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Emissions fall in Madrid city center thanks to new traffic restrictions

The level of nitrogen oxide has dropped by 38% after local authorities made 472 hectares off-limits to most vehicles at the end of November
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Goodbye Docker and Thanks for All the Fish

docker, kubernetes, cloud
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Posted by Corrado (karma: 2112)
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#DiasporaRebelAlliance #Update

Don't think this whole thing is just a flash in the pan, because it's not. I can't sustain the blitz of last weekend's rebel postings. That was the summation of a long term plan and a weeks nights on the GIMP doing the #ArtHarder to produce graphics. Even though the frequency of Rebel postings might slow a little, rest assured this alliance is here to stay and will remain a permanent addition to the diaspora* landscape. Slow and steady is the pace.

As expected, the opposition has been relentless but we are thankful for our many supporters, both overt and covert. You know who you are. ;) I appreciate you all, when t... show more


VERSION 19.01 Has Been Released!

Took a bit longer than expected but I've found 31 new songs to add to the collection, bringing the total upto 442, with a combined playtime of almost 29 hours!

I also did a few minior changes, fixes and updates as usual.

You can check out and download the collection from here:

The next update should be out by the end of April assuming that everything goes well.

I'll add these songs to the bot soon.

Add finally, I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who has been following, supporting and spreading the disk so far! =D

- The Compiler
#music #songs #diaspora #announcement #project #development #dev #mywork #update #community #thankyou #thanks

Holy cow. Stats from show that Gibberfish Social's user base has tripled since the beginning of the year. Is this the #gplusrefugee effect? We don't see the same bump on #Pluspora's stats at all. O.o

This is, of course, good news. More people on the network is always welcome. Should this growth continue, however, we'll need to invest more resources (aka $$) to keep the pod running smoothly. So, if you're one of the ~2,000 new users, or even if you're a not-so-new user, please consider chipping in a few bucks to help us pay the bills. We appreciate it!

#gibberfish #diaspora #gplus #gplusrefugees #donate #thanks

- #Toyota's #Humanoid #Robot Goes #Wireless #Thanks to #5G #Technology

The Japanese automotive giant is using 5G technology to control the robot without wires