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"Angel de mar" (Sea angel)

Este animal es un molusco que al nacer todos son machos y cuando van adquidiendo la edad algunos se convierten en hembra.

Clione limacina se encuentra en aguas frías del Océano Ártico, Océano Pacífico Norte y Océano Atlántico Norte. Una especie estrechamente relacionada, Clione antarctica, se encuentra en aguas antárticas.

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"Last night #France, the #UK and the #US. launched an #illegal #attack on #Syria and bombed several military and civilian sites within the country. They justify their attack as revenge or punishment for an alleged 'chemical attack' that had taken place a week earlier.

The 'chemical incident' on April 7 in #Douma was designed to reverse Trump's publicly announced decision to order the U.S. #military out of Syria. The #Saudi financed #Salafi 'rebels' in Douma collected bodies, probably from another incident, and stacked them up in one apartment to stage a scene and to create fake videos of a 'chemcial attack' which they falsely attributed to the Syrian government.

Trump pretended to fall for the videos and tweeted threats against Syria and #Russia. Russia threatened to respond with strong force should any U.S. attack hurt its soldiers or interests in Syria.

The UK and France, who like the U.S. were only recently visited by the Saudi clown prince and showered with fresh Saudi billions, jumped onto the case. France now admits that its 'intelligence' of the Douma incident is solely based on the obviously staged #youtube #videos and claims made by 'western' financed #propaganda operations who cooperate with the #Jihadis.



Sacramento police release dozens more videos from Stephon Clark shooting


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Así son los sofisticados métodos que usó #CambridgeAnalytica para influenciar elecciones en todo el mundo (también en América Latina) - -
RD M@R #RedesSociais #Facebook #Internet #eleicoes #videos -


This man is building a house alone and doing videos of each step

HN link:
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Kind people rescue stranded octopus, but the next day—in disbelief at what it does to them | The Epoch Times

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Una pareja salió a dar un paseo por la playa y de repente se encontraron a un pulpo agonizando fuera del agua, lo único a lo que atinaron es a devolverlo al mar. Al otro día pasaron por el mismo lugar y vieron una sombra en el agua, al acercarse notaron que era el mismo pulpo aparentemente para agradecerles el haberlo salvado, buscaba tocarlos, tener contacto directo con ellos. siguieron caminando y el los acompaño por varios metros, increíble...
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Ver "The underwater Northern Lights ✨" en YouTube

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Las increíbles algas bioluminuscentes de Tasmania, Australia
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YouTube: The underwater Northern Lights ✨ (Altermondialiste décidé)

YouTube hat seine Bemühungen verstärkt, die Plattform von Inhalten zu befreien, die gegen interne Richtlinien verstoßen. Im letzten Quartal 2017 konnten mehr als acht Millionen Videos mit Unterstützung einer Künstlichen Intelligenz gelöscht werden. #Google #KI #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Löschung #Videos #YouTube

Danke, @╠╣acktor | rotkca╠╣ ╠╣ɐɔʞʇoɹ | ɹoʇʞɔɐ╠╣! Aber hier nochmal mit Hashtags:

Save #Videodrom Berlin!

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Save Videodrom Berlin!


Illumination of Crimean Bridge arch dazzles night sky

‘The 5,500-ton highway #arch of the #Crimean #Bridge lit up the night sky with deep blue. The massive bridge connecting the Crimean Peninsula with mainland #Russia is set to open on May 5, six months ahead of schedule. The bridge is expected to service at least 14 million #passengers and to allow the #transportation of at least 13 million tons of #cargo per year.’

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Illumination of Crimean Bridge arch dazzles night sky

‘The 5,500-ton highway #arch of the #Crimean #Bridge lit up the night sky with deep blue. The massive bridge connecting the Crimean Peninsula with mainland #Russia is set to open on May 5, six months ahead of schedule. The bridge is expected to service at least 14 million #passengers and to allow the #transportation of at least 13 million tons of #cargo per year.’

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Ver "¡Muy curioso! Este FRAILECILLO se hace amigo de un TURISTA | National Geographic en Español" en YouTube

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Un Frailecillo (Puffin), muy amigable 😍
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200 Jahre Karl Marx auf Arte

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Ver "Funny Cat Begs to Play in Shower | The Dodo" en YouTube

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2 teachers union bosses suspended after videos surface; one called kids 'dirtbags,' 'pieces of s---'


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Si hubiese tenido la posibilidad a su edad hubiera echo lo mismo, pero ellos estaban en el gallinero 😊

YouTube: Duck / Nikita / child sleeping (sonia gekson)

- #Free #Music for Your #Videos

Much, much more picky than other marketplaces. Much, much
cheaper than Hans Zimmer. In fact, it’s free for a link


'speciElly mention this post as our @Ninah Pixie ☥ might be very interested, not only for her and dAS' radio shows... thank you rixty for sharing this #gem !

