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Is EKRE going to become a threat for Estonia's progressivism and pro-European stance?

EKRE’s popularity gained a significant boost from the formal recognition of same-sex unions in 2014 (which made Estonia the first central or eastern European country to adopt such legislation) and the outbreak of the migration crisis in Europe in 2015. “If you’re black, go back” and “I want Estonia to be a white country” were just some of the comments Martin Helme made in 2013.
The paroles couldn't be stupider, this is blatantly racist as f*ck... How would something like this ever enter a modern European parliament? This is comparably disappointing for the European hopeful in Eastern Europe, besieged by the threat from the East.
Today there are just 206 registered refugees of which only 107 are still in Estonia. All others left.
This is scaremongering at its finest. Even regarding the small population in this very small country, 206 immigrants are a decreasing amount you are not likely to eve... show more


On the Christchurch shooting and Donald Trump

"I spoke with Prime Minister Ardern of New Zealand to express the sorrow of our entire nation following the monstrous terror attacks at two mosques," Drumpf said in the Oval Office on Friday afternoon after first condemning the attack as "a horrible massacre in the Mosques" on Twitter.

Too late, and still not enough, dude.

But asked whether he saw a worrying rise in white supremacy movements around the world, Drumpf said he did not, blaming a small group of people "with very, very serious problems." He also told reporters that he had not seen the manifesto linked to by a social media account that's believed to belong to one of the attackers, which mentioned Drumpf by name and saw him as a symbol of renewed white identity.

Drumpf has many times been accused of using rhetoric that emboldens extremists and dehumanizes his targets. He has used vulgar language to criticize NFL stars who took a knee during the National Anthem. In announcing his campaign, he said Mexico was sending "rapists"... show more


What does my headscarf mean to you?

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Hungarian PM Orbán half-heartedly apologises for hate-fueled electoral campaign

According to a copy of one letter reviewed by Reuters on Thursday, Orban asked the leader of the Flemish Christian Democrats, Wouter Beke, to reconsider his proposal to eject Fidesz.

"It is no secret that there are serious disagreements... on the issue of migration, the protection of Christian culture and the future of Europe," Orban wrote. "It is also no secret that we do not wish to change our position on these issues."

The European Union has long criticised Orban and Fidesz over policies that Brussels says threaten the rule of law in Hungary by imposing ruling party control over the judiciary, media and other institutions. Fidesz rejects this criticism.
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Quoted from Why pick on #Huawei when all advanced technologies, including those from the #US, carry security risks? #TheStarOnline
"Anyone supposing Huawei products are #spying on them or that they are a #securityrisk hasn't given any thought to the #technology already around them.

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