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We performed at #RavenCon this weekend. It was our first long distance trip with both Gwynn #newbaby and our #Tesla. The #Model3 was great! The #Autopilot drove about 85% of the 9 hour drive time including through some of the thickest fog I've ever encountered. We stopped for charging a little more often than we had to because we wanted to make sure we didn't run into problems with the battery and we wanted to feed and change the baby more often. Gwynn ended up sleeping most of the way.
At a couple of points through the Appalachians, the regenerative braking was producing much more power than we were using. One stretch had our projected range maxed out at 999 miles! Heading back today. This has been fun!


Researchers trick Tesla autopilot into driving into opposing traffic

“Woah. Researchers successfully trick @Tesla autopilot into driving into opposing traffic via “small stickers as interference patches on the ground” #adversarialAI #abusabilitytesting (ht @ryanaraine…
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The software that makes decisions in autonomous vehicles (cars, planes, trains) should be required to be #opensource. Public safety is more important than a supposed/perceived competitive advantage. #justsayin #autopilot