Bild/Foto @ rixty 5/11/2018, 6:14:05 PM
- #Free #Music for Your #Videos

Much, much more picky than other marketplaces. Much, much
cheaper than Hans Zimmer. In fact, it’s free for a link

Ver "german ducks stop on red light an go on green lights Enten Saarbrücken" en YouTube

#Videos #Fauna #Curiosidades

Patos Alemanes - Deutsche Enten 🦆 German ducks 🦆 😂

Patos Alemanes se detienen con la luz roja y avanzan con la luz verde en Saarbrücken - German ducks stop on red light an go on green lights Enten Saarbrücken
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YouTube: german ducks stop on red light an go on green lights Enten Saarbrücken (Saarland Fernsehen 1 German Television)

Ver "The Amazing iPad Magician" en YouTube


El ilusionista Alemán Simon Pierro y su asombrosa tablet con Ellen Degeneres 😉
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YouTube: The Amazing iPad Magician (TheEllenShow)

Ver "Watch 82 y-o 'Gamer Granny' slay on PlayStation!" en YouTube

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Abuela Argentina de 82 años "gamer"
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Increíble danza Libanesa: Dabke - Awesome Lebanese Dabke Dancing

#Videos #Fauna

La increíble historia de Eduardo y "Condorito" el hombre que crió un cóndor en el patio de su casa de Loncopúe, Provincia del Neuquén, Patagonia, Argentina

#Videos #Fauna

La increíble historia de "Condorito" y Eduardo, el hombre que crió un cóndor en el patio de su casa de Loncopué, Provincia del Neuquén, Patagonia, Argentina

Para evitar ir a yutu:

- SMTube
- Youtube-dl
- Minitube
- Newpipe
- Cloud-Player

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Google 'stole my videos', says film-maker Philip Bloom

Film-maker claims his footage has been misused, after an internal Google video leaks online.
Article word count: 775

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Article content:

By Leo Kelion Technology desk editor

[1]Snow storm Image copyright Philip Bloom Image caption Footage filmed of tourists caught up in a snowstorm was among that used by Google

Google has enraged a leading film-maker by using his footage in a corporate video that later leaked online.

The technology company used material from more than half a dozen of Philip Bloomʼs films to make a provocative presentation about ways it could exploit usersʼ data in the future.

Mr Bloom makes a living from selling rights to his footage, among other activities.

Google insisted that it took copyright law seriously.

It said that the "thought-experiment" video had been intended to be seen by only a handful of people.

It was made in 2016 by the head of design at X, Googleʼs research and development division.

Google added that the executive had now been reminded about its strict copyright rules.

Image copyright Sarah Seal
Image caption Mr Bloom has worked with Star Wars creator George Lucas among other celebrities

However, despite being aware of Mr Bloomʼs claim since last Friday, the technology company declined to say whether it now intended to make a payment.

"My footage is represented online by two major stock-footage companies. And I license it for all sorts of projects and uses, from commercials to broadcast to corporate films," said Mr Bloom.

"A fair amount of my footage has been licensed for internal use only, so to hear Google not state that they will compensate me for its use is very surprising.

"Google via their YouTube platform are pretty strict when it comes to copyright breaches, so this is rather hypocritical of them and most certainly does not set a good example.

Image copyright Philip Bloom
Image caption Footage filmed at Northern Irelandʼs Giantʼs Causeway was also used in The Selfish Ledger

"They have used 73 seconds of my footage from seven different videos without permission and they know they are in the wrong... so therefore I expect to hear from them regarding compensation."

Googleʼs parent company, Alphabet, [2]reported a $12.6bn profit in its last financial year.

Slow-mo snow

The corporate video - titled the Selfish Ledger - had already provoked controversy [3]after The Verge news site published a copy of it last week. The website described it as showing an "unsettling vision of Silicon Valley social engineering".

This helped bring its existence to Mr Bloomʼs attention.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption The X laboratory is the division behind Googleʼs Loon balloon trials and helped create its self-drive cars

Mr Bloom - a former camera operator for the BBC, Sky and CNN - has a high profile on social media, where he offers film-making tips.

His [4]YouTube channel has more than 168,000 subscribers and may have been the source for at least some of the copied footage, which included [5]slow-motion video of a snowstorm in New York.

One US-based intellectual property expert said Google might find it hard to defend its behaviour, if the matter were to come to court.

"It just looks bad from a PR perspective for a big company that deals with copyrighted material every second of every day not to respect someone elseʼs rights," said Jennifer Van Doren, from the law firm Morning Star.

"Even if the video was for internal use, the film-maker still has the right to stop its use or require payment to prevent it being copyright infringement."

US law does [6]allow a "fair use" defence to permit unlicensed use of video in some circumstances, but Ms Van Doren said it was typically limited to education, news reporting and criticism of the material itself.

Common problem

It is not unusual for the media industry to avoid copyright payments where they are due.

Image copyright Philip Bloom
Image caption Footage Mr Bloom filmed to promote the charity Shelter UK was also used

Film editors, for example, commonly use soundtracks lifted from other films without permission until their own scores are ready, and these can sometimes be played to test audiences.

