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You're probably right that #xclip doesn't work for remote #ssh connections. I've used ssh but never came across this idea. It would be very cool if there was this functionality built into ssh! What about #ansible; have you used it for running #remote commands on machines. I did a 20 minute tutorial on it about 6 months ago and it was easy to get some remote commands to run. Like intstead of sshing into a machine and running a command you set up a #playbook to run that command and then no need for ssh


New Vector - #Jobs: Senior Operations Engineer

#Devops close to heart? Love #Ansible and #Docker? Join as my colleague 😍



Molecule is designed to aid in the development and testing of Ansible roles.

Molecule provides support for testing with multiple instances, operating systems and distributions, virtualization providers, test frameworks and testing scenarios.

Molecule encourages an approach that results in consistently developed roles that are well-written, easily understood and maintained.
Woah I've really fallen in love with Molecule for developing #Ansible roles. Need to start adding it to all my roles 😍😍

#devops #automation

@evolix , est a la recherche d’un nouveau administrateur système a #Montreal. :flan_announcer: On fait du #Linux et #OpenBSD avec #ansible et d’autres technologies libres. :flan_hacker:

Boosts appréciés! :flan_sign:

@evolix is looking for a new sysadmin in #Montreal! :flan_announcer: We work on #Linux and #OpenBSD systems with #ansible and other free tools. :flan_hacker:

Boosts are welcome! :flan_sign:

Also kicked off the discussion for #Ansible community to use the @matrix bridge into #Freenode especially for new users who are not familiar with IRC, or those who might want an easier way to remain connected (and have chat history). Does not affect those already using IRC and want to stick with it.

iX-Workshop zum DevOps-Werkzeug Ansible #Administration #Ansible #Systemmanagement

RT Join Michael from on Thu 31st Jan at to learn how to bring #Ansible to an existing ops infrastructure


Todays tip: always define log_driver and log_options with a maximum log size when provisioning #Docker containers using #Ansible. Otherwise, someday, your disk will be full. Since Docker containers just log and log and log until you run out of disk.

Ps. I think I've posted this before. Luckily this time I had monitoring for disk space before it took out a server. Ironically, the monitoring #Prometheus server ;)

Den Einstieg in die Systemverwaltung mit Ansible anhand von praxisnahen Beispielen ermöglicht ein zweitägiger Workshop Mitte Februar in Frankfurt am Main. #Administration #Ansible

[A sysadmin's guide to Ansible: How to simplify tasks |](

#sysadmin #ansible #gnulinux