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Today I have recreated two animations for Wikimedia Commons. Here they are side by side:


They show Galilean (left) and Lorentz (right) transformations used in physics, by showing an observer moving along a world line and a number of random events in space-time. Lorentz transform is used in theory of relativity and its consequences are some things -- such as simultaneity of events happening in different places, distances and durations -- being relative to the frame of reference.

Similar animations are already present at Wikimedia Commons, but are not #publicdomain. I recreate such files and release them under #CC0 so that they are not restricted by #copyright. I have written a #python script (also #CC0) to generate the animations (it can be found here).

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The Theory of E.P. Dollard.... Back to Space, or Why One Over The Speed of Light Squared:
In order to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the dimensional relations of the magnetic inductance, and the electro-static capacitance it is necessary to turn again to the metrical dimension of space. It is, however, this dimension of space has become warped, as expressed in a N.F.G. It is in what follows found that the Faraday understanding is in direct conflict with the Einstein understanding, the latter extinguishing the former. Lines of induction have given way to relativistic concepts, fact has succumbed to phantasy. This condition has a direct influence upon the conceptual understanding of the conditions and dimensions that give rise to electrical inductivity as expressed by the co-efficients of magnetic and dielectric fields known as “the inductance” and “the capacitance”.

The concept of space,as given by Albert Einstein, constitutes a serious impediment to the underst... show more

common misconception 9 — who disproved einstein?Misconception:Einstein’s relativity theory has been proven.
Answer:Einstein’s Relativity theory is actually two related theories,the Special Relativity (SR) theory of 1905 and the General Relativity (GR) theory of 1915.Broadly speaking,both examine the motion of physical bodies in relation to the role of frames of reference.More specifically,SR deals with lig
... show more