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Caliban Below von Blackthorn-Media ist nun frei für #ios erschienen. Auf jeden Fall einen Blick wert #poe #lovecraft #borges…


Vereinigung mit Ethernet Alliance: Erfolg macht separate NBase-T Alliance nutzlos #NBase-T #Netzwerk #PoE #iMac #PC-Hardware

Heute kostenlos im #PlayStore zu haben:
Immersives #eBook mit Geschichten von H.P. #Lovecraft

Sieht zumindest ganz interessant und schön illustriert aus.


Auch Teil 2 ist derzeit reduziert für 1,99€ statt 3,99€ zu haben. Gleiches gilt anscheinend für den Rest der Collection mit Werken von #Poe, #Dickens etc.


On the (actual) crisis at the border

More than 76,000 migrants were apprehended crossing the southern border last month, the highest February in more than 10 years and the highest month of the Drumpf administration. The number of apprehensions tops any month during the 2014 border surge under President Barack Obama, which no one had a problem calling a crisis at the time.

There is no mechanism to return these migrants home, to hold them after they cross the border, or to remove them once they are in the interior. And word has gotten out. There’s a reason that the subset of migrants that we can’t stop from getting into the country is rapidly growing.

We should question why there is no such mechanism to return them. Because then, we would get to the actual crisis: The irresponsibility of the US ( country founded by immigrants) when it comes to safely returning those people. In the past, they used to simply tell them that they wouldn't get in, and to return from where they've come from. This indeed is irresponsible, regarding the s... show more


DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen defends Trump's separation policy

"This is not a manufactured crisis," Nielsen told the House Homeland Security Committee. "This is truly an emergency."

A misspelling: There's an emergency along the border, but not the emergency Trump made up, that caused this inhumane policy of spearating children from their parents, causing a lifelong trauma.

"No amount of verbal gymnastics will change that she knew the Drumpf administration was implementing a policy to separate families at the border," Democratic Rep. Bernie Thompson said.

"It should be very clear from these numbers that we are facing alarming trends in the rising volumes of people illegally crossing our southwest border or arriving at our ports of entry without documents," CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said Tuesday.
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Largest load of fentanyl ever caught by #CBP on a ship

U.S. CBP officials said the recent illicit cargo was discovered on Saturday at the Nogales, Arizona port of entry. Weighing in at around 254 pounds and stowed in a hidden compartment, officials said the fentanyl bust is worth $3.5 million on the street. The bust also included nearly 400 pounds of methamphetamine.

As you can read, it was found on a ship, at a port of entry located in Arizona. A wall wouldn't have saved you from these drugs entering the US, because ships don't care for walls that are built upon land. And that's the most worthwhile argument against building a wall; most of the trespassers dug underneath the wall, or fly over it. A Mexican politician even climbed the already-existing border fence to show how useless the plans are, it won't look any different when you build a concrete wall or steel slats. The people either bring ladders with them or climb up the steel slats. Instead of trying to keep'em out, you'd rather t... show more