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You can deny the comments on this, some of them... but you can't deny the chart itself. There's a story here.
Does @realDonaldTrump also want credit for the 401K losses from all this volatility?

The market is just FINALLY back where it was when it was still running on Obama's momentum. It's not time to celebrate yet, a head & shoulders isn't that far off from the current formation.

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Donald J. Trump on Twitter #s&amp

You can deny the comments on this, some of them... but you can't deny the chart itself. There's a story here.
Does @realDonaldTrump also want credit for the 401K losses from all this volatility?

The market is just FINALLY back where it was when it was still running on Obama's momentum. It's not time to celebrate yet, a head & shoulders isn't that far off from the current formation.

#market #stocks #stockmarket #s&p #sp500 #etf #donaldtrump #trump #obama #bush #fed #retirement
Donald J. Trump on Twitter #s&amp

"First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice...who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.” — Martin Luther King Jr., “Letter From a Birmingham Jail”"
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What a BRILLIANT strategy President #Trump. Hypocritical sanctuary cities & their nutty open borders politicians change their tune in a hurry when the problem overwhelms & becomes their own. #BuildTheWall #NoIllegalImmigration

#Clinton...argued during a Q&A session.....that #Mueller’s report “could not be clearer” in making the case #Trump tried to obstruct the #Russia investigation -- even though Mueller did not come to an explicit conclusion on that question.
“I think there’s enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been #indicted,” Clinton said at the “Time 100 Summit.” “But because of the rule in the #
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Oh my, the #Winning just keeps on coming. #2020 is going to be BIG for #Trump. #Trump2020 #VoteRed
Polls on Independents: Bad News for Anti-Trump Crowd


Trump droht EU nach Harley-Davidson-Gewinneinbruch

Milwaukee/Washington (dpa) - Der Zollstreit mit der EU hat erneut die Bilanz des Motorradbauers Harley-Davidson belastet - das bringt US-Präsident Donald Trump in Rage.
Diese Meldung zeigt mal wieder sehr schön wie irrational dieser Mann ist.

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Die US-Regierung verschärft ihre Sanktionen gegen den Iran. Ab Mai enden die bisherigen Ausnahmen. Droht eine Eskalation - oder ist es nur eine Verhandlung à la Trump? #Iran #Öl #Sanktionen #USA #China #Opec #Trump


Donald Trump se rendra en visite d'État au Royaume-Uni du 3 au 5 juin


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En juillet 2018, Donald Trump avait pris le thé avec la monarque britannique dans le château de Windsor.Bild/Foto
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If you can't trust the #Iran-contra #cover-up guy, who can you trust?

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Trump to visit France and England amid D-Day commemorations

Previous to his visit, I would like to demand every member of his administration to be briefed on what has happened during D-Day, so that we can avoid the fauxpas that we were sadly to experience the year before. We don't need any further exhibition of his administration's incapability to recall historic events of this expense. Thanks a lot!
Remember the outstanding relationship between Germany and the US: The Independent
“President Donald J. Drumpf and First Lady Melania Drumpf accepted the invitation of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to visit the United Kingdom from June 3 to 5, 2019,” a statement said. “This state visit will reaffirm the steadfast and special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.

Drumpf will also participate in a
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«Donald Trump is cancer», opines husband to Kellyanne Conway, George Conway

That’s especially damning because the ultimate issue shouldn’t be — and isn’t — whether the president committed a criminal act. As I wrote not long ago, Americans should expect far more than merely that their president not be provably a criminal. In fact, the Constitution demands it.

Trump tried to “limit the scope of the investigation.” He tried to discourage witnesses from cooperating with the government through “suggestions of possible future pardons.” He engaged in “direct and indirect contacts with witnesses with the potential to influence their testimony.” A fair reading of the special counsel’s narrative is that “the likely effect” of these acts was “to intimidate witnesses or to alter their testimony,” with the result that “the justice system’s integrity [was]threatened.” Page after page, act after act, Mueller’s report describes a
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Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell sees himself as the grim reaper of Democratic proposals

"If I'm still the majority leader of the Senate after next year, none of those things are going to pass the Senate," the Kentucky Republican told a small crowd during an event in his home state Monday. "They won't even be voted on. So think of me as the grim reaper: the guy who is going to make sure that socialism doesn't land on the president's desk."
Because this is how the checks and balances work. The Senate majority leader decides on what is going to be voted about, and if he dislikes the opposing party's ideas, he is not going to even let them pass through. Pure Democracy...
McConnell said progressive platforms are being touted by most mainstream Democrats, not just "some young woman from New York who just got elected to Congress," presumably referring to freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who represents parts of Queens and the Bronx.

