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Realise Your Self in One Hour!

#Satsang with #Mooji at the International #Yoga Festival
4 March 2019

This beautiful and powerful Satsang takes place when Moojibaba visits the International Yoga Festival at Parmarth Niketan. Speaking with an audience of many who are coming to Satsang for the first time, Moojibaba presents the quintessence of his pointing with a clear and simple guidance.

"This was for myself the best way of spending this hour with you. What I have endeavoured to share with you is the quintessence of advaitic thought—many people have studied religion and spirituality for many many years. Many people say 'I have studied spirituality for many years, but I have the knowledge, not the experience.' Today I have endeavoured to share the experience of it.

If you can study something, but not live it, then what value is it? Belief is great, but it must convert into experience."

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Our #RealNature || by #Swami #Sarvapriyananda

|| Our Real Nature || by Swami Sarvapriyananda

This discourse from Swami Sarvapriyananda is inspired by a lecture from Swami #Vivekananda: "The Real Nature of Man" ( #Jnana #Yoga ).

Urteil: Yogakurs zählt als Bildungsurlaub #feuern #Entlassung #Kündigung #Arbeitsrecht #KarriereSPIEGEL #Weiterbildung #Yoga #Arbeitsrecht-KarriereSPIEGEL

This album has been one of my "go to" relaxation recordings for yoga and meditation for over a decade... every piece on this album flows into the next one in a beautiful and seamless fashion, creating atmospheres of complete peace of mind. Highly recommended.

Ben Leinbach ~ The Spirit of Yoga (full album)

#music #meditation #yoga #calm #relaxation #peaceful #mindfulness #clarity #benleinbach #jaiuttal


Less Pizza, More Yoga: E-Sports Embraces Traditional Training Methods

The professionalization of e-sports has been accompanied by an increasing adherence to training aids long common in older sports.
Article word count: 1686

HN Discussion:
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The Debate

6 months before the Purulia Arms Drop I participated in an Ananda Marga debate about whether terrorism could ever be justified. Ananda Marga was a pacific revolutionary organization that denounced both the materialistic philosophies of capitalism as well as communism. The focus of the ideology was primary yoga and meditation but there was a lot of emphasis on social justice and activism as well. My friends in Ananda Marga were fans of the libertarian socialist ideas behind the Mexican Revolution of 1910, the Spanish revolution of the 30’s and most especially the Zapatista revolution in Mexico which was still occurring at the time of this debate. Nobody in the debate could really defend terrorism. We evaded the idea of terrorism and focused on the justification of using force against the state by violent revolution. However, the other side said our idea of revolution was not terrorism because it is a declared political and revolutionary military movement which does not target civilians like terrorist attacks. We were ideological rebels, but nobody was aggr... show more



According to yoga and other schools of classical Indian philosophy there are 4 main states of consciousness: wakefulness, dream, sleep, and turiiya- total union with the Atman. Wakefulness is where the sensory-intellectual mind is entertained by perceptions of the physical and social world as well as our abstract thoughts about these realms. The dream state is mostly a recycling of these perceptions and memories; most impressions are discarded through jumbled dream scenarios whereas some dreams may actually be attempting to reveal aspects of one’s inner life beyond the sensory-intellectual mind. The sleeping state of consciousness is where the sensory-intellectual mind and even its activities of dream are suspended. Most people have no awareness of what happens in this state of consciousness, rather it is experienced as a state of unconsciousness. This is because most people have no practical, living awareness of any reality beyond the sensory-intellectual mind with the names and forms of the things we experience in the mundane world. It is only when medita... show more

Seaside: Funsport-Messe in Husum #Seaside #Funsport-Messe #Husum #Tauchen #Yoga #Wassersport #Freizeitsport #NDR #NorddeutscherRundfunk #Norddeutschland

#poetry #Udugi #ꭴꮪꭹ #photo #photography #bnw #noiretblanc #meditation #yoga #change

Защита брахманов и женщин

Красный глаз Каулы (1:06)

Семье непрекасаемых изгоев Мишиных и их сателлитам не должно сойти с рук покушение на жизнь брахмана, оскорбление и кл... show more

Kommentar Selbstoptimierung: Yoga macht unpolitisch #Yoga #Aktivismus #Lifestyle #Patriarchat #Debatte #Gesellschaft

#Yoga schafft diesen ganz natürlich strahlenden Teint im Gesicht. Wer den trotzdem haben will, ohne Kobra oder herabschauenden Hund, kann sich einfach Yoga-Haut schminken.… #Makeup…

Heilfasten in St. Peter-Ording #SanktPeter-Ording #Entspannung #Kur #Strandspaziergang #Gymnastik #Yoga #Ernährung #Smoothies #Heilfasten #Gesundheitsvorsorge