Mr Bloom has previously complained of his footage being "nicked all the time", including one instance when an online reviewer had used his images in a title sequence used for multiple videos.

But Google has long faced accusations of failing to do enough to respect othersʼ intellectual property - [7]whether it be scanning books, [8]presenting othersʼ photos or [9]"enabling piracy".

And Mr Bloom has signalled he intends to chase the matter up in this instance.

Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media captionWATCH: Mr Bloom tested a variety of drones for the BBC in 2016

"This is a good opportunity for people to realise that you canʼt just download someoneʼs content from

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Remember that odd little Youtube video from many years ago called "going to the store" and its equally odd sequel "late for a meeting?

Apparently the same person did an epic sequel last year. It is still silly but, really, it is epic. Epic silliness:

#ShortFilms #YouTube #Videos

#Videos #Fauna #Humor

Tuve un Loro que hacía estas cosas, era muy gracioso como esta cacatúa :)

#Fauna #Videos

Canguro interrumpe un partido de Rugby femenino en Australia - Kangaroo Interrupts Rugby Game in Australia


Does anyone know any good #Documentaries/Talks about the dangers of #Facebook, #SocialMedia, #BigData, etc?

I'v been asked to #compile a couple of them into a list to be shared with some people.

Any #suggestions?

#privacy #diaspora #help #diasporahelp #foss #technology #Internet #videos #advocacy #advocate #user #data


La Linea De Zeus - Peter Capusotto y sus videos - Temporada 11

Se suponía que esto es una burla, no una descripción idiota (hay quien no entiende)

La Linea De Zeus - Peter Capusotto y sus videos - Temporada 11

\#capusotto #rock #jipis #artistas #videos

Let's unGoogle the #videos know! Support peertube and help freeing the internet.

PeerTube: What is PeerTube? (framasoft)

Ver "Slinningsbålet 2017" en YouTube

#Videos #Sociedad #Curiosidades

#Videos #Curiosidades

Mientras tanto en Ålesund, Noruega: Slinningsbålet. Mellomtiden i Ålesund, Norge: Slinningsbålet... 😊

La hoguera más grande del mundo
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YouTube: Slinningsbålet 2017 (Mia Skoge Nøringseth)

Hola, qué software libre me recomiendan para editar videos?
Estaría muy agradecida
#Softwarelibre #videos #recomendación solicitada. :P

I am planning to run a small #programming / #computerscience #class at a nearby #elementaryschool for the #students. I think at the moment all they get from their mandatory computer classes is basically #word and #excel, which isn't very good if you ask me :) Do you have any #suggestions for making a nice once-a-week CS class for 8/9 graders? I'll appreciate any #feedback, and especially from #teachers :)

My basic ideas are:
  • Use #freesoftware #foss #opensource - It's ideal for #education (#free of charge, free to #study and modify) and #proprietary software is covered by the mandatory classes already.
  • Teach the basics of programming with Snap! - After a brief look #snap looks very good. Anyone has experience with it? I also tried #scratch, but it currently seems under construction and probably targeted at younger #children. I've been also thinking about #python or #javascript, but I think that could still be a bit too discouraging to the student to write console apps - they'll get to this in the high school. Also they don't know much #english so I appreciate Snap! is localized into #czech #language. That should make it a bit more approachable hopefully. Any thoughts on this? Ideas for what to program? (My idea for their first game is a one-button jumping game, basically the t-rex jumping game from #chrome browser.)
  • Use mainly #games and computer #graphics to get the students hooked for CS. Games are what got me personally interested in computers and eventually study the field. Graphics makes for nice #wow effects and should be great for keeping their attention. Any other potentially interesting fields I could incorporate? Interesting resources, #videos etc?
  • After getting them hooked focus on teaching general, broad knowledge of CS, rather than focus on specific things in-depth. The goal is to show them a glance of all the areas they can choose from in their future studies - i.e. graphics, AI, databases,networking, ... - then let the impressions sink in and help them see what interests each one of them, to maybe help them better choose which high school to pursue.
  • Make a simple static website for the course, with many resources, list of FOSS programs and games, interesting CS videos, eye-candy #gifs from #Wikipedia etc.
  • Teach basics of #HTML - I think it's a nice introduction to coding that allows some #creativity and nice immediate results to happen while keeping the complexity of an actual programming aside for the while. The programming principles are to be taught separately with Snap! as mentioned above.

#Videos #Humor

"Cuando tu hermano te ayuda" 🤣


#help je ne trouve plus aucune #extension #firefox qui fonctionne pour downloader les #videos sur #youtube !

Ver "Cute Baby Is A Natural Goat Whisperer" en YouTube

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Ver "Woman Carries Around Tiny Rescued Wombat Like She's Her Own Baby | Dodo Heroes Season 1" en YouTube

#Videos #Fauna

Wombats 😍😍😍

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Nvidia researchers use deep learning to create super-slow motion videos

#create #deep #learning #motion #nvidia #researchers #slow #super #use #videos