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Trump orders relentless actions for visa overstays

The president signed a memorandum ordering the secretary of state and the secretary of homeland security to submit plans within four months to crack down on overstays, such as punishing countries whose citizens have high rates of overstays and requiring foreign travelers to post "admission bonds" that would be repaid once they leave the country.

Members of both parties have long complained that overstays are just as problematic as undocumented immigrants who cross the southern border. More than 1.2 million foreigners overstayed their visas from 2016 to 2017, according to the most recent Homeland Security data.

And with illegal immigration remaining at historic lows, that means the majority of new undocumented immigrants are legally entering through land, air and sea ports with visas in hand.
So to say, the main problem are not those who entered the country illegally but those who entered the country legally through border checkpoints with valid visas to stay tem... show more


Trump's approval rate decreases by five points, hitting all-time low

Only 39 percent of voters surveyed in the new poll, which was conducted Friday through Sunday, approve of the job Drumpf is doing as president. That is down from 44 percent last week and ties Drumpf’s lowest-ever approval rating in POLITICO/Morning Consult polling — a 39 percent rating in mid-August 2017, in the wake of violence in Charlottesville, Va.

Only 34 percent of voters believe Congress should begin impeachment proceedings to remove the president from office, down from 39 percent in January. Nearly half, 48 percent, say Congress should not begin impeachment proceedings.

Most notably, independents are split, 39 percent to 37 percent, on whether Congress should keep investigating — but just 31 percent of independents support beginning impeachment proceedings, compared with 44 percent who oppose impeachment.

But many voters appear confused about what Mueller found in his report. Two in 10, 20 percent, say Mueller found tha
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Interesting PSA on earth day "the birds and the bees" #earthday #climate

YouTube: The Birds and The Bees (The Young Turks)

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Trump sues House Oversight chairman Elijah Cummings over subpoena of financial records

The complaint, filed in federal court in Washington, says the subpoena from Rep. Elijah Cummings “has no legitimate legislative purpose” and accuses Democrats of harassing Drumpf and wielding their new majority in Congress to try to stain the president’s standing.
According to him, the subpoena had no legitimate legislative purpose and served to harass him amid the regained political power in Congress. At least to me, there is a purpose, namely to investigate probable tax evasion cases. There was no real need to hide the tax returns from the public, especially since every sitting president did so in terms of transparency and honesty before the American people.
Interesting, isn't it? The failed businessman trying to hide his tax returns. This screams criminality so loud it's almost ripping my eardrums.
The lawsuit accuses Cummings of failing to consult with Republicans on the panel before issuing the subpoena and says he re
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Women playing sports with men a «travesty», according to Fed pick Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore, an economic commentator and former Drumpf campaign adviser, made those and similar comments in several columns reviewed by CNN's KFile that were published on the website of the conservative National Review magazine in 2001, twice in 2002 and 2003.
I wonder why he feels a need to take vacations from women. I would rather see a point when women had to take a vacation from Stephen Moore, but these are only my two cents. At least I don't see a problem in there when women participated in announcements, refereeing or beer vending at Basketball games. Also, this is none of his business, so why did he feel a need to comment on this at all? Couldn't he stick it to himself? There was no need to hear his opinion on this.
In a 2000 column, Moore complained about his wife voting for Democrats, writing, "Women are sooo malleable! No wonder there's a gender gap." In another column in 2000, Moore criticized female athletes advocating for p
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Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg (D - IN) compares Bernie Sanders supporters to Trumpists

"I think the sense of anger and disaffection that comes from seeing that the numbers are fine, like unemployment's low, like all that, like you said GDP is growing and yet a lot of neighborhoods and families are living like this recovery never even happened. They're stuck," Buttigieg told high school Democrats in Nashua, N.H., on Friday. "It just kind of turns you against the system in general and then you're more likely to want to vote to blow up the system, which could lead you to somebody like Bernie and it could lead you to somebody like Drumpf. That's how we got where we are."
True. Both are populists in their own way, and serve their respective wing in a the populist manner of fighting against the establishment, although Bernie at least never belonged to the establishment he wanted to fight, and only made a lot of money privately via writing a popular book. But that only worked out because he became well-known after running for president twice. I... show more


The Mueller report couldn't be in worse shape, the PDF association claims

It was produced on April 17th on “probably a typical office network copier/printer,” and it uses lossy compression “more appropriate to photographs than to text.” The Justice Department might have gotten a high-quality PDF from Mueller, printed it, and re-scanned it, or Mueller might have delivered a paper report that the department scanned and released

Badly redacted searchable PDFs have occasionally revealed embarrassing secrets. A court filing in a Facebook lawsuit left text selectable under some hastily drawn black bars, and the Proud Boys extremist organization accidentally revealed its leadership with the same technique. Professional redaction software can prevent this, however, and the PDF Association post notes that an untagged and unsearchable PDF could violate the Justice Department’s accessibility rules for people with disabilities.