Heilfasten in St. Peter-Ording, #SanktPeter-Ording #Entspannung #Kur #Strandspaziergang #Gymnastik #Yoga #Ernährung #Smoothies #Heilfasten #Gesundheitsvorsorge

On a recommendation from @utzer, this is a #newhere post with some hashtags of things I care about: #dev #linux #decentralization #yoga #meditation #cycling #running #education #nz #microsolidarity and #enspiral That's a pretty good start 😉

On a recommendation from @utzer, this is a #newhere post with some hashtags of things I care about: #dev #linux #decentralization #yoga #meditation #cycling #running #education #nz #microsolidarity and #enspiral That's a pretty good start 😉



1.- Les hommes intelligents qui ont vu l’âme fixent
dessus leur regard et parcourent le monde comme des
personnes à l'âme grande et élevée.

2.- Ils ne s'affligent de rien, ne souhaitent rien ni de
demandent rien de bon ou de mauvais. Ils font leur travail
comme s'ils ne faisaient rien.

3.- Ceux qui ont confiance en eux demeurent paisibles
tout en jouant leurs rôles avec une calme sérénité et n’ont
d’intérêt ni pour ce qui est leur nocif ni pour ce qui leur
est délectable.

4.- Venir ou non, aller ou non, faire ou ne pas faire,
parler ou ne pas parler leur est également indifférent.

5.- Toutes les actions et toutes les visions qui peuvent
paraître plaisantes ou déplaisantes cessent tout à fait de
nous affecter après en... show more



A woman along with Paul had no parking space, so there was a problem.
She said ‘I include it’ and then, there was space available for parking.

Nisargadatta Maharaj:

The place for parking is because of the determination ‘I am everything’.
The common man’s devotion is that of wanting A.B.C and so forth, it’s like bargaining, they pay no attention to the eternal.

The #Hatha Yogis in the process of the Hatha #Yoga acquire Siddhis (powers), so they are an attraction for the masses
but they stagnate there and there is no eternal realization.

Whatever your mind revels in, therein you fall in a pit.
The python’s breath reac
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♲ Eriks Links ():
5 Yoga Poses Every Programmer Should Try - Simple Programmer

#health #yoga #Programmers

Методики богатства, красоты, силы, славы, знания
Сообщение из Украины.
Зашла на сайт НТВ в раздел ЧП(то есть, Чушь Полнейшая).Расследование(правильно назвать по сути программки-Преслед... show more

На прикреплённом постере существо, имитирующее йога на уровне бродячей шавки, рекомендовавшее себя в качестве тру-каулика с упорством навязчивого нищего, обвинявшее Митрадэванан... show more

После выхода в эфир провокаций нтв от 20 и 24 октября, к нам обратилось 15 человек с просьбами помощи в получении ВНЖ за рубежом. Если учесть что о нашем сообществе мало кому известно, то нетруд... show more

Die Wahrheit: Doch sie wollte nur Yoga #Gedicht #Yoga #Beziehungen #Wahrheit

The buddha-nature is described as the unity of experience (or appearance) and emptiness
or the unity of awareness and emptiness.

What does this mean?

Tulku Urgyen:
Right now, visual forms, sounds and smells and so on are all present in our experience.
If buddha nature were nonexistent, then there could be no such experiences taking place.

But if we say buddha nature does exist, then what is it that experiences?
Can you pinpoint it? You can't because it's empty of all identity, right?

Thus there is no confining these two : perceiving and being empty.

While perceiving, buddha nature is empty of a perceiver;
while being empty, there is still experience.

Search for the perceiver; there is no "thing" to find.

There is no barrier between t
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Back From The Dead

My friend Dharma once told me of how a yogi neurologist discovered some new psychoactive medication and started doing laboratory experiments on his friends. They had a team of doctors as well as yogis and psychics who could supposedly see the kundalini rising, which this doctor believed was facilitated by this new drug. He told me that most people cried and felt bliss and saw how their lives were now more complete. The psychic said they had their kundalini awakened just to the second chakra. Their trips lasted only briefly. When it came time for my friend’s dose, he immediately saw everything go dark. He entered deep inside of himself and said that he saw all of his complexes and was terrified. He wanted to see more because he knew it was all true but it startled him. He remained unconscious for half an hour. Nobody else had become unconscious. The psychic said that his kundalini was awakened into the heart chakra, much higher than with the others who only felt a little bliss with a superficial awakening. I understood how my friend was a little mo... show more

