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Dear friends,
look at these images of the skylines of #AbuDhabi and #Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. If You are not yet aware of the dimensions of the investments there, this may give you a hint.
This is at the border of a deadly dry #desert under #natural conditions.
So in what did the sheikhs and the corporations trust?
What do they need the most in the desert?
The answer is #WATER WATER and WATER!
Water supplied by #Climate #Geoengineering to increase and extend the oil and gas production by #Nuclear #Fracking the underground (#Underground #Geoengineering).
In addition to that they get enough water to also build a huge desert #farming and #food #industry.
#BigMoney #BigOil #BigPower #BigCrime #BigFood
Desert pirates have become gang members of a global Geoengineering #Crime Gang!

Why #Saudi #Qatar #UAE are attacking #Syria #Yemen & #Iraq?
#fracking #farming #SRM #FightClimateControl #ClimateControl #EarthSystemGovernance #Saudi #Arabia #USA #Dollar #Petrodollar

The whole water cycle is already managed globally. We are in the midst of water wars.
Main method of this war is geophysical warfare!

People who die by measures of #Climate #Geoengineering are not the same who profit from grabbing of this #water!
Wake up and observe what is going on in this world. This example is the impact of water delivery to #Saudi #Arabia for #fracking of #oil and gas and large scale #desert #farming.


Library Of Congress releases 155 digitalised Persian manuscrips

To wish you a Nowruz Pirouz, the library has made 155 rare Persian manuscripts, lithographs, and books dating back to the 13th century available online for the first time. The collection of illuminated manuscripts includes texts such as the Shahnameh, an epic poem about pre-Islamic Persia likened to the Iliad or the Odyssey, along with written accounts of the life of Shah Jahan, the 17th-century Mughal emperor who oversaw construction of the Taj Mahal. Other manuscripts focus on religion, philosophy, and science. Some are written in multiple languages, with passages in Arabic and Turkish. This wide range highlights just how cosmopolitan the collection is.

Most of the collection was acquired by the library during the 1930s, from Kirkor Minassian, an art dealer. Around 40 items were showcased in 2014, just before the digitization process began, with a special focus on materials that are too fragile for display. The project is almost entirely done; there are just 15 or so manuscripts
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Google siding with Saudi Arabia, refuses to remove government app tracking women

Google reviewed the app — called Absher — and ruled that it does not violate any agreements, and therefore will remain on Google Play.
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Look to the sky and look down on the ground!
The #Desert of #Arabia is full of #water.
It is delivered by measures of #Climate #Geoengineering and used there for #industrial #desert #farming and #fracking of #oil and #gas.!
See with Your mind, what Your eyes cannot ignore!


On Saudi-Arabia and its allies

China is already Saudi Arabia's biggest trading partner, and across Asia this week political, religious and ideological differences proved no barrier to doing business. No leader mentioned Khashoggi.

The two countries also have "a lot of synergy," says Fulton. Xi is trying to push his Belt and Road initiative, under which huge amounts of Chinese trade will pass through the Red Sea that borders Saudi Arabia on its way to Europe. The Crown Prince wants to promote his own Vision 2030 economic plan, which would benefit from Chinese investment and technology transfer.

"When you lock up your country's billionaires in the Ritz Carlton it doesn't reassure foreign capital that their investment will be safe," he adds, referring to the detention of high profile Saudi royals at the five-star hotel in Riyadh in an alleged corruption sweep in 2017.
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Desert locusts haunting Egypt and Saudi-Arabia

(Speaking of the seven deadly plagues that were haunting Egypt after the Egyptian pharaoh didn't leave Moses' people go; we had a pink-coloured sea in Melbourne (close enough to red), and now we have a locust plague in Egypt. What's next, God? The death of the firstborn children? Come on, this ain't funny in the book either, and completely exaggerated)
“These locusts are normally present in low numbers in the desert and don’t cause a big problem. But following a large rainfall they can quickly multiply, eventually forming hopper bands or swarms of adults, composed of billions of individual locusts,” Cressman told The Media Line.

“Once they get into rain-fed crops on the edge of the desert, grown by poor farmers, they’re eating an entire livelihood, and then they move into the country and affect national food supplies,” he emphasized.

The FAO Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in the Central Region (CRC), composed of 16 member countries, is co... show more


Shefita - the controversial, yet probable Israeli choice for Eurovision Song Contest

Shefita, otherwise known as Rotem Shefi, is the glammed up singer currently sweeping “HaKochav Haba,” the reality singing competition from Keshet based on the Rising Star franchise.

But Shefita, or Shefi, is 100 percent Jewish, born and raised in the northern city of Carmiel. According to Mako, her father is of Ashkenazi background and her mother is of Yemenite origin, so she may be familiar with Arabic from her grandparents or mother, though that’s not been confirmed.

When it was posted to YouTube, not everyone loved the concept, and some accused Shefi of appropriating Arab culture. Shefi has said in interviews that she did not intend any disrespect or undermining.

Sounds like only SJWs were decrying her. Or maybe I am mistaken, who knows. If someone knows, he or she may feel asked to tell me in the comments.

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«Dutchman's Golden Age» exhibition in Abu Dhabi

“The sketch is part of a group in which ­Rembrandt was looking for the right profile for depicting Jesus in a humanistic way,” says Rose-Marie Mousseaux, the chief curator of the museum. “You can see the intensity throughout the ­composition, and you can really feel it when you stand in front of the painting.”

Dutch Golden Age painting ­describes roughly a century of ­phenomenal artistic production, when Rembrandt, Vermeer, Frans Hals, and others, took to capturing the domestic surroundings and the social life of a country transformed by global trade. The painters worked to a high standard of naturalism, ­executing both history paintings and, influenced by Italian painting, ­Biblical and mythological scenes.

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Pope Francis visits UAE - LIVE coverage

After his meeting with Sheikh Mohamed, Pope Francis signed the ‘Book of Honour’ and presented the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi with a framed medallion depicting a historic meeting between two key figures in Islam and Christianity.

He, along with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, discussed with the Pope "enhancing cooperation, consolidating dialogue, tolerance, human coexistence & important initiatives to achieve peace, stability and development for peoples and societies," according to this tweet...

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Saudi Arabia runs online database of women to track them, stop them running away

Men in Saudi Arabia have near-total control where women travel. INSIDER investigated the government's Absher website, which can help them do it.
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