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Trump nominee for Deputy AG Jeffrey Rosen uncertain about Brown v. Board ruling

The remark came during Rosen’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat, pressed Rosen on Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark ruling that found school segregation to be unconstitutional; and Roe v. Wade, the ruling that affirmed that abortion access is a constitutional right.
Could it be that Rosen probably approves of segregation in schools? I mean, for any rational being, it's without any doubt logical to overcome segregation, since there is no supportable ground to separate people by the colour of their skin.
“Senator, I don’t think that it would be a productive exercise for me to go through the most–thousands of Supreme Court opinions and say which ones are right and which ones are wrong,” he said.
Why don't you just say «Yes», man? This is no question to contemplate, it's a matter of course! For God's sake, racists... show more


On Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein's rise and fall

At a time when virtually everyone in American political life was associated either with Team Red or Team Blue, Rosenstein appeared to be one of the few figures with bipartisan bona fides.

Rosenstein drafted a letter recommending that Drumpf terminate Comey for the FBI chief’s mishandling of the Hillary Clinton email inquiry. It was perhaps a plausible cover story—if only Drumpf could stick to the script.

The letter lent a veneer of legitimacy to Drumpf’s firing of Comey—a move that, when its true motives were laid bare, looked to many like a textbook example of obstruction of justice. Perhaps it did not occur to Rosenstein that others would see his letter as the primary element in a not-so-elaborate cover-up, and that Rosenstein might be making himself an accessory to a crime.

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Jessie Liu to be nominated N° 3 in DOJ

A White House representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment. U.S. Attorney General William Barr confirmed the plan in a statement, adding that he had recommended Liu for the post.

Now, is this good or bad, or ugly?

At the time of her exit, she was next in the line of succession to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for oversight of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into potential collusion between Drumpf’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia.

It has taken the lead on handling Mueller’s criminal case against former Drumpf political adviser Roger Stone, and convened a grand jury to investigate whether former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe should face criminal charges for lying to investigators about his interactions with reporters.
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Oversight offensive expected for Trump

Top Democrats immediately warned of double standards after a torrent of disclosure orchestrated by Republicans related to investigations into Hillary Clinton, and vowed to use their power to ensure full disclosure.

"To do anything less than overturn this action by the President, we would be delinquent in our duties," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during a trip to the border last week.

"I am leaning against the resolution of disapproval mainly because I think this is (Senate Minority Leader) Schumer's and Pelosi's way of painting the President in the corner," Cornyn said Monday.
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Senate comparably disinterested about news on FBI investigation on Trump

McCabe writes in his book that the briefing for the "Gang of Eight" leaders in Congress came days after Drumpf fired FBI Director James Comey, making McCabe acting director of the bureau at the time.

"That's the important part here, Savannah. No one objected. Not on legal grounds, not on constitutional grounds, and not based on the facts," McCabe said.

Just think of it: The Senate thought that ignorance was a viable means of defending the president who possibly committed a crime to reach up for the White House. Or did they not care because they already expected this to happen and only counted the days until he came up and tell them about it?

McCabe was fearful that he would be fired before those probes were on "solid ground," he said. He wrote in his new book "The Threat," in an excerpt adapted for The Atlantic, that after the meeting "it felt like crossing a finish line."
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Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein going to leave in approx. three weeks

_Justice Department officials said Rosenstein’s departure had no connection to recent comments by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who has just published a book, “The Threat: How the FBI Protects American in the Age of Terror and Drumpf.”__

Rosenstein has been a consistent defender of Mueller and the Justice Department against attacks by the president and some Republicans in Congress.

The attacks were a jolt for Rosenstein, who enjoyed bipartisan support for most of his three decades as a federal prosecutor. But his congressional support faltered when he wrote a memo providing a rationale for Drumpf's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.
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Der US-Senat will Aussagen nachgehen, wonach im Justizministerium 2017 ernsthaft über die Möglichkeit einer vorzeitigen Absetzung von Trump diskutiert wurde. Der Präsident selbst äußerte sich in der ihm eigenen Weise. #USA #DonaldTrump #RodRosenstein #AndrewMcCabe #FBI #Konress #Senat


Ex-FBI director Andrew McCabe expresses tremendous dislike over Trump's contacts to Russia

McCabe left the FBI after 21 years last March, when he was dismissed for an alleged "lack of candor" in a media leak probe unrelated to the special counsel investigation.

The president and the White House also have focused their attention on McCabe's firing and what critics call the conflict of interest involved with McCabe's wife's political campaign — she ran unsuccessfully for the Virginia legislature as a Democrat.

"How do we impart wisdom and knowledge and the best of our intelligence assessments to someone who chooses to believe our adversaries over our intelligence professionals?" McCabe asked.
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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R - S.C.) to testify McCabe and Rosenstein

"We're going to find out what happened here and the only way I know to find out is to call the people in under oath and find out, through questioning, who's telling the truth because the underlying accusation is beyond stunning," Graham said on "Face the Nation."

"There is no organization beyond scrutiny," he said. "There is no organization that can't withstand scrutiny. And the FBI will come out stronger."

The Justice Department issued a statement in response reiterating Rosenstein's denial of the claim calling McCabe's account "inaccurate and factually incorrect."
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Good. As a Republican, Rosenstein knows how these corrupt GOP assholes operate. He's giving them the finger - rightfully so. Lindsey Graham belongs in prison - he is a traitorous motherfucker - to both the Independence of the Senate and to the Independence of these United States.

Putin probably has videos of him rimming dead 12 year old boys. Graham is a disgusting lizard person masquerading as a human.
Rod Rosenstein’s final insult to Congress: Farewell time for reporters but not testimony
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Rod Rosenstein is departing, giving unusual interviews to reporters

For those not privy to the ways of the media, it means Rosenstein is telling his story to reporters in a way that can’t be attributed to him. It’s a classic tactic some politicians and bureaucrats use to shape a legacy — without leaving their public fingerprints on the story line.

Rosenstein managed to escape testifying on these issues by using an “I’m too busy” argument and running out the clock on the Republicans who then controlled the House but gave up power on Jan. 3, after Democrats won the majority in the November election.

“Rod Rosenstein plotted against the president and obstructed congressional efforts to get the truth. He should be testifying before Congress, not giving rounds of press interviews to friendly reporters. As he leaves office, Mr. Rosenstein must cooperate fully with IG (Michael) Horowitz’s investigation into Justice Department media leaks. Democrats in Congress should insist on Mr. Rosenstein... show more

The headline is kind of misleading. Here is the meat of the story - buried paragraphs in:

_ ... the omissions occurred in FBI work that pre-dated Mueller's arrival, the sources said. But the court wanted assurances the new sheriff in town was going to stop such widespread abuses._

Mueller told the court the FBI had created a new system called the Woods Procedures - named for the FBI lawyer who drafted them - to ensure FISA warrant applications were accurate and did not omit material information, according to Anderson's congressional interview.
Mueller hauled before secret FISA court to address FBI abuses in 2002, Congress told
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