Today, we lead an increasingly stressful life. Some experts are of the opinion that a little stress can be good for you. A small dose of stress pushes the limits of an individual both physically and mentally and is sometimes crucial for achieving optimum performance. Stress induces a ‘fight or flight’ response in our body, which leads to the release of adrenaline into our blood stream.
For example, students sitting for an exam are often in the grip of a stress response and this helps them to focus and giving their best performance. However, as we all know, prolonged stress is very bad for the body. While a little stress enables us to meet deadlines, longer exposure to it might induce a heart attack or other major health crisis.
Stress is both a physical and psychological response. When the physical and mental demands on our body are more than what it can cope with, the body starts to show the symptoms of stress. The usual characteristics of this kind of a reaction are fatigue, insomnia, developing an irritable disposition, constant and nagging worrying and in some c... show more

Sûtra I. 2
Le #Yoga est l’anéantissement des fluctuations du #mental
Sûtra I. 3
Alors, (par l’anéantissement des fluctuations) le chercheur spirituel retrouve sa #nature originelle, #Atman
Sûtra I. 4
Dans l’autre cas il y a identification aux fluctuations du mental (émises par le Continuum #Psychique).
Sûtra I. 5
Douloureuses ou non douloureuses, les fluctuations du m
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Yoga sutras (pdf) de Patanjali

Sûtra I. 68

L’identification du « Spectateur/Atman/Ce qui voit »,

avec ce qui est Vu (le visible, la matière) doit être évité.

Drastadrishyayoh samyoga heyahetuh

  • Drasti : Ce qui voit, le Spectateur,
  • drishyayoh : ce qui est vu,
  • samyogo : connexion, identification, confusion, conjonction,
  • heyah : ce que l’on doit éviter,
  • hetu : cause de.
#patanjali #yoga #sutras #mental #méditation #nirvana #mukti #siddhis

Many individuals struggle with attaining and maintaining their ideal weight. Many people spend enormous amounts of money on gym memberships, personal trainers, and dietitians but achieve very minimal or unsatisfactory results.

More than just a problem of metabolism and food intake, recent studies show that stress and anxiety might be among the top reasons why people have a hard time losing weight. The human body actually responds to stressful situations by initiating a burst of energy; and by increasing metabolic rates and blood flow. The body also produces a substance called Cortisol, a natural steroid-like hormone that is also called the “stress hormone.” It is known as the“stress hormone” because large amounts of this substance are released whenever a person feels stressed out. It is an important hormone in the human body because it is used by the body for proper glucose metabolism, regulation of blood pressure, immune system function, and inflammatory response. However, high levels of cortisol may do more harm than good. When people becomes stressed... show more


108 Female Siddhas,

Dakinis, Yoginis and Tantric Adepts

( Siddha : "perfected one", "one who is accomplished", "Buddha", "Awakened" is a term that is used widely in Indian religions and culture.
It refers to perfected masters who have achieved a high degree of physical as well as spiritual perfection or enlightenment. In Jainism, the term is used to refer the liberated souls. Siddha may also refer to one who has attained a siddhi, paranormal capabilities.

Female #Siddhas of Chimphu (Tibet):

  • Mandarava - the emanation of Vajra Varahi's Body
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This mantra destroys obstacles in your life. One of the greatest Tibetan Mantras.


The great master Mipham Rinpoche condenses the significance of Vajrakilaya in the following words:
Suchness is the natural state of all phenomena

This is the great perfection free of duality.

Such nature is acknowledged through individual awareness,

Which is the absolute kila – wisdom of awareness.

Vajra as non-dual knowledge is indestructible,

And Kilaya as this the unchanging nature, free of decay.

This primordially all-pervading buddha nature

Resides as the absolute nature of all beings.

Through the skillful oral advice of the guru’s instructions

And through the yoga of realizing the natural ground of the intrinsic mind.

The manifestations of samsara and nirvana are br
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Vajrakilaya (La Dague adamantine),
tibétain Dorjé Phurba
est un #yidam ou #déité du bouddhisme tantrique ou #Vajrayana,
central dans l'« école des anciens » #Nyingmapa du bouddhisme tibétain.

Vajrakilaya est un heruka c'est-à-dire une forme courroucée des déités dans les tantras supérieurs du Vajrayana. C'est, en fait... show more


Thinkpad X1 Yoga CES News 2019

Building on the changes seen with the 2019 X1 Carbon - sound system, PU upgrade, screens, The 2019 goes from Mg to Al with a machined Aluminium body dubbed "Iron Grey" being the biggest change from the 2018 machines, of course it's lighter and thinner but it's selling point is still the screen rotation and laptop/tablet convertibility.

#Thinkpad #Yoga #CES2019 #Lenovo


Yoga Yoda =P

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Sprach Zarathustram!!!

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