gesehen, und es hat eine wirklich schöne dunkelgoldbraune Farbe. Der Alkoholgehalt liegt bei beeindruckenden 10%v. - die Bezeichnung "Triple Tripel" hätte mir wahrscheinlich eine Warnung sein sollen 😁 Es schmeckt sehr frisch und süffig und hat im Abgang eine starke Hefenote - mir gefällt es, würde es wieder kaufen. Wenn ich mich an Marios Bewertungsskala orientiere, dann würde ich ihm 3,5 von 5 Punkten geben. Uhhhiee, 0,33L und 10% sind nicht zu unterschätzen 😵

#beer #bier #belgien #belgium

♲ Paul Gehrke (
Ihr kennt das ja - #Bier gebraut, fertig gelagert und man braucht mal ganz schnell ein paar #Etiketten...

Beer Labelizer: Create Homebrew Labels for Free

#Tools #Beer #Bier #Bierbrauen

Like you, we end up watching a lot of #streaming television when we aren't exercising, volunteering for charity, starting our own disruptive businesses and so forth. And we see this commercial frequently. It's for a beer drink. In the commercial young, beautiful, multi-culti people who are just like all of us—or at the very least the kinds of people who are close friends with us—are in stiff, physical competition against humanoid robots for reasons I cannot suss out. At the end, the young, beautiful, successful people retire to a bar where they joyfully consume #beer drinks. They agree on the theme. What good is all this frantic, physical activity if we don't pleasure ourselves with beer drinks afterward?

Outside, a #robot peers inside and sees the young people, who clearly are not racist, sexist, unhealthy, poor, or in any other way m... show more

What are your guys' #opinion of #Budweiser? #beer
LBJsPNS said: I would say #consistent rather than #wellmade. It's remarkably consistent given they are constantly trying to #cheapen the ingredients. The problem is it's consistently #mediocre #atbest.

By Alan Kevin Zuñiga


believe in beer neon light sign

Full image: Link


#photography #CC0 #Unsplash #APIRandom #believe #in #beer #neon #light #sign

Invaluable in traffic jams or on Sundays.


Good, would buy again.



In the 19th century, divorced wives were sold for beer

Clayton approached Mr. Wells, professed his love for the man’s wife, and asked if he could marry her. Wells shrugged—for the last two years, his wife had lived with Clayton, and he didn’t care what she did anymore. He told Clayton he could have her “for nowt” (or “nothing”), but Clayton insisted he name his price—he did not want her “so cheaply.” Wells countered with a half-gallon (four pints) of beer, and the three of them went off to the pub. After buying Wells his beer, Clayton also offered to adopt the Wells’s daughter—Mrs. Wells was rather attached to her—and when Mr. Wells accepted, Clayton bought him another pint. Mrs. Wells was so pleased with the arrangement that she purchased an additional half gallon of beer, which the three drank together.
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Classic Kiwi Friday, couple of beers, couple of bourbons, some lovely family time, the beautiful wife's awesome pizza, 2 days off work, livin the dream 💭🍺😋 Have a nice weekend y'all. #kiwi #newzealand #rotorua #beer #beerthirty #theweekend

エビスぺーい :blob_rainbow: #beer

It's #beer o'clock, enjoying a bottle of Freak Scene IPA. First drink of the holidays; cheers everybody #Fediverse raises glass 😀🍻😀

Merry Christmas to you all Team for tomorrow or the next day depending on where your at, hope your time with family and loved ones is special and you all have a enjoyable day, cheers from us in #rotorua
#newzealand #cars #carporn #lols #humour #beer #foodies #newhere #googleplus #musclecars #barnfinds #everybody

It's #beer o'clock. Trying out one I got in a local garden centre shop: Sleighed by Cottage Delight Brewery. Cheers everybody raises glass

It's #beer o'clock, enjoying a can of Endless River IPA (got this one in the Flavourly beer club mixed case). Cheers everybody raises glass

A good article on the state of modern British #pubs: Maybe we'll stay in'll-stay-in #beer #Beer52 #craftbeer

For #beer lovers in the #UK this is a cracking deal. Just got this sent to me by a fellow member of the Beer52 club. 20 beers and two beer glasses for £20.
#beer #UK

Going for a more year round beer now: enjoying a Westermalle Dubbel #Belgian #beer

Enjoying a bottle of Old Farts #beer by the Cottage Delight Brewery. Cheers folks

Excited after seeing this in the local supermarket, not had Leffe Bruin in years #beer

It's #beer o'clock, enjoying a pint of Nessie's Monster Mash from the Cairngorm Brewery. Cheers everybody raises glass