Since this is the PDF Association, there’s a detailed explanation about why th
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TX, TN, AZ turn towards further voting restrictions after surge in Democratic voters

In Texas, state lawmakers are considering adding criminal penalties for people who improperly fill out voter registration forms. Arizona Republicans are proposing new voting rules that could make it more complicated to cast an early ballot. In Tennessee, GOP lawmakers are considering a bill that would fine groups involved in voter registration drives that submit incomplete forms.
This is many Republicans' exact comprehension of how Democracy works: When the opposite side experiences a surge in votes, restrict their voters' rights to vote, so that they will improbably be capable of filling out a ballot correctly. Then, you are going to see your party winning in the next election. It might be autocratic and highly unconstitutional, but who cares when you're ruling?
Voting groups in the state say they are concerned this effort could result in jail time for people who don't properly fill out their voter registration forms. Currently, providing false
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State of Florida on the verge of rejecting sanctuary cities

The legislation would require local police to honor requests from federal immigration authorities to detain people who are thought to be in the United States illegally. The House version would fine local governments that don’t cooperate with federal requests.

“That’s basically saying that you cannot have local government officials in jurisdictions preventing cooperation between local governments and federal immigration authorities or laws,” he said.

“These bills follow in the famous steps of Texas, Alabama, Tennessee and Arizona,” she said. They “would require the state and local law enforcement to actively assist federal immigrant officials at Florida taxpayer expense in arresting and deporting our neighbors and family members.”
This means that this bill actively propagates the citizens to call out possible illegal immigrants in their country, maybe even those whose green cards might have expires. This pr... show more


Anti-immigrant leader milita of militia arrested

Hector Balderas, New Mexico’s attorney general, said federal agents had arrested the leader, Larry Mitchell Hopkins, who had been operating under the alias Johnny Horton Jr. Mr Balderas said in a statement that Hopkins was arrested on charges of firearms possession by a felon.

The firearms charge against Hopkins is relatively minor. But it is likely the start of a deeper investigation into his activities and those of the militia, and opens the way for the authorities to bring more serious charges like kidnapping and impersonating a police officer or an employee of the United States.

Political leaders in New Mexico, a state largely controlled by Democrats, responded with fury. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham said that any mistreatment of asylum-seekers on the border was “unacceptable.” The state’s two Democratic senators, Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, said in a statement that the actions of vigilante groups “cannot be tolerated.”
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18th Democratic presidential candidate announced run - this time: Seth Moulton (D - MA)

Moulton first came to prominence in 2014 when he unseated long-term incumbent Rep. John Tierney in a Democratic primary and went on to represent the state's 6th Congressional District, a swath of communities north of Boston including Salem, home of the infamous colonial-era witch trials.

"Sixteen years ago today, leaders in Washington sent me and my friends to fight in a war based on lies. It's still going on today," Moulton said in a recent tweet. "It's time for the generation that fought in Iraq to take over for the generation that sent us there."
And when Drumpf claimed to be the target of the "single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history," Moulton responded that "as the Representative of Salem, MA, I can confirm that this is false."
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How does a #putin, #trump, #netanyahu, #mbs alliance sound to you?

LOL. Go #Trump. #Trump2020 #VoteRed #DumpTheDems

US EU relationships with Trump - IMF warns on risks to corporate sector debt


The creditworthiness of corporate borrowers in advanced economies has deteriorated while the volume of debt and financial risk taking has risen, the International Monetary Fund has warned.

It also flagged up concerns about the sovereign-bank nexus in the eurozone and about market conditions for low income and frontier countries.... show more


AfD: Stephen Bannon zu Gast im Bundestag

Die #AfD plant ein Treffen von #Journalisten und #Bloggern im #Bundestag

Dazu hat die Partei den ehemaligen #Berater von #US #Präsident #Trump Steve #Bannon eingeladen.

