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Schrödinger's cat: alive AND dead (new experiments)

Deterministic creation of entangled atom–light Schrödinger-cat states

- Bastian Hacker
- Stephan Welte
- Severin Daiss
- Armin Shaukat
- Stephan Ritter
- Lin Li
- Gerhard Rempe

Nature Photonics, volume 13; pages 110–115 (2019)


- Quantum information
- Quantum optics
- Qubits
- Single photons and quantum effects


Quantum physics allows for entanglement between microscopic and macroscopic objects, described by discrete and continuous variables, respective
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So AFAICS the #UK #parliament turned an already #kafkaesque #brexit into a #schrödinger where there is a deal that is no deal and it supports changes to it while stopping itself from making changes. But it’s all the #EU ‘s fault and Ireland is also to blame. Ok. #needbeer