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I guess it is.

Maybe you would like to try #TempleOS, a very innovative operating system that was explicitly designed as a playful learning platform from a recently passed #hacker named #TerryADavis.

It's deeply inspired by #Commodore64 (in particular the UI), and it's completely written from scratch in #HolyC, a #C like language that is... somewhat unique.

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An interesting TempleOS documentary, and I rant about how we deal with each other online

It's a pretty decently done documentary. I've heard bits and pieces of this tale over the years, but this video does a great job of putting it all together, and giving the viewer some perspective on the chain of events.
TempleOS | Down the Rabbit Hole
Optional Reading - the following is a long rant that drifts from the topic of Terry Davis, creator of TempleOS, to ideas about what might cause, and possibly help avoid, things like the recent New Zealand massacre:
After watching this I now feel sympathy and empathy for Terry Davis. I once just wrote him off as 'nuts' (in the vein of something resembling a white-nationalist-nazi), and certainly his ideas were crazy... the ideas - not Terry, though.

Terry Davis was mentally ill, and you can see the steady degeneration clearly in this video. Despite the ignorant ideas he would post, he was a person who wanted what many of us want; he desired to be a
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