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#Bystron hält Kontakt zu Steve Bannon

Der #AfD #Bundestagsabgeordnete Petr #Bystron hält zum Zweck des „politischen Austauschs“ Kontakt zu Steve #Bannon, dem ehemaligen Berater des US-Präsidenten Donald #Trump. Das bestätigte die Partei auf Anfrage der #wams (Welt am Sonntag). Ein #AfD-Sprecher sagte, dass es sich um „sporadische Kontakte“ handele, bei denen außer Bystron keine weiteren AfD-Mitglieder involviert seien.
AfD arbeitet mit Steve Bannon zusammen


#Bystron hält zum Zweck des „politischen Austauschs“ Kontakt zu Steve Bannon

Der #AfD #Bundestagsabgeordnete Petr #Bystron hält zum Zweck des „politischen Austauschs“ Kontakt zu Steve Bannon, dem ehemaligen Berater des US-Präsidenten Donald #Trump. Das bestätigte die Partei auf Anfrage der #wams (Welt am Sonntag). Ein #AfD-Sprecher sagte, dass es sich um „sporadische Kontakte“ handele, bei denen außer Bystron keine weiteren AfD-Mitglieder involviert seien.
#AFD HAT ÜBER EX-#PETRY-MANN KONTAKT ZU STEVE #BANNON #Bannon #Mandatsträger #Bayern #Partei
AfD arbeitet mit Steve Bannon zusammen


So, the Mueller Report ...


The conclusions of the (redacted) report, as I read them:
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#trump #RapistTrump #IBelieveWomen
Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
....big, fat, waste of time, energy and money - $30,000,000 to be exact. It is now finally time to turn the tables and bring justice to some very sick and dangerous people who have committed very serious crimes, perhaps even Spying or Treason. This should never happen again!
Jeffrey Guterman‏Verified account @JeffreyGuterman
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Katie Johnson claims you raped her when she was age 13. Watch: . (Anti-tRump folks are always welcome to follow me. Thank you for your consideration.) #IBelieveWomen.


So, the Mueller Report ...


The conclusions of the (redacted) report, as I read them:
  • Russia interfered with the 2016 elections.
  • Trump’s campaign knowingly expected to benefit from that interference, and Russia knowingly expected to benefit from Trump winning. But Mueller couldn’t demonstrate active cooperation, so conspiracy charges could not be placed against anyone.
  • Trump repeatedly and (probably) clearly attempted to obstruct justice, but didn’t manage to successfully do so because enough people — out of principle or out of fear — didn’t follow his orders.
  • The above is only probably because Mueller couldn’
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Rather than quibbling about whether or not it is a politically practical #strategy for the #Democrats to pursue #impeachment, why not put #political pressure on the #Republicans to #impeach #trump?

When are they going to be held #accountable by the #left?


Rather than quibbling about whether or not it is a politically practical #strategy for the #Democrats to pursue #impeachment. Why not put #political pressure on the #Republicans to #impeach #trump?

When are they going to be held #accountable by the #left?


Several NJ ICE detainees put on suicide watch

The jail has put 60 detainees on suicide watch since 2015, according to records Documented obtained from the facility. One detainee warned that a cellmate appeared to be having a psychotic break. Four detainees have attempted suicide in the last two years. Details of the death of one detainee indicate that Essex personnel failed to follow certain required procedures.

Among other things, the report stated that a loaded gun had been found by an immigrant detainee in a staff bathroom, food was rotting, shower stalls were unsanitary, mattresses were unusable and detainees lacked outdoor recreation areas.

One mental health counselor at Essex said “there were not enough mental health resources to meet the needs at the facility,” according to Eleni Bakst, a fellow with Human Rights First, who visited the facility in February 2018 and led the report on inadequate care for immigrants in New Jersey detention.
There is one point in which you can tell that ICE is sim... show more


Is Bernie Stealing Trump's 'No More Wars' Issue? - Original

Does Trump really want to go into 2020 as a war party president?

Does he want to go into 2020 with Democrats denouncing "Trump’s endless wars" in the Middle East? Because that is where he is headed.
Looking closely at the front-running candidates for the Democratic nomination of 2020 – Joe Biden, Sanders, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker – not one appears to be as hawkish as Trump has become.
#Bernie Sanders #Trump #endless wars #Saudi Arabia #Yemen #War Powers Act #Iran #Israel #Jerusalem #Golan Heights #Syria #Iraq #Afghanistan #Russia #Putin
Is Bernie Stealing Trump’s ‘No More Wars’ Issue?

And #Trump is right, it's all opinions, feelings, thoughts, conjectures, from biased #DeepState players, twisting things to form their narrative. Levin stated it best this morning on Fox, it's all bs, none of it has gone up against the law in court or proven any validity. It is a political opposition document.