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Measles Outbreak,Fake News and Mass Hysteria.... **
**Darla Shine,Wife of a Trump Administration Official,found herself labeled as “anti-vaccination” in the center of a media storm this week after she made a few comments on social media about “bringing back childhood diseases” like measles,.

Virtually every major news outlet ran vicious anti-Darla Shine “hit-piece” articles which defamed her character, her husband’s character, and offered opposing “Pro-Vaccination Material” for the discerning consumer.
Search Engine Results Couldn’t Be Rigged,Could They?
In addition,Google search engine results have obviously been manipulated to preferentially show pro-vaccination search results when entering key words such as “Darla Shine” and “measles”.Welcome to the new world of internet censorship.Next you might ask: will You-Tube and Facebook block users who question vaccine safety?If vaccines are so safe and effective,why did Con... show more


YouTube Demonetizes Anti-Vaccination Videos

YouTube will demonetize channels that promote anti-vaccination views, after a report by BuzzFeed News found ads, including from health companies, running before anti-vax videos. The platform will also…
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