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Deluge MIDI Host Mod Buildlog

hoergen - 2019-04-12 07:19:07 GMT

So, that's what I will mod into the Deluge. Specifically:
Important Features

MIDI Host with 4 USB ports - Enable the Deluge to act as a host to MIDI devices
Provide Power to MIDI devices - All connected USB MIDI devices will be provided with power from the internal battery/power bus
MIDI thru between USB and DIN - Deluge can already do that (which is awesome, btw), but I need to keep that feature alive

Potential additional Features

One more CV/Gate/Clock output - Can't have enough of those, can you?
Battery level indicator - Self explanatory
MIDI Status LED - Blinks on signal receive
USB C input jack - I charge most of my stuff with USB C, so that would be a nice modernisation
Increase battery life by up to 400% - Not sure on the exact number yet, will need to be tested.
Deluge MIDI Host Mod Buildlog
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SynMag 73 – Das Synthesizer-Magazin – Modular Special + Deluge und Schiller, Mijk van Dijk erscheint am 29.03.2019

hoergen - 2019-04-01 08:39:58 GMT
Synthstrom Deluge Groovebox mit CV/Gate – 4 Takte war gestern – Unbegrenzt im Deluge mit Pianorollen-Prinzip!
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Deluge Firmware V2.1.3 Released
Bugfixes and improvements

  • Improved The arpeggiator now respects the velocity of individual notes pressed within the chord
  • Improved Input-based sounds (IN / INL / INR / INLR) now begin sounding when the user begins playback mid-way through a “note”
  • Fixed rare crackling which could occur in sample-based instruments after many different notes played
  • Fixed bug which could lead to CPU overload (voices dropping out) just after live pitch-shifting begun
  • Fixed rare crash which could result from recording notes via MIDI or keyboard view, particularly in conjunction with pressing "undo" afterwards
  • Fixed bug which occurred when unmuting long samples in arranger
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hoergen - 2019-03-12 00:12:47 GMT

Three nice Beginner tutorials for the Deluge Synthstrom

Synthstrom Deluge Tutorial For Beginners (Version 2.1.2) - Part One Of Three

1:14 Connections
2:57 Switch On And Explore
8:21 Recording A Simple Drum Track
10:40 Tempo Knob
11:17 Zooming In And Out
12:30 Song View. A First Proper Look
13:39 Arranger View. A First Proper Look
15:38 Adding More Sounds To The Drum Track
17:43 Adding Swing 19:05 Song View Again
20:25 Adding A Synth Bass T
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Web-based Downrush - no FlashAir needed! Or installation!
The latest fashion in Downrush is web-based hosting. The first product to be web-based is Midian. All you have to do to use Midian stand-alone is to go to this web page

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New Downrush with Midian
Midian lets you import Midi into the Deluge

You need a Wifi SDCard like Toshiba FlashAir to use this software.

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Edit: sorry posted the first time the wrong URL.

This is another minor bugfix update from us, which we recommend you install.

Download Deluge firmware V2.1.2

* Fixed - samples in CUT or STRETCH mode could cut out while recording from song view to arranger
* Fixed bug when a folder contained both files with note numbers in their names, and files without
* Fixed rare misbehaviour relating to editing or recording into the arranger
* Fixed potential crash if you press the keyboard button while in a menu
* Fixed bug where song’s stored tempo could end up slightly off after playing with Deluge slaved to another device
* Fixed minor visual glitch in arranger view when playing many samples
* Fixed problem which could result in vertical scroll ending up far out of range
* Fixed bug where wrong kit sounds could be triggered via audition pads if a different track was currently being played back o... show more

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Using Multiple Samples in Synthstrom Deluge (and Multizone)
In this video I look at the basics of loading multisamples into the Deluge and a few different way we can use such samples.

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Deluge 2.1.1 Firmware Release

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Today we're releasing Deluge firmware V2.1.1.

This is a minor bugfix update, addressing all problems noted by users since our big V2.1 update added a number of new features.

Download Deluge firmware V2.1.1

\* Fixed lag when pressing many pads in keyboard view on a multisampled instrument
\* Fixed sample engine bug - occasional crackling could be heard, mostly on multisampled instruments
\* Fixed contradictory behaviour where loop points took effect for samples in STRETCH mode
\* Fixed lagginess on some params when step-automated
\* Fixed visual bug when notes recorded while in waveform view
\* Fixed minor problems when recording parameter automation while recording an arrangement
\* Fixed potential crash when doing pitch detection / multisample import on very short samples
\* Fix
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Midi Sprout + Synthstrom Deluge
A fun experiment: My monstera deliciosa plant is playing my Deluge, via a Midi Sprout 😀 Some generative ambient meditation music in collaboration with this fellow organism.

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